Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Senior Communications Officer
Job Code:
5A005 - Communications05
Job ID:

Purpose :

- To provide advisory, planning, campaign-execution and issues-management expertise in French and English to the ministry on internal and external communications programs.
- To promote and market the organization's mandate and services to the public, educators, parents, students, policy-makers and stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Communications Management
- Identifies and analyses the ministry's communication requirements related to key ministry policies, programs, legislation and services, and provides advice on communications requirements accordingly in French and English
- Conducts research and environmental scans of relevance to issues within the ministry
- Anticipates and identifies emerging issues and trends with potential implications for the ministry, by utilizing issues-management strategies such as monitoring traditional and social media reports, and advising management on contentious issues related to the ministry's business
- Develops corporate policies, procedures, processes and standards for various communications initiatives and systems
- Coordinates the planning, design and implementation of a variety of projects and special events in support of educational assessment promotion; develops project and event plans; identifies budget and staff resources; monitors progress and produces project reports; manages administrative and logistical arrangements (e.g., invitations, media advisories, media kits); identifies and resolves issues related to projects and events

2. Media, Public and Stakeholder Relations
- Represents the ministry on committees and working groups
- Responds to media inquiries (typically the same day) relating to issues and situations affecting the ministry
- Responds to public inquiries relating to issues and situations affecting the ministry, or provide advice related to ministry responses

3. Preparation of Materials
- Researches, produces and edits full range of communications materials in English and French (e.g., electronic and print media copy, issue notes, briefing documents, speeches, correspondence in response to inquiries, brochures, news releases, publications, fact sheets, media advisories)
- Oversees the production of online versions of official publications and other documents, ensures effective development of format, visuals and structures for posting on the internet and intranet sites

4. Vendor Management
- Manages external contractors by developing Request for Proposals (RFPs), participating in the evaluation of proposals, selecting successful vendors, establishing terms of service agreements and contract performance for the delivery of services (e.g. visual identify, accessibility, style, product requirements) and reviewing invoices prior to approval for payment

5. Requirement for oral and written French language skills at the Superior level.

Knowledge / Skill :

- Government and ministry mandate, legislative framework, policies programs and business goals to understand the issues when preparing correspondence, coordinating conferences on behalf of the organization.
- Knowledge and understanding of communication theory, methods and techniques, trends and standards to apply best practices in internal and external communications
- Research and analytical skills to perform environmental scans, and identify and review issues within the context of the political environment and the government's policy direction and priorities, and to review and edit materials for review by manager and political staff
- Oral and written communication skills in French and English to prepare and edit materials (e.g., briefing notes, memoranda, letters) and to convey information and ministry position in a clear, concise manner
- Project management and coordination skills to coordinate ministry-wide special projects, events and conferences
- Computer proficiency to prepare reports and correspondence, access databases, research information, etc.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

- Interpersonal skills to advise senior management on communication strategies for responses to politically sensitive issues, and to help maintain a productive work environment
- Influencing skills in developing strategies to promote and communicate educational assessment, events products and services
- Advisory and consultation skills in researching and advising senior management on new media technology trends and development and in responding to media enquiries in French and English

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

- Identity and analyze emerging issues and trends, and advise on communication strategies in response to politically sensitive matters
- Problem-solving skills to address issues, identify solutions and think outside-the-box when required.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

- Plans, coordinates and implements bilingual communications strategies, programs tools, media services and projects, campaigns and events and initiatives including educational assessment products and services
- Participates in the identification, response to and management of contentious and politically sensitive issues
- Provides strategic advice to senior management on communications strategies and on leading-edge new media policies, processes, systems and technology developments/acquisitions
- Makes recommendations based on a broad framework of government decision-making processes, briefing practices, legislative processes, issues management protocols, established timelines, and strategic directions, policies and programs
- Exercises judgment in providing strategic advice to senior management on contentious issues and recommending the most appropriate key messages to be used in responses to media or stakeholders

Contacts / Stakeholder :

- Contacts executives and senior management to provide advice on communication initiatives and coordinate the development and implementation of communications projects
- Contacts branch specialists and ministry staff to provide briefing materials
- Contacts external suppliers and consultants to resolve project issues
- Contacts media to response to inquiries or initiate promotional activities
- Contacts stakeholders on behalf of ministry as part of communications initiatives

Guidance / Supervision :

- Provides guidance to other team members, as directed by manager
- Provides technical direction and guidance to external suppliers and consultants on projects deliverables and timelines

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

- Frequent requirement to balance many competing priorities at different stages of completion
- Works to tight deadlines

Mental / Sensory :

- Concentration is required when doing research to identify key issues to be addressed when preparing materials
- Listening skills are required when exchanging and discussing ideas/information on the identification and management of contentious and politically sensitive issues of appropriate

Conditions / Environment :

- Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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