Job Specification

Position Title:
Job Code:
4A004 - Admin04
Job ID:

Purpose :

- To provide project support for the development and delivery of business system implementation, training and user acceptance testing activities and materials related to the Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS).
- To provide program and operational expertise and input to the development of operational procedures, business and system practices and implementation plan for system roll-out. .

Key Responsibilities :

1. Research & Analysis
1. Operational Business and Training Support
- Undertakes business and systems support services in developing and implementing ministry business systems, including preparing and coordinating the collection and distribution of testing and training information, materials, resources and training plans.
- Contributes to the development, design and delivery of testing and training sessions for business user areas, supports the unit by scheduling, resolving and tracking testing and training issues and coordinates with other teams for joint requirements.
- Conducts training needs assessments to determine emerging requirements for staff technical knowledge and skills training in order to implement anticipated changes; provides training service status reports to management.
2. Systems Support
- Develops various data for project development and implementation by researching data and business systems processes and policies.
- Analyzes current trends and factors, identifies gaps in current business systems procedures, processes and practices, and makes recommendations/options for business systems practices, methods, tools, and solutions regarding operational changes to meet client business needs, existing processes and regulation.
- Assists in the development and maintenance of the system; conducts functional system testing and user acceptance testing on technical changes to the system to test functionality including writing and developing test conditions, scripts and cases; develops the business requirements for a proposed change to the system; provides business support expertise and participate in developing solutions and enhancements.
3. Information and Liaison
- Maintains contact with and provides advice to IT specialist and staff of affected business areas on a range to issues regarding the identification of business and ensuring that IT understands those needs to meet business system requirements.
- Coordinates the gathering and analysis of relevant information and material from business areas and other jurisdictions to support project delivery objectives and assess their impact on project processes and activities.
- Assists in the development and maintenance of materials supporting Employment Ontario information systems (e.g. user training and operational manuals, new forms); provides updated on the ongoing status of testing and training materials.

Knowledge / Skill :

- Operational functions and technical workings of Employment Ontario information systems and its databases, reports, operational processes, etc.; and business processes, programs, policies and legislation of the specific program area underlying or affecting Employment Ontario information systems, in order to assist in the assessing of the impact changes and enhancements on the business processes and other aspects of the program.
- Business system process review and related techniques to analyze, evaluate and develop options to support the development and implementation of ministry business systems and coordinate plans and activities with team colleagues to ensure successful delivery of testing and training materials across the division.
- Ministry and division organization, program core businesses and business planning processes to ensure business
system requirements are considered in recommended testing and training strategies and options.
- Project development and implementation processes and techniques to conduct/support business systems projects, research and analyze data and prepare presentations for project teams and branch/division management.
- IT technologies, database and data services to conduct user acceptance testing, develop test scenarios and maintain liaison with IT specialists to discuss and ensure understanding of client business needs.
- Training and presentation techniques to provide course instruction to ministry staff and external contacts.
- Computer skills and knowledge of software applications, in order to operate and manipulate applications and systems data, and use the Unit's software, systems, and computer tools.
- Oral and written communication skills, including editing skills, to prepare correspondence, technical requirements for new processes and for system changes; assess and improve the format of written material (e.g. user manuals and material); and develop and prepare training documents.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

- Interpersonal and consultation skills to prepare reports and recommendations, assist in developing accurate and complete project development and implementation data and obtain/provide information to other team members, area, stakeholders.
- Communication and persuasion skills to work with management and staff in developing training materials, discuss and interpret business processes and gaps, and to elicit support from ministry subject matter experts and managers to participate in delivering training programs.
- Presentation, coaching, and facilitation skills to deliver training programs/courses.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

- Assess existing policies, procedures and business systems to recommend options and provide status reports using standard project planning and reporting tools.
- Identify and develop the business requirements for proposed system including analyzing and determining the data/information requirements and related business process requirements, assessing impacts on other aspects, and preparing reports or recommendations to management and staff.
- Investigate operational problems, error reports, data problems and similar issues, determine and assess the cause of problems and issues, and recommend correction
- Conduct functional system and user acceptance tests to test the functionality of technical changes and the positive use of such changes by the business, including developing conditions, scripts and test cases, running tests, and assessing and reporting on the results.
- Identify training and skills needs of staff to provide support in long term planning for the testing and training.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
- Providing operational support in the development and delivery of business systems implementation, training and user acceptance testing activities to meet division objectives.
- Assisting in maintaining effectiveness of Employment Ontario information systems especially regarding user support and ease-of-use (e.g. identifying opportunities for enhancing Employment Ontario information systems and related processes; identifying requirements for changes to the system; conducting user acceptance testing; providing operational expertise for the development of user manuals and websites, etc).
- Providing consultative service to division staff and other areas regarding existing and proposed business systems processes and requirements.
Has latitude to:
- Determine priorities and research requirements for business systems projects to ensure deliverables meet established project deadlines.
- Identify and make recommendations on possible enhancements to the system and related business and program processes.
Decisions are guided by Division, Branch and related policies, program requirements, business processes, data and reporting processes, program manuals, etc., as well as Ministry service delivery and customer service policies, procedures and practices.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

- Managers and staff of the Branch and other ministries to discuss system and business issues, and provide operational input or obtain advice/information on issues, etc.
- Other project teams, other branch/division staff and management and IT specialists to provide consultant services, review and resolve business systems related problems and monitor user acceptance testing and training.
- Other governments, jurisdictions, private sector and stakeholders to gather or exchange information and material in support of division business planning objectives.

Guidance / Supervision :

- Provides technical guidance to other staff on business operational aspects of Employment Ontario information systems.
- Provide advice and guidance to staff on training procedures and administrative arrangement for training delivery.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

Frequent unexpected work demands on short notice, conflicting demands and changing priorities, and tight time pressures.

Mental / Sensory :

Ongoing requirement to handle numerous calls and issues; frequent requirement to read technical communications/emails and reports on-line.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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