Job Specification

Position Title:
Web Developer Editor
Job Code:
02705 - Information Officer 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To lead, develop, implement and maintain accessible and cost effective internet/intranet technology solutions and services as part of a digital team in the Ontario Human Rights Commission's (OHRC) Communications and Issues Management branch.

To provide specialized expertise in overseeing and enhancing the OHRC website / digital technical solutions in accordance with OHRC and Ontario government standards, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and other best practices, policies and guidelines.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Plans, develops, implements, coordinates, and remediates the Ontario Human Rights Commission's web content, including visual design, HTML coding to ensure compliance to WCAG 2.0 and AODA standards.

2. Develops and updates websites using web application technologies (PHP, MYSQL, JQUERY, CSS and HTML).

3. Conducts routine testing, quality assurance audits, and accessibility testing of the Ontario Human Rights Commission's websites and digital/ social media products to ensure functionality and compliance with government web standards / policies as well as accessibility, French language and privacy legislation (AODA, FLSA, FIPPA).

4. Maintains websites, editing and removing material, and audits links to ensure that site content is current. Reports and addresses problems to ensure accuracy and ease of user access.

5. Prepares reports on the effectiveness of digital/ social media products using tools such as Google Analytics, surveys etc. Tracks and reports web statistics for the OHRC and identifies areas for improvement and expansion to improve effectiveness and respond to ministry needs.

6. Performs debugging and troubleshooting activities to resolve routine technical issues with the OHRC's websites and digital media products.

7. Participates in information architecture activities (e.g. how sites should be organized and optimized for search), and identifies opportunities for new functionality.

8. Posts and ensures accuracy and functionality of digital products.

9. Contributes to updates to accessibility standards, policies and guidelines for the OHRC's websites (e.g., AODA, WCAG 2.0, Matterhorn Protocol, visual identity, information architecture, design and content).

10. Liaises with program and business unit clients to provide information, understand web and digital/ social media needs, and provide support in areas of technical expertise.

11. Supports continuous improvement activities by identifying opportunities to incorporate advances in digital/
social media technology.

12. Assists OHRC communications and digital media staff with the creation of high-quality videos for webcasting, video streaming and video presentations for corporate events.

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

Knowledge of web technologies (for example: NGINX, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL), web content management solutions (for example: Drupal, WordPress), open source search solutions (Elasticsearch), semantic accessible HTML5, CSS/SCSS, jQuery, Javascript, NodeJS, Angular, Vue, Express, MongoDB, and other emerging web technologies and cloud delivery / deployment models, to develop products that are forward-thinking and ensure a positive user experience.

Knowledge of and training in website administration to perform adjustments to the sites, including coding, adding/deleting content, re-formatting, re-indexing, and adding/deleting links to documents and other sites.

Knowledge of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and industry conventions and etiquette; WCAG
2.0 Level AA, Matterhorn Protocol (PDF/UA), principles of website planning, site architecture, design and layout, and search engine optimization.

Knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite line of products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Dreamweaver) and other tools to support the production of a range of web and digital media products.

Knowledge of web reporting technologies (Google Analytics) to prepare reports on website usage.

Knowledge of and training in debugging and troubleshooting to resolve basic technical issues with the OHRC's websites and digital media products.

Knowledge of government web standards, policies and legislation (AODA, FLSA, FIPPA) to ensure compliance of web and digital content.

Knowledge of basic training techniques and knowledge of the OPS web standards to support training and to explain some of the more intricate features of the solutions and services available.

Knowledge of communications theory, techniques, methods and practices, as well as visual presentation, in order to create informative and attractive content for the OHRC's websites and digital media products.

Knowledge of plain-language writing and editing concepts to write web content.

Skills :

Technical Skills: HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver, Drupal publishing platform, Word processing, MS Office suite, PDF authoring, WCAG 2.0 Level AA, PAC 2.0, Adobe Creative Suite.

Strategic thinking and analytical skills to perform accessibility audits to continually refine and optimize communications methods to improve user satisfaction and search optimization.

Planning and organizational skills to plan, prioritize and coordinate coding and content for both public/internal web site, web applications and special accessibility projects for the OHRC.

Leadership skills to provide communications expertise and direction to clients and digital team.

Oral communication and presentation skills to provide expert advice to clients, stakeholders, and management on digital technical solutions, digital accessibility, communication strategies and opportunities; liaise with government-wide digital communications committees; work collaboratively with other OHRC and ministry staff.

Research skills to stay up to date on the latest standards for the web, accessibility standards, accessibility testing, trends in SEO, World Wide Web consortium HTML standards.

Customer service and interpersonal skills to promote digital technology, digital accessibility and quality assurance.

Writing and editing skills to write/edit online content. Strong understanding of accessibility standards (WCAG
2.0), writing standards for the web and engaging online audiences.

Freedom of Action :

Guidelines are available in the form of OHRC goals, strategic direction, relevant legislation, regulations, policies, procedures, directives, recognized communications practices and standards, Ontario Government Internet standards, requirements and guidelines.

Job requires a considerable degree of independence and initiative under general direction of the manager within a broad framework of government policies/guidelines and recognized communication practices and quality standards.

The incumbent is expected to set own priorities and schedule, select own approaches, methods and techniques, plan and oversee assigned resources in a timely and cost effective manner within broader project timelines and in compliance with established directives and policies.

Job requires using best judgment, independent decision-making in the absence of manager. Situations clearly outside policy or subject to varying interpretations are referred to the manager.

The position acts as a website/digital technical expert and strategist. Decision-making involves: identifying client objectives, requirements and technical solutions; recommending strategies to clients and the communications team; recommending digital strategies and processes to maximize communications effectiveness; making recommendations on technical standards to support OHRC goals; recommending and providing insights and opportunities in the digital landscape; providing direction and advice into digital communication policies and standards; and recommending improvements to internal procedures to improve effectiveness.

Job requires making recommendations to manager on digital technical solutions and strategy and executing upon approval.

Job refers server outages or network issues to cluster specialist staff and outside service providers for resolution.

Errors in judgment could adversely impact on public expectations and embarrass senior officials, the Chief Commissioner and the Attorney General.

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