Job Specification

Position Title:
Project Manager
Job Code:
5A008 - ProgPlanEval05
Job ID:

Purpose :

To lead project teams in the development and delivery of knowledge management products, products planning and development to support planning, evidence based decision making and service management.

Key Responsibilities :

Project Leadership
Leads teams in multi-faceted knowledge transformation operations to enable the uptake of information; develops approaches to leverage knowledge management, products and new knowledge transfer tools (e.g. databases, website/portals) to support information exchange; management planning and decision making within the health system.
Manages complete lifecycle for projects; prioritizes deliverables; identifies and resolves issues; recommends and procures project resources; develops projects plans, manages individual project budgets and resolves conflicts, monitors performance and develops forecast projections to communicate project status, budget updates, timeframes and achievements to senior management group.
Provides project leadership to facilitate knowledge transformation to review and validate publishing strategy for new content; communicating availability of content; customizing summaries and creating templates to support Local Health Information Networks (LHIN).
Oversees the creation of documents (e.g. project outlines, business cases, project charters) and writes/edits materials and statements to provide context and finished content/graphics for submissions.
Development and Implementation of Products and Tools
Identifies knowledge tools business requirements to meet the needs of LHINs by repackaging content when necessary and developing new knowledge transfer tools to support the information exchange process; identifies opportunities for improvement and makes constructive suggestions for change and/or recommendations for alternative approaches.
Develops and recommends change plans, tools and products to be published and publishes standard documents in compliance with documents standards and established guidelines; conducts impact assessment and risk analyses associated with the issues/changes.
Leads/oversees the development of specific tool requirements to enable the users uptake of knowledge provided; oversees the development and securing of corporate communications plans, approvals and editing.

Stakeholder Relationships
Provides direction and advice to support project teams, stakeholders and partners; prepares business cases and ensures that all legal requirements are stated and met where required; leads/contributes to committees and recommends new or revised operational procedures to improve service delivery.
Provides advice and recommendations to senior management group and reports on project status/issues; recommends new or revised operational procedures to improve/resolve issues.
Recommends and provides specific training to staff and clients on new tools to ensure compliance to standards and business processes.

Knowledge / Skill :

Ministry/government and program business directions, standards, processes and mandates to ensure project compliance and critical business objectives are met.
Provincial legislation and acts applicable to knowledge management such as Personal Health and Information Act, Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act and French Language Services Act to assess and recommend on the performance of recorded knowledge management practices or develop new policies and practices in their implementation.
Leadership, relationship management and customer service skills to lead project teams, managers and external resources on project plans and status and to promote collaboration among team members.
Theories, principles and techniques of knowledge management and knowledge products; such as knowledge content, publishing strategies, applications and capabilities to develop and plan new knowledge transfer tools to meet business tools and LHINs requirements.
Principles, practices and techniques of large scale communications and information dissemination within an electronic environment to develop identified tools and products according to business requirements and assessment to meet the needs of user groups.
Project management methodologies to plan, organize and execute own work and projects; co-ordinate with clients, stakeholders and partners; and expedite progress to support client business needs.
Oral and written communication skills to advise and provide information to stakeholders regarding knowledge management processes and prepare reports and presentations; provides recommendations to senior management and staff on policies and procedures to resolve operational problems.
Computer software applications (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets, databases) to prepare and edit reports, correspondence and summaries.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

Customer relationship management skills to provide advice, guidance, assistance and education to clients who are usually not experienced with knowledge management principles, applications, tools, and processes. Explanatory skills to deliver knowledge-sharing and skill-building concerning knowledge management development, implementation, trends, standards, methods, and specific solutions.
Collaboration skills to participate on committees and contribute to project status meetings and presentation skills to deliver training.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analytical and problem-solving skills to:
Identify, research and assess appropriate knowledge management solutions to plan and coordinate knowledge transfer processes by ensuring business needs of clients are met.
Develop appropriate performance measures by analyzing project progress, quality and recommending alternative approaches.
Analyze and assess interests of stakeholders to develop project plans to prioritize and determine project deliverables and resource requirements.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
Providing project leadership for planning, developing and implementing knowledge management and knowledge products to meet program mandate and legal business needs and requirements.
Providing input into operational plans and project management policies/standards; develops reports and recommends policies and procedures to ensure compliance with ministry and healthcare agencies directives and guidelines to support senior level decision-making.
Identifying application issues or problems with knowledge management products and tools and their impacts on client program delivery area and provides options for resolution to meet client/ministry needs.
Has latitude to determine scope and direction of projects, project budgets and procurement/resourcing strategies; establishes project priorities/directions
to support knowledge transformation, alignment and compliance with ministry and enterprise knowledge management strategies.
Decisions are guided by OPS/ministry knowledge management procedures, policies, standards and frameworks to meet critical client business requirements and to provide strategic systems advice/direction to senior client and ministry management.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

Communications group regarding product content, development and publishing; cluster directors to resolve software application issues with new tool and knowledge products; ministry's senior management groups to confirm project objectives, resolve issues and recommend solutions.
Project team members to provide advice, support and discuss project plans, status, exchange information and resolve issues.
LHIN health care agencies to exchange information and discuss project plans, policies and procedures.
Consultants, suppliers and vendors to acquire goods and services and resolve problems.

Guidance / Supervision :

Provides technical leadership to project staff by creating work plans, assigning and tracking workload,
establishing priorities, monitoring quality of deliverables, explaining work procedures, training staff and resolving issues.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

Frequent unexpected changes in deadlines and work demands on short notice, tight time pressures, changing priorities and conflicting demands.

Mental / Sensory :

Frequent requirement to read documents without interruption and concentrate intensely (e.g. reviewing, analyzing and performing due diligence on reports and data to ensure compliance with ministry and government directives and provide advice to ministry's' senior management team and stakeholders).

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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