Job Specification

Position Title:
Program Advisor, Licensing and Compliance
Job Code:
05516 - Program Adv, Early Childhood Ed
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To conduct inspections, and licensing of programs, where required under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (CYFSA), Regulations, and Ministry Policy Directives in accordance with legislative standards. To establish and maintain effective customer service and advisory services to licensed and potential providers of licensed services including community consultation.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Interpreting and enforcing the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (CYFSA), Regulations, and Ministry Policy Directives and other related legislation by performing such tasks as:

1. Conducting site visits to inspect, evaluate and monitor the operations for the purposes of issuing licenses, renewing licenses, expansion of services and complying with legislative standards; identifying issues and making recommendations for corrective action/improvement.

2. Preparing licensing documentation, written communication to agencies, operators and the public; preparing related reports; maintaining and updating records and materials required for licensing files.

3. Explore and follow-up on complaints received from various sources re: illegal operations, continuous infractions, serious occurrences and making recommendations for corrective action. Conducting surveillance of operations that may not be complying with legislation or regulations.

4. Participating in operational reviews of agencies, resolving licensing issues and developing rationale for continued approval. Ensuring accurate information regarding the operating capacity of licensed programs and recommending capacity changes or expectations for approval.

5. Liaising with community agencies and municipal services such as fire departments, public health and building inspectors; educating the general public, community and operators through formal and informal presentations.

6. Acting as a resource person to public/potential operators and agencies on licensing requirements, program and information resources. Providing assistance to and responding to enquiries from operators regarding programming, physical premises and operating practices.

7. Maintaining linkages with Ministry staff (local and Corporate) as directed to share information and resolve issues.

8. Participating in ad hoc committees and projects.

9. Preparing the necessary material for hearings before the Board of Review, and attend as required.

Staffing and Licencing :

Knowledge of Child and Youth Care, and/or residential services for adults, normally acquired through formal Early Childhood Education or a Social Services Diploma. Extensive experience in all aspects of child and youth care, ability to maintain harmonious relationships with officials of external organizations, local agencies and municipalities. Position requires the ability to travel throughout the region.

Knowledge :

Knowledge of the theories and practices of child development including an understanding of special needs of children with developmental and physical disabilities, knowledge of programming for children and of funding policies and grants in order to inspect operations for eligibility and licensing requirements by assessing effectiveness of programs and compliance with accepted practices. Sound knowledge of relevant legislation such as Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (CYFSA), and work knowledge of Ministry Policies and Procedures to determine compliance of children's residential facilities and foster care agencies by interpreting and applying the appropriate legislation. The job requires knowledge of other legislation and standards such as fire and health regulations, playground standards to identify and explain requirements to operators/boards on improvements on programming and physical/operating premises when these are not in compliance. The job requires knowledge of budgeting processes and the system of services available to children and their families in their community, in order to review program and agency budgets, advise on compliance and act as a resource to the public and agencies on licensing requirements. Knowledge of portable computer operations and a variety of computer software such as electronic mail, word processing, including the ability to manipulate spreadsheet and database applications required to prepare licensing reviews, correspondence/reports, financial reports and presentations in support of recommendations.

Skills :

Superior analytical and problem solving skills to assess services being provided to children by operators of residential care programs are required by carrying out on-site inspections and evaluating against legislative requirements for purposes of compliance. Analytical skills are needed to formulate recommendations on licensing, including renewals, approvals of new programs and licensing revocation of operations when required. Job requires effective oral communication skills to explain licensing requirements and legislation to operators, and effective written communication skills to prepare clear and concise reports on licensing recommendation and inspection findings. Job requires effective presentation skills to provide information to community groups and liaise with other professionals (e.g. architects) and government bodies such as public health services and fire departments. Job requires interpersonal skills to interview children and youth, parents, service providers and staff to obtain necessary information and manage relationships when reviewing and making a recommendation on licensing. Interpersonal skills are required to encourage voluntary compliance by providing advice on how to make required changes to programs or operations. Ability to use portable automated technology, including software in the conducting of on site inspections/license approvals and the managing of related data.

Freedom of Action :

Incumbent acts independently in making decisions such as: recommending approval or revocation of operating licenses, provisional licensing of facilities; providing advice to operators on what is required to ensure facilities are in compliance, conducting follow-up visits with operators who consistently experience difficulty in maintaining compliance. Issues of a more complex or sensitive nature such as revocation of a license where a danger to clients exists are discussed with the manager/corporate officials with recommendations and follow-up actions to be taken by the incumbent.

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