Job Specification

Position Title:
Northern Development Intern (Indigenous)
Job Code:
12120 - Industrial Development Officer 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide program relational, consultative and marketing support to the Ministry's delivery of economic development programs and services on behalf of government to improve sustained economic growth and productivity in Northern Ontario.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Assisting in establishing linkages and maintaining ongoing relationships with representatives of municipalities, local businesses and representatives of community organizations and support the development of networks in order to assist in providing strategic advice to economic development partners to stimulate economic growth and development.

2. Support the advisory and consultative services for public and private sector partners to assist in the development of economic projects and expand business opportunities by analyzing and interpreting data, supporting the facilitation of cost-sharing agreements for approved projects in various sectors such as tourism, natural resources, agriculture, telecommunications, community and transportation infrastructure and working as part of a team to foster public/private sector partnerships; and reviewing business development strategies; undertaking surveys and gathering local information for input to the development of strategies, new initiatives and programs.

3. Participates in the promotion, marketing and delivery of a wide variety of government programs, to help guide clients in applications to programs and business cases by reviewing applications, evaluating submissions and undertaking analyses, suggesting options, and assisting with project monitoring.

4. As part of a team, reviewing and contributing input on the economic impact of government policies and programs in Northern Ontario by providing feedback obtained from northern businesses and assisting in assessing the implications for growth and development.

5. Participates on strategic economic and business development team initiatives by: assisting with workshops, making presentations on services and application processes, supporting the preparation of educational materials, program guidelines, providing input into businesses and local economic development growth and diversification strategies.

6. Contributing to the preparation of responses to public inquiries from companies and associations, attending as part of a ministry team at stakeholder and community meetings, trade shows and conferences and, supporting the preparation of various information for the Minister and Senior Management and participating as part of a team to enhance competitiveness in Northern Ontario.

7. Travelling extensively to client/stakeholder sites within a specified geographic region and abroad as required to promote the programs and services of the Division.

8. Manager has the right to assign other duties.

Staffing and Licensing :

Ability to travel extensively around Northern Ontario.

Knowledge :

Knowledge of community and business economic development theories and principles and economic/business climate assessment as part of an integrated approach to economic development.

Knowledge of structure of local economy, key stakeholders/networks and community concerns and issues.

Understanding of procedures and funding approval processes and of financial and accounting principles and practices.

Understanding of economic and statistical research and analysis, basic finance theory and principles.

Skills :

Skill to identify local issues and concerns, as well as economic development opportunities.

Skill to contribute to evaluations for a wide variety of business related projects including funding proposals, growth and development strategies for numerous sectors, while taking into account policy guidelines, financial, legal, economic, social, environmental, strategic and audit considerations, as well as potential economic benefits/impacts to the community.

Applied research techniques and investigative techniques.

Oral and written communication skills to provide/exchange information, support the preparation of presentations, participate in meetings and communicate with stakeholders.

Issue identification and resolution skills, ability to prepare technical reports and support the preparation of presentations.

Interpersonal skills to carry out assigned work supporting ministry employees and contributing to consultations with municipal economic development staff, targeted businesses and their associations; planning and organizational skills to undertake and balance multiple projects.

Ability to meet tight deadlines.

Computer literacy (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software), internet/intranet capability.

Freedom of Action :

Acts under the general supervision of the Manager (position title); provides support to other ministry employees, senior managers in a variety of initiatives.

Performs day-to-day functions with relative freedom.

Exercises judgement and tact as part of a team representing the ministry at internal and external forums and events.

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