Job Specification

Position Title:
Legal Administrative Secretary
Job Code:
09OAD - Office Administration 09
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide legal administrative, secretarial and clerical services to the Crown Attorneys Office.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Administering processes and/or preparing files, documentation and correspondence, including subpoenas, for Ontario and Superior Court proceedings (adult and young persons), including bails, first appearance, set date/assignment court, preliminary hearings, trials, pretrials, confirmations, estreat court, inquests, Provincial Offences Court, and for other activities such as accepting service of documents, summary conviction appeals, Review Board proceedings, appeals, Judges Orders, motions, applications, DNA orders, FOI and WAGG applications, transfers, waivers, 90-day detention reviews, proofreading documents for accuracy, completeness and terminology; arranging for witness travel, interpreters, psychiatric assessments, transcripts;

2. Maintaining filing system for Ontario and Superior Court matters, including assembling all files for the days dockets, filing new materials including those received electronically, following up after court by implementing any special instructions from crown, refiling case files after court according to the office practice; preparing files for storage and/or returning to the police, in accordance with approved records retention schedules or policies/practices; maintaining correct and complete Crown brief files by promptly filing new materials, updating for decisions made, flagging for follow up and monitoring compliance with deadlines, recording actions taken; updating/maintaining computerized database of selected Ontario/Superior court files;

3. In accordance with pre-determined checklists/office protocols/procedures reviewing incoming Crown briefs to ensure basic documents are contained in the file; organizing briefs in preparation for screening/vetting; editing for disclosure; preparing disclosure copy(ies); following up with police and flagging for Crown, for routine omissions and other issues; and maintaining a record of disclosure; following up with defence counsel/accused if disclosure is not picked up or is returned, or is undeliverable;

4. Maintaining a control system for audio and videotapes and/or DVDs from police, making/arranging for disclosure copies, and advising defence counsel/accused of procedure for providing disclosure, ensuring security and integrity of these materials; monitoring appeal periods and compliance with retention requirements; arranging for resolution meetings between defence counsel and Crown, including pulling files, carrying out any follow-up actions in accordance with Crowns instructions, and refiling briefs;

5. Providing reception/customer service, including answering phones, screening and directing callers, taking messages, responding to inquiries at the counter, explaining procedures;

6. Performing a variety of administrative services such as processing incoming and outgoing mail, including courier, following up with senders when mail or faxes appear incomplete, or have been misdirected, maintaining correspondence and complaint records in compliance with Service Quality Standards, maintaining and updating the law library and manuals, purchasing goods and services, arranging for equipment repairs, maintaining inventories, finding appropriate suppliers for unusual goods or services getting quotes as appropriate, and processing invoices and purchasing card documents, employee expense statements, and witness expenses; applying ministry standards regarding the archiving of files; looking up and copying citations in legal publications, on request;

7. Typing, from dicta, precedents, handwritten or verbal instructions, various letters, memos, reports, presentation materials, statistical reports; printing and organizing materials received in electronic format from the police, defence counsel or the public, to facilitate review, response or action by the Crown;

8. Communicating with staff in other field offices, Victim/Witness staff, Crown Law Office, Court Services, police services, Probation and Parole, Ontario Review Board, correctional institutions, members of the legal profession and victims/witnesses to request information/documents regarding prosecution matters, refer victims, respond to inquiries, explain procedures, etc.

Staffing and Licensing :

Typing at 50 words per minute. 70% in tests for spelling, sentence structure and sentence recognition.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of relevant statutes, rules, regulations, policies and practices, including the Rules of Criminal Procedure, legal office, criminal prosecution programs, and court procedures, to administer program processes, including preparing for proceedings, files/documents/correspondence, organizing files for screening/vetting, including preparing screening forms, preparing/distributing/tracking disclosure, answering telephone and counter inquiries, maintaining Crown briefs. Job requires knowledge of legal terminology to prepare legal documents, explain procedures, transcribe from Dictaphone or compose from oral instructions. Job requires knowledge of administrative, secretarial and internal office procedures and OPS policies to provide support to the prosecution program, e.g. updating files, arranging resolution meetings, completing travel arrangements, ordering transcripts, arranging the use of part-time Crowns and interpreters, purchasing goods and services, processing payments. Job requires knowledge of Dictaphone, office equipment and personal computer equipment and related software such as MSOffice and Windows to produce letters, memoranda, reports and legal documents, according to established/standard procedures. Job requires knowledge of standard and customized data base applications to look up and/or enter, track and update data. Job requires knowledge of basic accounting practices to calculate and process travel claims, invoices, and witness expense documents.

Skills :

Job requires tact, discretion, interpersonal and oral communication skills using appropriate legal terminology and approach when providing and exchanging information to/with the legal profession, police, victims/witnesses, media, court staff and the general public. Job requires organizational skills and initiative in prioritizing own workload and in recognizing when assistance to colleagues is required to ensure deadlines and timeframes are met. Job requires judgment, initiative and analytical skills in determining /selecting appropriate administrative procedures and processes when preparing for proceedings, typing legal documents, e.g. differentiating between Ontario/Superior court matters, selecting correct templates and terminology. Job requires analytical skills to respond to inquiries involving explanation of court procedures e.g. documentation required, timelines, clarification of legal terms and to redirect calls by selecting appropriate referrals. Job requires determining confidentiality of privileged information and its release conditions without at times referring to Crowns, e.g. name/address of witnesses. Job requires written communication skills to use appropriate legal terminology in preparing legal documents from precedents or information provided by Crown(s), e.g. factums, appeals, indictments, composing material from own knowledge and signing correspondence on behalf of Crown(s), e.g. letters of acknowledgement, covering letters, reports and documents.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with established policies and procedures/precedents (guidelines are available in the form of internal administrative procedures, checklists, regulated timelines, deadlines and legal office procedures, e.g. utilizing standard templates or modifying sample letters to draft correspondence). Job requires referring matters not covered by established procedures and guidelines to Crown/Manager, e.g. responding to judicial requests. Job requires recognizing and acting on omissions and errors in files, documents and procedures to avoid delays e.g. immediately requesting routine documents/information for disclosure. Job requires composing and signing routine correspondence on behalf of Counsel, e.g. letters of acknowledgment, covering letters, as well as making decisions regarding the release of confidential information. Job requires ability to work in a team environment and independently with minimal supervision.

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