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Position Title:
Job Code:
09OAD - Office Administration 09
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Purpose of Position :

To provide information and administrative services and first level of response to the general public and to parties and clients of the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) and the agencies administered by the OLRB.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Provides first level of response to inquiries from the general public, clients, counsel and media regarding status of cases and services provided by the OLRB and related agencies. Obtains information required to determine nature of query before responding. Responses may cover detailed factual information on the Board's operations, its services and provisions of the specific statutes administered, i.e. Labour Relations Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act, Colleges Collective Bargaining Act, Employment Standards Act 2000, other workplace and employment related laws, rules of procedures, time limits, options of filing, required documentation, legal terminologies, etc. to satisfy callers with their information requirements.

2. Undertakes research for more involved queries that require looking up Board files, reading up guidelines and background information, or verifying with manager/solicitor and makes return-call. Refers to the manager or solicitor where circumstances require interpretation or deviate significantly from guidelines and procedures.

3. Advises or consults with registrar's office, field services or solicitor's office when the parties and counsel require direction or assistance. Directs clients with unrelated matters to other ministry branches, other ministries and agencies, and municipal/federal governments, and service providers utilizing phone lists, and web-site addresses and knowledge of their roles and responsibilities.

4. Answers and directs large volume of multi-line telephone calls to the OLRB and related agencies. Utilizes the case management system to assist callers with the specifics of their case, determining the appropriate party for call transfers and taking messages verbally or electronically; pages officers/staff in emergency situations. Determines nature of inquiry and provides general information on how to pick up or receive information packages and applications, access services etc; provides addresses, fax numbers, referrals to other agencies.

5. Receives fees from parties in respect of construction grievance proceedings, using POS terminal, issuing receipts, maintaining records as required, and batching credit-card terminal print-outs. Receives visitors and walk-in clients at front desk, deals with their inquiries and directs to appropriate staff member, office or hearing room.

6. Updates phone/staff listing to retrieve numbers. Receives, logs, date and time records, sorts and routes appropriately courier and hand delivered packages for OLRB and related agencies. Ensures that there is a continuous stock of information, application, summons and witness information packages. Places reproduction requests with Admin Support and assembles documents into the appropriate packages. Delivers messages, submissions, documents etc. to hearing panels and parties. Responsible for set-up and storage of hearing room equipment, specialized audiovisual requirements etc.

7. Generates various reports as required (e.g. daily hearings schedule, weekly applications report for library etc.). Performs miscellaneous typing, photocopying and faxing services. Assists, where required, in the regular maintenance of file and file storage rooms and with archiving process. Assembles and dispatches packages of forms, brochures, pamphlets and materials on a daily basis. Performs delivery status inquiries to trace missing or late packages.

8. Participates in department meetings/discussions as a team member relating to service issues, improvements in responses-techniques to expedite the handling of large numbers of calls, keeping up to date with changes in Board matters, etc.

Staffing and Licensing :

Advanced oral communication in both English and French languages.

Knowledge :

Good knowledge of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, related sections from the Ontario Health and Safety Act, Employment Standards Act and other employment statutes as well as the Ontario Human Rights Code, and good knowledge of employment related statutory rights and entitlements to provide detailed explanations to callers on the provisions of the different statutes that can assist them in deciding if their circumstances can be handled by such provisions; also to provide quasi legal advice to clients and the public, e.g. appropriate options to filing applications on wrongful dismissal actions in court, human rights complaints, Pay Equity review, etc.
Detailed knowledge of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (PEHT) and Education and Relations Commission/College Relations Commission (ERC/CRC) organizational structure, roles/responsibilities, operational guidelines of each agency, processes and procedures and related legal terminologies to provide detailed information to guide clients on what forms to complete, filing and delivery requirements, application of Rules of Procedure for Ontario Labour Relations Board and Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal cases; identify potential issues of timeliness, jurisdiction, subpoenas, notices, resources to access for additional information, etc. to provide information expeditiously to both internal/external clients.
Knowledge of ministry legislation, programs and services, and the programs/services of various OPS ministries to provide general information and/or redirect callers to receive more appropriate attention.
Knowledge of municipal/federal government jurisdictions to refer a labour matter that is not in the provincial jurisdiction for more appropriate attention.
Knowledge of administrative processes, procedures, relevant legislation such as Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the OPS client service standards, to receive, log, date and time records, receive and record payments, and answer and direct large volume of multi-line telephone calls within OPS service standards, etc.
Knowledge of personal computer use in a LAN environment and related business operation applications such as MS Office, POS terminal and case management systems to record payments, check status of a caller's case, search information to redirect inquiries and perform general typing, etc.

Skills :

Excellent listening and analytical skills to probe for information to determine the nature of the client inquiries, e.g. provide the appropriate first level response, complaint, appeal or referral, researching for additional information to assist caller before directing them to the appropriate party, agency or jurisdiction, and to use and interpret operating guidelines from the each of the Agencies
Maturity, confidence and sensitivity to respond to queries and to provide quasi-legal advice with credibility.
Skills to operate an advanced level multi line system and answer a high volume of calls.
Arithmetical skills to process and reconcile payments for hearings.
Advanced oral communication and interpersonal skills to explain procedures clearly and properly direct clients, and using tact, diplomacy and professionalism when dealing with clients who can be difficult, argumentative and physically aggressive, and being sensitive to security and confidentiality requirements when discussing and releasing information.
Organizational, time management skills and flexibility in managing conflicting demands and a large volume of calls.

Freedom of Action :

Under the general supervision of the Manager, position works independently within a team environment to complete work efficiently and coordinate work with others to ensure consistency in giving out information and guidance and minimize problems of duplications in service. Position is accountable for identifying the nature of a call to provide information that is accurate and appropriate to the circumstances given, including information of a quasi-legal nature, for providing a level of information that is adequate to satisfy callers' information needs, for accessing available resources in the Board to obtain additional information to resolve a query.
Duties are carried out following the Board/ministry/agencies' established policies, procedures and practices and most work related problems or issues are resolved independently. Difficult or complex inquiries or issues are referred to the manager or appropriate agency contact.
Impact of providing erroneous information or advice could be prejudicial to client rights, could result in time-consuming corrections, client and staff frustration and confusion and complaints to the Minister or Ombudsman.

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