Job Specification

Position Title:
Maintenance Electrician
Job Code:
C93030 - Mtce Electrician (COR)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To perform electrical services in the general upkeep, installation and renovation of electrical services for a correctional facility and assist other maintenance staff in general.

Duties / Responsibilities :

In a very large maximum security correctional centre with 1,250 remanded and sentenced male and female inmates, the incumbent performs journeyman electrical and electronic maintenance, repairs and installations and other related support services for Central East Correctional Centre by: 1. Installing, servicing and replacing electrical equipment required for the operation of such items as machinery, heating/cooling ventilation systems, appliance control equipment, lighting systems, and security and safety equipment. 2. Determining work methods in accordance with government codes and by-laws, planning and laying out work and co-ordinating work with other maintenance personnel, referring to blueprints and diagrams, preparing own sketches for approval. 3. Estimating material and labour requirements, requisitioning supplies and keeping records of supplies used. 4. Inspecting and repairing electrical items, e.g. rewiring, adjusting electrical controls, replacing circuit breakers, rebuilding electrical motors, and designing small electrical systems; using test instruments and equipment to check installations and locate breaks in circuits, etc. 5. Performing preventative maintenance, e.g. troubleshooting control circuits, servicing starters and switches, and maintaining service records.

Staffing and Licensing :

Job requires certification as an Electrician by the designated Ministry of the Ontario Government. Job requires First Aid and Heartsaver certificate.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of the techniques, equipment and tools used in electrical practice to determine the proper methods for installing electrical equipment, e.g., conduits, circuits, timers, relays, and of maintaining and repairing electrical installations. Job requires knowledge of relevant legislation, municipal by-laws and codes, provincial building codes, Lockout/Tagout procedures, confined space entry, working at heights, in order to ensure the safety and integrity of installations, and to prevent injuries to staff or inmate helpers, and to aid in determine work methods. Job requires knowledge of blueprints, schematics and drawings to ensure the proper layout of installations such as switches and conduits. Job requires knowledge of estimating labour and material requirements to install, service and replace electrical equipment. Job requires knowledge of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Occupational Health and Safety Act, and institutional security practices/procedures to ensure compliance with standards, proper equipment operation/utilization and to maintain the safety and security of the work area and offender helpers. Job requires knowledge of computers and computer related information systems to perform necessary quality assurance checks, as is required, and to locate and isolate problems raised by monitoring systems

Skills :

Job requires analytical skills to provide input to offender disciplinary/performance reports and when recognizing workplace hazards, and security breaches so that corrective action can be prompt. Job requires oral communication skills to discuss in detail requests for new installations or extensive repairs, explaining technical matters in easily understood terms, and explaining problems in electronic system to off site technician. Job requires oral communication skills, tact and discretion, to train and supervise offender helpers in electrical methods/procedures, to demonstrate use of tools, to maintain control of helpers and to deal with behavioural issues as they arise, and to liaise with correctional staff. Job requires written communication skills to prepare behaviour and performance reports, maintain logs, and prepare plans, sketches and cost estimate for new projects for approval of manager. Job requires problem solving and analytical skills to find causes of defects in electrical, mechanical and electronic systems and to decide/recommend solutions or method of repair or need to call service technician. Job requires computer skills to access, read and evaluate data produced by the automated systems and the computer monitoring systems; as well as prepare reports and input data.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with government building codes, construction/trade regulations and guidelines, and the established practices and procedures of the electrical trade. Job requires selecting work methods in accordance with government codes and by-laws. Job requires deciding work sequences to perform installations and repairs. Job requires making recommendations to the supervisor or manager on the methods of carrying out new installations and on requirements for replacement of electrical equipment. Work is subject to review or monitoring for progress and results, e.g., updating supervisor or manager of new installations and repairs. Job is accountable for the counts, safekeeping and security of tools, supplies and equipment in shop and on all assigned work.

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