Job Specification

Position Title:
Job Code:
93009 - Grounds/Maintenance Worker (COR)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide general grounds keeping and grounds maintenance services determined seasonally, including and maintenance of grass cutting and snow removal equipment; to provide semi-skilled maintenance services and general semi-skilled assistance to tradesmen engages in building construction, renovation, maintenance and repair of other related duties as assigned.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Provides 50% provides general groundskeeping and grounds maintenance services on a seasonal baiss.

In a maximum security correctional centre, with 129 male offenders and 30 female offenders, the incumbent performs related support services for Kenora Jail.

Maintains vehicles and log books by:
Cleaning, lubricating, changing oil, verifying tire pressure, and making minor repairs or adjustments to assigned vehicles.

Recording mileage, gasoline consumption and operating expenses, maintenance schedule and the maintenance vehicle log books; receiving vehicle estimates from different garages.

Provides general grounds keeping and grounds maintenance services on a seasonal basis by:
Supervision of offender outside work party in the performance of duties.

Tending lawns by raking, cutting, patching by reseeding and sodding.

Raking, collecting and carting leaves for disposal in fall.

Performs general maintenance to external building, fences, signs, repairing, preparing and painting as required, construction walls, replacing locks, etc.

Provide cleaning duties by sweeping, cleaning, mopping, ensuring windows are in good repair and clean.

Repairing roadway/parking lots by filling holes, applying maintenance coverings, gravel.

Snow clearing, grading, sanding and salting of roads, parking lots, walk ways ensuring travelled areas are safe, notifying supervisor of need to reorder sand/salt supplies.

Maintaining, servicing, cleaning vehicles and grounds keeping equipment, such as changing oil, greasing, notifying supervisor of need for formal service, more serious repairs, or replacement parts as required.

Assisting with the unloading of supplies stores as directed.

Suggesting designing/planning lay out of flowers, flower beds, bed locations for supervisor's approval.

Constructing new flower beds for floral arrangements by transporting materials, such as rocks, cement pads, top soil by wheelbarrow, dolly, etc.

Planting, pruning, trimming trees and shrubs.

Provides 50% semi-skilled maintenance services and general semi-skilled assistance to tradespeople
Assisting in the installation of conduit and wiring, switches and junction boxes, making minor repairs to electrical appliances.

Repairing walls and windows, erecting partitions and resurfacing walk, laying floors, installing drapery track.

Preparing services, missing and applying paint.

Dismantling, cleaning and repairing locks or installing replacement locks.

Cleaning and lubricating electric motors, replacing burn out lights and fuses, replacing cracked or broken glass.

Replacing damaged wood in floors, doors, etc.

Assisting tradesmen in new construction, repair or maintenance of building facilities.

Manager has the right to assign additional duties.

Staffing and Licencing :


Knowledge :

Job requires general knowledge of horticultural theories and practices, such as flowers/shrub/tree planting, maintenance and general care, job requires general knowledge of set up, operation, maintenance and safety and tractors and equipment necessary for grass cutting, snow removal. Knowledge of information related to Rules and Regulations of the institution and Ministry requirements when supervising offender work parties.

Skills :

Job requires experience in general maintenance work, such as, assisting skilled tradesmen in one of the building trades, using plans, diagrams, blueprints; ability to carry out oral and written instructions, good physical health and ability to carry out all maintenance mechanic duties.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with institutional policies and procedures with regard to security and safety standards, and within relevant ministry maintenance guidelines and related legislation, e.g. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Occupational Health and Safety Act. Job requires the scheduling of planting, and ongoing maintenance of grounds keeping activities, e.g. when to fertilize, cut grass. Job requires selecting correct methods of repair and tools required when performing semi-skilled work, e.g. installing vents, repairing masonry. Job requires referring matters not covered by detailed procedures to skilled tradespersons or the supervisor, e.g. need for extensive repair of equipment, building code requirements. Work is reviewed daily for quality and satisfactory completion.

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