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Position Title:
Senior Service Design Consultant
Job Code:
6A008 - ProgPlanEval06
Job ID:

Purpose :

To lead and co-ordinate multi-disciplinary service design projects with the business objective of mapping current state from a user-centred perspective and identifying opportunities for re-engineering service strategies, processes, methods and practices in the context of future service delivery needs, particularly large-scale, enterprise-wide service and digital transformation projects.

To lead research and development of service design models and assess opportunities based on user centred-design to recommend the most cost-effective technical solution(s) to support OPS business needs.

As the Senior Service Design Consultant within an I+IT Cluster, provide advice and guidance on I+IT solutions as related to Service Design requirements.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Service Design
- Leads and co-ordinates concurrent service design, projects to identify the current state and propose opportunities for service improvement in integrated service delivery solutions, business processes and methods in the context of existing and anticipated business needs, technology needs and best practices
- Acts as the primary service design consultant within multidisciplinary project teams for service design projects, defining the project approach in the initiation stage, and thereafter leading on key service design activities such as:

User needs mapping
User research (exploratory and evaluative)
Stakeholder mapping
Journey mapping
Collaborative design
Service blueprint

- Ability to provide an I+IT lens to service design activities
- Plans, leads and co-ordinates the design, development, prototype testing, and implementation of new I + IT solutions for service delivery
- Reviews service design aspects post-implementation to assess performance of new processes and practices as they apply within the business and the I + IT solutions; develops process improvement objectives, critical success factors, key performance indicators, and measurement and target metrics to facilitate continuous improvement
- Respond to emerging business and policy issues and client requirements by developing and recommending innovative integrated/digital service delivery strategies and solutions, as well as I+IT solutions, and by facilitating change management and business reengineering processes related to the I+IT portfolio.
- Leads the design, development and deployment of I + IT solutions, tools, methods, processes and standards to ensure the integrity and validity of the service design function and outcomes
- Researches and analyzes the integrated service requirements of government, partner ministries, and customers, and takes into account a user-centred perspective to service delivery
- Develops and recommends strategies to meet integrated service delivery objective; ensures documentation of business processes, methods, practices and associated tools is current and complete
- Facilitate change management with service providers and client ministries to add new technology products and services across all service delivery channels including digital service delivery systems
- Participates in business planning activities including the development of Management Board submissions in support of service improvements, operational strategies, coordinates service design engagement processes

2. Expertise
- Provides service design expertise with an I+IT lens to service owners, managers, clients and users and others, including making presentations and recommendations to the relevant ADM as senior responsible officer for the service in question
- Participates in the evaluation and selection of external vendors; prepares statements of work, Request for Proposal (RFPs) and other documentation
- Participates in project and advisory committees to provide service design advice and expertise, reports and recommendations, and to co-ordinate testing, implementation and post-implementation review planning
- Researches trends, developments and best practices in service design in order to ensure service design projects reflect and introduce optimal processes, practices, methods, tools and performance indicators
- Leads, develops and participates in knowledge-sharing initiatives to the ADM level to raise awareness and acceptance of service improvements, benefits and understanding of potential risks incurred by inconsistencies and failure to improve

3. Stakeholder Relations
- Initiates partnerships and leads/participates in enterprise wide projects with other ministries, jurisdictions or the broader public sector having impacts on ministry and corporate program delivery
- Develops internal and external stakeholder relationships to partner on key business process, practices, standards and methods.
-Consults with Ministry partners on general service processes, practices and methods, and to agree on project deliverables
- Consults with vendors, consultants and peers in the community and in other jurisdictions to address service design trends, developments and issues

4. Team Leadership/Guidance
- Manages multi-disciplinary service design project teams through all phases of complete projects, including agreeing scope and deliverables, developing the project charter, planning, resourcing, prioritising, scheduling, monitoring, problem solving, guiding staff and reporting with recommendations

Knowledge / Skill :

Service Design:
- Service performance measurement, processes to ensure that services are delivered through the use of leading- edge technology, business and customer service practices appropriate to the public sector.
- Understanding of key performance indicators, qualitative and quantitative measurement and risk assessment to develop, apply, and evaluate solutions that result from service design projects.
- Change management and project management, including planning, resource and budget scheduling, and risk management, to lead concurrent service design projects often involving multiple ministries and/or jurisdictions, and to introduce new/re-engineered processes and related standards and practices.
- Client business environment, (e.g.: plans, service/operational processes, methods, standards, tools, technologies, issues, etc.), to assess and advise on the performance of services practices, re-engineer or develop new practices, and manage their implementation with least risk to the business.
- Planning and directing concurrent service design projects; co-ordinating with clients, stakeholders and partners; and expediting progress to support client business needs
- Oral and written communications to manage diverse business relations, provide written/verbal instructions and advice to clients on re-engineering solutions and prepare reports, presentations, provide recommendations to senior management and clients, and ensure documentation is clear for users who are not specialists in service design

- Ability to analyze and evaluate emerging technology trends to identify opportunities for improving I+IT solutions and products, based on I+IT and service design requirements
- Knowledge of Information Management Principles, database design and modeling in order to provide I+IT and service design advice and recommendations
- Advanced Understanding of systems analysis and design principles as related to service design requirements

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

- Customer relationship management skills to provide advice, guidance, assistance and education to Ministry Partners who are usually not experienced in service design processes and techniques
- Consultation, collaboration, negotiation, presentation and persuasion skills to obtain understanding of service design processes, and generate agreement on new solutions and recommendations
- Presentation skills to facilitate and deliver knowledge-sharing and skill-building concerning standards, methods, and specific solutions for service design projects
- Consensus building, relationship management and contract management to build effective business relationships and work effectively with ministries, central agencies, and external entities to ensure service delivery requirements are met
- Collaboration skills to participate on/chair committees and lead service design project status meetings.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analytical and problem-solving skills to:
- Identify trends and potential risks (e.g. financial, political, operational, legal) for new projects/programs and services/operations.
- Synthesize complex service design processes, measurement models and user research findings into summaries for solution definition and prototyping (where relevant)
- Analyze and interpret business and technical requests, user research options and identify best course of action from conflicting alternatives that would account for short and long term impacts of the proposed solution as well as accounting for other stakeholders risks
- Identify potential problems and develop mitigating strategies within service design projects.
- Determine instances where additional OPS input and expertise is required (e.g. legal, human resources, legal, communications).
- Align with business plan submissions and other initiatives to ensure they reflect ministry and government key business directions.
- Demonstrate ability to apply a wide range of service design tools and techniques such as: user needs mapping, user research (exploratory and evaluative), stakeholder mapping, persona development, customer journey mapping, collaborative design, prototyping, and service blueprinting

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
- Leading the timely analysis, development and implementation of service design projects across the OPS to enhance clients' business efficiency and effectiveness through best practices within available resources.
- Providing Ministry Partner support that reflects individual Program Area needs, resources and understanding of the specific business and service domain.
- Defining all the implications of proposed business changes (e.g.: procedures, roles, responsibilities, skills, etc.), and contributing to the management of business process change in the least disruptive way, anticipating and controlling risks.
- Providing integrated service design delivery advice to senior management and preparing complex reports and recommendations.
-Providing input into Branch plans, policies and standards.
- Ensuring compliance with Ministry and central agency directives and guidelines.

Has latitude to:
- Determine scope and duration of service design project tasks.
- Establish service design project priorities/directions to ensure integration, alignment and compliance with Branch/Ministry and enterprise standards and requirements.
- Decisions are guided by OPS/Ministry/Branch business and administrative directives, policies, standards and frameworks to meet client business requirements, and by specific legislation and/or agreements which have direct bearing on the business area.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

- Ministry/other ministries/enterprise clients (i.e. directors, managers and staff) to discuss and define service design project needs, deliverables, timeframes and roles; define current and anticipated business needs; explain and share knowledge about the service design process, approach, tools (e.g. personas, customer journey maps, service blueprints, etc.); provide reports and make recommendations for service improvements; and obtain approvals and co-ordinate the implementation of new/re-engineered process changes in accountabilities, roles and responsibilities identified by service design findings and recommendations, including education for users.
- External partners and stakeholders to discuss and define project needs and roles; service design
project needs, deliverables, timeframes and roles; about the service design process, approach, tools (e.g. personas, customer journey maps, service blueprints, etc.); provide reports and make recommendations for service improvements; and obtain approvals and co-ordinate the implementation and integration of new/re-engineered process changes in accountabilities, roles and responsibilities identified by service
design findings and recommendations, including education for users.
- Multidisciplinary implementation teams, advisory groups and steering committees to report, provide expertise, co-ordinate, promote solutions following service design recommendations, and provide input to decision-making.
- External service providers to communicate new processes and ensure that their processes are compatible.
- Suppliers, internal/external stakeholders and other public sector jurisdictions to review new products and systems, discuss trends and influences in service design, and initiate partnerships / integrated service design projects.

Guidance / Supervision :

Supervises and provides technical leadership to service design and technical project staff by creating project work plans; assigning and tracking work; establishing priorities and tools; monitoring quality and timeliness of deliverables; sharing knowledge and providing expertise; and resolving project issues.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

- Frequently deals with conflicting work demands from multiple concurrent service design projects, timelines and deliverables.
- Routinely deals with unexpected changes to deadlines and work demands.

Mental / Sensory :

- Frequent requirement to concentrate when reading and analysing detailed service processes, environmental scans and performance results; and when reading research papers on business process models, methods and best practices.
- Frequent requirement to concentrate while making presentations and facilitating meetings, discussions and educational sessions with service design project teams, clients, stakeholders and decision-makers etc., to absorb details, capture feedback and ensure that all relevant inputs are considered.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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