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Position Title:
Job Code:
5A008 - ProgPlanEval05
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Purpose :

To provide project leadership in the implementation of employment and training programs and services, and advice and expertise in research, design, analysis, and evaluation.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Program Analysis and Evaluation
Develops, recommends and implements consultation and communication strategies/approaches; and identifies new initiatives that may impact on program and service delivery.
Facilitates the resolution of program service matters, concerns and contentious issues between operational areas and head office.
Evaluates and analyses program data to support implementation and delivery of employment programs and initiatives, including setting parameters for adjustments to the service provider network in the context of system wide service planning.
Analyses and evaluates program and operational policy issues, initiatives, projects and provides information, advice and/or recommendations to the Manager, senior management (ADMO and MO) and ministry officials regarding options for operational policy and program changes. Gathers data and information from various sources to develop responses, options and recommendations for issues management.
Reviews, prepares and updates contentious issues notes, briefing notes and/or correspondence for senior management, offices of the Assistant Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister, and Minister.
Provides ongoing provincial program monitoring for consistency in program delivery and regional office use of established tools, procedures, guidelines and performance standards. Develops options and makes recommendations regarding proposed changes/corrective measures.
2. Program Support
Leads and/or participates on program and operational policy development projects and initiatives, including developing work plans to achieve program outcomes, scheduling and coordinating timeframes to support work plans; coordinating work; contributing to development of regional resource allocations.
Participates with partners across the branch, division, ministry and in other ministries in the development and implementation of project initiatives including training materials and operational directives, tracking tools, information system requirements and evaluation criteria to monitor and measure program performance.
Leads ongoing program maintenance and improvement or program delivery through refinement of program guidelines, operational policies, processes and delivery support tools.
Identifies, promotes disseminates and applies lessons learned, best practices and innovative approaches to service planning and program and service delivery improvement.
Tracks and monitors project activities, and ensures attainment of established deliverables.
3. Consultation and Evaluation
Develops and maintains relationships with stakeholder groups to represent Ministry/government operational policy and programs positions on issues and to obtain feedback and support on project initiatives for effective program and project development.
Participates on project task groups and committees and collaborates with other program branches and divisions within the ministry to seek input and approvals for coordinated responses to branch programs operational policies and strategies, supports design of policy and programs, providing client perspective as a subject matter expert, on operational implementation, performance management and results based decision-making for employment and training programs. Works with the federal government to align and adjust business processes for the benefit of shared clients and service
providers. Works with the Ontario College of Trades to administer apprenticeship programs established by the College,, and on all activities related to certification and regulation.
Provides senior management with information, analysis and advice to support corporate decision-making, communication and planning processes; including recommendations regarding program and operational policy. Provides advice to corporate and regional staff in the interpretation and application of ministry policy, procedures and standards and operational directives to support program implementation, delivery, service provider exit and entry and wind down of discontinued programs.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
Division/branch mandate, organizational structure, priorities, policies, procedures, and programs/services to provide technical guidance, advice and support to field management and staff; to promote and establish partnerships with stakeholders; and to coordinate resolution of Province-wide service delivery issues.
Provincial and federal legislation and regulations to develop and make recommendations on the use of employment programs, services and delivery processes; to provide related advice and technical interpretation; and to recommend legislative changes.
Current and emerging labour market issues, including trends in community capacity building approaches in other provinces and countries, to work with field staff to resolve local issues within the context of socio-economic conditions and division/branch strategic directions.
Policy development processes to provide input into the development of new program and service design and delivery enhancements.
Theories and principles of adult learning and education, and training techniques to develop training content and deliver training and information sessions.
Program analysis and evaluation techniques to monitor the delivery of employment programs and services; and to identify gaps/issues that impact on program delivery success, and recommend strategies to address them.
Quality assurance methodologies, techniques and practices to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness; and to recommend improvements to achieve performance standards.
Analytical, evaluative and interpretative skills to assess the impact of and provide input into proposed or revised legislation, policies, procedures, programs and systems; and to conduct quality assurance monitoring and evaluation.
Project management methodologies, processes and guidelines to plan, lead and coordinate projects related to broader labour market issues.
Information on-line database systems to provide advice, technical guidance, support and training to staff; to generate reports; and to conduct monitoring reviews of contribution agreements.
Written communication skills to prepare reports, briefing notes, correspondence; to develop staff orientation and training materials/tools, policy and program manuals, bulletins and other program-related documents.
Computer applications to prepare graphics, presentations, reports and other documents; and to monitor budget expenditures.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

Consultation and advisory skills to discuss and address program/service delivery issues and concerns with internal/external stakeholders; to communicate changes in legislation, programs, policies and procedures to field staff; to provide advice and technical guidance to staff and clients; and to make recommendations to management.
Presentation, persuasion and facilitation skills to encourage and facilitate participation; to promote employment programs/services; to present training and information sessions/workshops; and to provide briefings to senior management.
Collaboration and networking skills to participate on committees and working groups; to promote and develop partnerships with external stakeholders;
to exchange information on best practices, program strategies and approaches, and policy/program/service related issues and solutions with counterparts in other divisions, ministries and organizations.
Strong political acuity.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analyzing and problem-solving skills to:
Assess and analyze program delivery effectiveness and related issues, monitoring labour market trends within respective communities and assessing delivery capacity, and develop and recommend strategies, measures and/or tools to resolve identified gaps.
Develop a consultation approach and communication strategies, in support of program/service development. Monitor and evaluate the delivery of programs and services for program integrity and quality assurance compliance.
Coordinate the resolution of program-related issues on a Province-wide basis.
Identify critical issues/ barriers related to the effective functioning of labour market programs in field of specialty and full budget utilization, and recommend solutions.
Identify opportunities to maximize the effectiveness of the program's budget in meeting Provincial employment needs, and develop and make recommendations on strategies to address them.
Provide input into policy/procedures development.
Identify training needs, develop resources/tools, and conduct training and information sessions/workshops.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
Providing technical guidance, advice, interpretation and support to field staff related to the delivery of a labour market program, including development of program/service delivery policies and procedures.
Developing and making recommendations for full budget utilization and maximizing the effectiveness of the program budget in meeting employment needs.
Acting as a focal point between field offices and head office for disseminating program information and facilitating resolution of program-related matters/issues.
Ensuring consistent, accurate application by staff of programs/services, legislated terms and conditions, policies and procedures.
Developing and delivering training and information sessions for staff.
Monitoring and evaluating program delivery for overall program integrity and quality assurance compliance; and identifying barriers and developing strategies to address them.
Has latitude to monitor expenditures from contribution agreements, identifying areas for risk and opportunities to effect full budget utilization.
Decisions are made within established ministry/division policies, procedures, guidelines and directives governing Provincial employment and training programs; applicable legislation; quality assurance guidelines and directives; best practices in service delivery; and government/ministry guidelines and directives governing the preparation of documents and submissions.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

Branch senior management to provide updates and respond to requests for information; to provide advice; and to seek direction.
Staff and colleagues in Unit and other units/branches to provide input; to exchange technical information and discuss impacts of changes/new initiatives.
Field management and staff to provide information and updates; to provide technical guidance, advice, support and training; and to discuss program/service issues and concerns.
Ministry/Division Policy staff to discuss problems and issues related to changes; and to participate on committees and in working groups. Staff in other ministries to provide program-related information and advice related to employment issues and development of strategies to address them.

Guidance / Supervision :

Provides technical guidance, advice and interpretation related to employment programs, service delivery and support systems, policies, procedures and standards to program field staff.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

Ongoing requirement to deal with unexpected changes in work demands, within tight timelines, just-in-time communications and development of products for media requests, minister's office briefings, submissions.
Ongoing unexpected work demands on short notice and tight time pressures for response to complex enquiries from senior management and/or external stakeholders.

Mental / Sensory :

Frequent requirement to read and concentrate when reading/reviewing legislation, related terms and conditions, and policy and procedural documents.
Frequent requirement to concentrate when listening intently at meetings; performing analysis; preparing project proposals; and monitoring and evaluating program delivery.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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