Job Specification

Position Title:
Digital Content Strategist
Job Code:
02705 - Information Officer 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To strategically plan, produce, optimize, edit, and maintain multi-platform digital content (web and social media) that achieves business goals by combining creative ideas with a digital strategy and vision.

To ensure that digital content is created, shared and measured in innovative and effective ways while adhering to a consistent Ontario Heritage Trust narrative and identity.

To manage the editorial content calendar and production process for the Ontario Heritage Trust's paid and owned digital channels.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1.Develops digital and social media content by researching, creating and developing creative content that resonates with target audiences and is aligned with the brand and marketing strategy.

2.Creates and maintains an editorial content calendar and production schedule for each digital channel and campaigns by liaising with other key departments to define content messaging and campaign timing and to capitalize on market trends in real-time.

3.Seeks opportunities to amplify content on the with the goal of driving brand engagement and awareness.

4.Contributes to new and revised digital and social media operational policies and standards and makes recommendations to improve effectiveness.

5.Contributes to internal and external working groups to discuss digital content strategies, advertising, marketing plans, risk management and issues.

6.Works collaboratively to ensure that all forms of visual communications and messages are carefully linked together to communicate a clear, consistent and compelling brand message.

7.Reviews materials being proposed for publishing on website and social media to ensure that the general style, focus and strategy of each platform are followed.

8. Recommends strategies for changing digital content focus/direction based on focus/direction based on key insights and identified opportunities for increased public engagement; identifies key influencer's and suggests engagement strategies to leverage their online presence.

9.Analyzes target market and client segmentations and using that knowledge, designs social media and digital content features to connect and easily share targeted information.

10.Manages all design aspects for internal and public-facing digital media products and tools, provides artistic and creative direction, and researches and prepares content to support communications products.

11.Provides creative advice to branch and program management for the design of graphics and other creative options for print and digital materials, including the use of a range of creative design software programs for desktop publishing purposes.

12.Leads all stages of digital content design projects from concept through to final production including consulting with clients to define their needs and developing design plans for optimum messaging and audiences.

13.Performs other duties to support the writing, publishing and creative services functions of the branch including researching, reporting, and making recommendations to support the use of digital and social media channels.

Knowledge :

Position has knowledge of:

Principles and techniques of digital and social media, marketing, communications, media relations, media tracking, issues management, writing, and editing to develop effective digital content strategies, plans and initiatives.

Emerging trends and developments in digital and social media, marketing, communications and media relations to strategically market and promote programs, events, strategies, announcements and initiatives by utilizing the most effective methods, techniques and processes.

Community management principles to build and manage social media communities, assess the effectiveness of channel specific communications strategies and identify where additional communication or follow-up may be required.

Clear language writing and editing styles to prepare/edit content for communications and marketing products and to create, edit and proofread written material for the website.

Basic multi-media and graphic design methods, software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, lnDesign or similar products), tools and practices as well as current online and media production applications and software to produce video and creative images/graphics for
social media and digital content.

Creative services including industry standard and leading-edge tools and techniques in desktop publishing, graphic design, layout, illustration, and print production to conceptualize and oversee the production of a variety of digitally designed materials.

Applicable legislation, directives, policies, procedures (e.g. visual identity, accessibility) to ensure compliance in the development and presentation of graphic designs and digital content.

Skills :

Analytical and evaluation skills to:
Develop and assess key performance indicators of digital content and adjust strategies and plans as appropriate.

Determine/anticipate stakeholder/client needs while maintaining digital and social media integrity, consistency and standards in the creative design of communication products.

Assess feasibility of senior management, program management and staff ideas for digital content, graphic design and marketing and advise them on appropriate options.

Determine optimum strategies and methods for the delivery of specialized creative services to meet the digital and social media needs of the organization for a range of materials, products, tools and mediums.

Review digital content products and edit for clarity and presentation.

Project management and problem-solving skills to:
Resolve project strategy related problems, ensure timely and quality outcomes and manage concurrent projects and deadlines.
resolve quality and delivery issues between clients and external suppliers.

Work effectively in a team environment to meet deadlines pressures, discuss client program objectives, new initiatives and communication requirements, and explain recommended visual communication and media strategies.

Simultaneously undertake, prioritize and complete daily and ad-hoc assignments and projects to performance expectations, often with firm deadlines.

Consultation and interpersonal skills to:
Effectively meet with clients/stakeholders to understand/determine their needs. build relationships with diverse internal stakeholders, lead projects and develop consensus between multiple points of view, and manage external contractors.

Develop and convey communications strategies and plans to decision makers and discuss communications objectives and key messages.

Present design concepts/approaches, explain production requirements and client specifications to external suppliers.
recommend options for creative solutions and manage client service issues.

Build support for ideas to advance the modernization of digital communications services. to lead and/or participate on inter-departmental project teams and advise on digital content strategies.

Freedom of Action :

Position works under the direction of the Manager, Marketing and Business Development within a framework of government/organization policy, practices, procedures, protocols, standards and contemporary communication theory, techniques and best practices in social/digital media and design.

Job requires latitude in decision making by determining digital content plans and strategies; determining schedules for digital media projects and initiatives, approving or revising copy drafted by others; recommending techniques to track public feedback in social media to issues and initiatives; recommending issues management techniques using social media; determining appropriate method, tone and approach for digital media communication activities, and implementing such activities as required.

Position works as part of a team, and in collaboration with other members of the Marketing and Communications department, but is relied upon by the branch, management team and staff to provide the necessary level of digital communications expertise to develop digital content strategies and plans to assist clients in determining their needs and in ensuring quality outcomes and products.

Position handles complex issues independently but advises the Manager of difficult/sensitive issues/problems that require attention.

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