Job Specification

Position Title:
Human Resources Intern (Indigenous)
Job Code:
I0402A - Human Resources37
Job ID:

Purpose :

To support the delivery of Ministry HR services, activities and programs, by conducting research and analysis, preparing presentations and written material, and coordinating projects.

To provide support services for the delivery of Ministry/branch programs.

To provide support services for the delivery of Ministry /branch programs.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Provides research support to the Manager and the Unit/Branch. This includes researching and compiling information and consulting with team members to support various initiatives.
2. Provides coordination support for projects, services and activities in the Unit/Branch, including assisting in scheduling, drafting agendas, assembling material, presentations, and meeting notes.
3. Conducts analysis of workforce information to support ministry initiatives such as health, safety and wellness, emergency management, human capital planning and performance, talent and succession management initiatives. Consults with branch/division staff to undertake analysis, based on data and recommends solutions to support divisional/organizational human capital priorities.
4. Provides information management services to support the Branch, including maintaining databases, distribution lists, electronic files and automated correspondence/project tracking systems, ensuring accuracy and security of data and proper tracking of branch's activities.

Factors :

Knowledge :

Human resources programs and human resources administration to support coordination of initiatives and to track inquiries regarding the Branch's activities, services and products, and provide project and logistical assistance to the Branch.

HR information systems and data bases (e.g. WIN system) to access the data, in order to support the gathering of appropriate information for specific HR-related purposes and prepare various information summaries.

Program Responsibility :

Responsible for providing research and administrative services in support of delivering a range of human resources projects and programs within its unit.

Responsible for information management and the tracking of Branch activities and project deliverables.

Analytical Thinking :

Researches and supports the branch/unit on various project initiatives undertaken by the branch and assists in preparing a range of reports on research findings.

Accesses information sources; synthesizes and reports on information related to the branch's organizational activities. Ensures the accuracy of tracking of branch activities.

Planning / Coordinating :

Provides planning and scheduling support for the delivery of branch programs. This includes gathering and organizing information, distributing documents to team members and tracking deliverables.

Leadership/Guidance :

Provides information to management team and branch staff.

Provides technical guidance to unit staff on issues related to programs assigned.

Independence of Action :

Guidelines are available in administrative policies and processes related to human resources planning.

With supervision, provides support to program development, change management, leadership and capacity-building programs, and communications activities including preparing information summaries, meeting materials, researching topics and recommending options for consideration.

Interpersonal/Communication :

Works with unit staff to provide research and program support and to provide/obtain information on the unit's programs.

Responds to enquiries regarding status of outstanding project activities and deliverables in relation to the Unit.

Physical Effort :

Most of the time is spent in an office environment with frequent opportunity to move about.

Sensory Effort :

Requires concentration (i.e. reading without interruption) to research and create project plans, and to listen attentively during meetings for minutes.

Ability to multitask and deal with repeated interruptions for urgent requests for information.

Attention is required when completing data entry.

Working Conditions :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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