Job Specification

Position Title:
Talent Pool - Forensic Analyst
Job Code:
61802 - Forensic Analyst 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide liaison between the Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS) and investigating agencies related to the proper submission of criminal, coroner and civil cases; to receive and process evidentiary items): to enter all items and cases into the LIMS database; to prepare and present learning opportunities to clients and staff on the role, purpose and services of the CFS; to provide laboratory assistance and support services within the Centre of Forensic Sciences with respect to submitted evidentiary items, laboratory consumables and laboratory equipment.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Provides liaison with CFS clients by:
-Discussing case submissions in order to assist with item submission(s) and type(s) of examination(s) available and required; ensuring submission of cases and items are in accordance with CFS policy and acceptance guidelines.
-Discussing criminal, death and other types of investigations with police officers, coroners, pathologists and other official law enforcement agencies to obtain additional information or items that are required for scientific analysis.
-Advising police investigators, coroners and other law enforcement officials on the protocols, practices and guidelines for the acceptance, collection, handling, storage, submission, disposal and return of evidentiary items.
-Searching, organizing, storing, retrieving, and evaluating information digitally.
- Using computer software to effectively communicate client responses to inquiries relating to navigating, operating, and sharing content on web applications and providing suggestions or possible causes to technical problems encountered.
- Understanding and determining the sequence of events required for an application to successfully perform a task, given data input and/or output.
-Providing clients with a record of receipt (ie., evidence receipt) after processing is completed, and other client information sheets as required.
-Conferring with CFS section managers and/or staff regarding specific requirements, policies and practices and expediting the processing of priority cases to the appropriate section(s).
- Applying knowledge of digital technologies to review applications and processes in order to collaborate and identify possible improvements.
-Providing proper and suitable information to telephone inquiries from the public and investigative agencies on public safety, status of case submissions and applications of forensic sciences.
Receives and processes evidentiary material(s) by:
-Screening all incoming evidential material to determine the nature, acceptability and usefulness of the item(s) based on acceptance guidelines, the knowledge of scientific analysis and testing, ongoing research and development and analytical capabilities/limitations of the CFS.
-Following CFS guidelines, policies and procedures, quality assurance practices and forensic laboratory accreditation standards for the proper retrieval, handling, packaging, storage, disposal and return of items; to ensure proper documentation, continuity of evidence and integrity of samples; taking corrective action if improper use of policy/procedures are apparent.
-Determining the appropriate CFS section for analysis of evidentiary material(s) and the appropriate sequence of examinations in multi-section cases based on knowledge of analytical and testing practices and capabilities/limitation of the various CFS sections.
-Reviewing the CFS submission form and ensuring that all the information is complete and accurate and that all necessary documentation, in
accordance with CFS policy and procedure, is followed accordingly.
-Clearing lockers of daily submissions and processing evidentiary material(s) in accordance with established procedures and practices. Processing vehicles in the Auto Examination Area (AEA) in accordance with established procedures and practices.
Enters all items and cases into the LIMS database by:
-Ensuring proper packaging of items and bar coding all items or outer packaging: Assigning LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) numbers to cases and entering all relevant information in the LIMS database; initiating chain of custody for all items.
Provides learning opportunities for CFS clients and staff by:
-Preparing and facilitating learning opportunities related to the role, purpose and services of the CFS, its capabilities and the parameters of scientific analysis.
-Preparing and providing ongoing training in the preparation and submission of evidence items including the use of evidence collection kits (e.g. sexual assault kit) in order to obtain maximum benefit for scientific analysis and to preserve the continuity and integrity of evidence samples.
- Assessing own digital awareness and that of others to provide digital support when required and ensuring protection and privacy of personal data.
-Participating in the training and orientation of new CFS staff and students in the role/responsibilities, Performs related functions by:
-Ensuring the proper maintenance and/or operation of equipment (e.g. refrigerator and freezer) and taking the appropriate action where required.
-Ensuring correct storage and disposal of biohazard waste; ensuring proper storage and return of not accepted items and cases in accordance with CFS policy.
-Ensuring cleanliness and distribution of laboratory glassware, as well as ensuring cleanliness and organization of laboratory areas including evidence storage, firearms range, and supply rooms.
-Receiving and storage of laboratory and office supplies. Maintaining an inventory of laboratory and office consumables and equipment and ordering as required/directed.
-Communicating with CFS Business Unit staff to facilitate the purchasing and servicing of office and laboratory equipment.
-Preparing reagents/solutions for testing, preparing biological sample collection tubes and readying these for shipping, and responding to related inquiries.
-Preparing and/or reviewing a variety of material including correspondence, training, policy and quality manuals.
-Testifying in court as required related to the receipt, handling, storage and documentation of evidence items.
-Assisting/ participating in the tendering process of selected kits and supplies (e.g., Sexual Assault Evidence Kit. Tamper Evidence Seals);
maintaining/ordering inventory of laboratory and office consumables; purchasing and overseeing servicing of laboratory and office equipment.

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

Knowledge of CFS policies, practices and procedures related to the requirements for continuity of evidence, security, identification, handling and preservation of a wide variety of biological and evidential materials;
Knowledge of procedures for operating laboratory equipment (e.g., laboratory balances, pH meters, pipets) and ability to perform mathematical calculations required for reagent preparation.
Knowledge of quality assurance practices and the requirements of accreditation standards for forensic laboratories related to receipt, handling, storage and documentation of exhibits and evidence samples;
Knowledge of the disciplines of forensic science and the scientific work of CFS sections in order to assess the acceptability and completeness of submitted evidence samples and to distribute items for analysis to the appropriate section;
Knowledge of the scientific and research work of the CFS in order to develop and provide learning opportunities for clients of the CFS related to the role and services of the CFS,
Knowledge of health and safety practices and procedures to ensure safe handling and preservation of biological material and evidence samples including weapons, firearms, explosives, biohazards and toxic substances;
Knowledge of investigative practices and legal, medical and pharmaceutical terminology in order to correspond with submitting officers and other law enforcement agencies; to provide information, advice and training related to submission procedures and acceptability and completeness of evidence samples and to provide training to CFS clients and others on the role and services of the CFS related to investigations.
Knowledge of administrative/office procedures and guidelines such as processing invoices, ordering laboratory and office supplies, updating inventory and asset control lists and databases and maintaining filing systems.
Knowledge base would normally be acquired through relevant education and/or experience.

Skills :

Analytical and problem-solving skills to assess acceptability, relevance and completeness of evidence samples, determine case priorities and sequence of examination of samples;
Skill in using computer software programs including word-processing, spread sheets and databases (e.g. Word and LIMS) in order to enter and retrieve case related information and to produce materials including reports, tables and correspondence;
Organizational skills to determine work priorities and to respond to client and CFS staff needs in an environment of changing pressures; Administrative skills procedures for processing invoices, ordering supplies, and updating inventory and asset control.
Skills to operate laboratory equipment (e.g., balances, pH meters, pipets) and glassware cleaning, drying and sterilization equipment.
Skills to correctly calculate mathematical formulae required for reagent preparation.
Oral communication skills to discuss submission of cases with the submitter, combined with presentation skills to deliver training sessions and to give evidence in court as required;
Written communication skills to prepare correspondence, reports and presentations/lectures.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with CFS policies and procedures.
Work is subject to quality assurance checks by supervisor to ensure adherence to established procedures, policies and protocols.
Job is accountable for receipt and processing of evidentiary materials, performing related duties, advising and assisting clients with the submission of evidence, maintaining the LIMS database, and providing training and education on the work of the CFS for both clients and staff.
Job requires referring situations to the manager not covered by established procedures/policies, or in situations where there is some doubt.
Job requires developing an efficient system for the storage and maintenance of laboratory and office consumables and determining when to reorder supplies for both the laboratory and office areas.

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