Job Specification

Position Title:
Customer Care Representative
Job Code:
95423 - Customer Service Rep 2
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Purpose of Position :

To provide comprehensive information and transactional services in a Retail Office regarding a broad range of programs, products, services, legislation, policies and procedures of various levels of government to a diverse base of customers, including the public and business community, meeting or exceeding customer expectations and facilitating the professional delivery of fast, friendly and easy access to Government information and services. Acts as the first and single point of contact for customers, whenever possible.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Acting as a customer gateway, ServiceOntario centres provide an integrated offering of services. Offices are situated in a large number of communities throughout the province of Ontario. Through the ServiceOntario centres, members of the general public, business people and other client groups can easily and efficiently obtain information and transactional services provided by the Provincial Government, and can also access information regarding, municipal and federal governments and local community agencies. ServiceOntario is committed to service excellence, professionalism and results, and is committed to continually improving its service to customers by focussing on what is important to them -- providing the best customer experience is of utmost importance. ServiceOntario customer service staff provide in-person assistance to seniors, persons with a disability, those for whom English is not a first language, and people who are unfamiliar with existing programs/benefits and/or their eligibility requirements. Following are key duties/responsibilities of the position:

1. Greets customers and determines the nature and scope of their inquiries; provides information and clarification in response to verbal inquiries and requests for information, including types of services available, fees for services and eligibility requirements, maintaining a high level of professionalism and quality service. Provides interpretation of guidelines, directives and procedures related to products, programs and services. Responds to written inquiries regarding various matters. Directs customers to program areas, ministries, other government jurisdictions, agencies and associations, when necessary. Accurately records pertinent data/information for each enquiry.

2. Identifies potentially fraudulent situations by escalating situations where the customer provides conflicting information, documenting such situations, collecting relevant information, and providing a witness statement and a summary of findings in order to request further investigation.

3. Provides guidance and support to customers in completing documents and forms, and in the use of public access workstations (i.e., online small business registration) and Internet access to research and source information related to service availability.

4. Effectively processes various business and individual customer transactions, individually and as a Team Member, determining that eligibility requirements are met and obtaining required documents; inputting information into databases; taking customer photos; collecting and processing payments; issuing refunds; reconciling payments with transactions, balances the office and prepares revenue deposit as required, in compliance with current policies and procedures. Reports discrepancies to the Manager.

5. Proactively provides guidance and support to customers experiencing problems accessing or obtaining specialized information regarding government products, programs or services by identifying, addressing and resolving the problem/concern, or referring the matter to the applicable program area or organization for resolution, when necessary. Follows up on response; may communicate outcome to the customer, ensuring satisfaction. Identifies and reports on recurring client issues and trends.

6. Develops and maintains program contacts with personnel of other government jurisdictions and related agencies to obtain information for customers; and to refer customers' issues for resolution and advice.

7. Maintains an awareness of current government and partner broader public/private sector products, programs and service offerings by attending internal training courses on product and service offerings; exchanging information with internal/external personnel; and reviewing incoming reports, news releases, current publications and other documentation.

8. As a Team Member or as an individual the position researches and verifies information via databases, websites, and resource documents. Updates reference/resource information and various records in databases and other resources, ensuring integrity of databases is maintained.

9. Promotes the ServiceOntario Centre within the local community by speaking at trade fairs and local community events, and participates in conferences to increase public awareness of the services offered through the ServiceOntario Centres.

10. Actively participates in meetings and on working groups, providing input into proposed operational/procedural changes to improve the quality of the customer experience and achieve service excellence.

11. Provides on-the-job training for new staff, and orientation to staff on new or changed programs and processes. Acts as a technical resource by providing input into presentations, seminars, workshops and training sessions.

12. Performs administrative duties, which may include the following: preparing statistical reports and other documentation; providing visitor support services; arranging for equipment maintenance and repairs; maintaining filing systems.

13. May coordinate outreach schedules and related logistical activities.

14. Travels, as required, to attend training, support other offices, attend meetings, etc.

15. Managers have the right to assign additional duties

Staffing and Licensing :

• Security clearance required.

Knowledge :

The position requires knowledge of the following:
• Relevant provincial, municipal (government or community based) or federal products, programs, services, policies, processes, procedures, guidelines and directives; applicable sections of legislation and regulations; and relevant reference/resource tools and materials to provide information, interpretation and guidance to customers; to provide support in the completion of transactions and forms; to resolve customer problems; to encourage program compliance; and to correct and update records;
• Relevant sections of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to determine whether or not information can be disclosed to customers;
• Citizenship and Immigration Canada procedures, regulations, conditions and categories to recognize valid documents;
• OPS Customer Quality Service Standards to consistently provide professional, responsive customer service and care;
• Analytical methods and techniques to probe for information and determine customer objectives, needs, requests or concerns; to assess situations or circumstances, and determine appropriate courses of action; and to discern facts in order to detect incidents of suspected fraud or other irregularities;
• Information gathering and research methods, techniques and tools to identify, source and compile information for customers; and to collect information for reports;
• Record-keeping/maintenance procedures to maintain, organize and/or update government databases; and to store, file and retrieve electronic and paper-based information, including revenue and stock management;
• ServiceOntario products, services, vision and mandate to promote ServiceOntario at outreach events; and to direct clients to appropriate services.

Skills :

The position requires the following skills:
• Customer service orientation to consistently provide an optimum level of service to customers and be fully responsive to their needs;
• Courtesy, professionalism, tact and diplomacy to build rapport with customers, service partners, peers and management, and interface with them in providing information and support; to handle resistance and objections to solutions offered or information provided; and to effectively resolve their problems and concerns;
• Active listening, empathy, sensitivity and patience to remain composed, convey understanding, and placate distressed, irate or confused/frustrated customers in a respectful manner when resolving difficult situations;
• Political acuity to identify situations and occurrences with political overtones, and respond in a manner that does not compromise service and/or problem resolution;
• Flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of a broad, diverse customer base whose service, support and information needs vary substantially; to respond promptly to customer needs and problems;
• Attention to detail to ensure that forms are completed fully and accurately and that service/transaction requirements are met by the customer;
• Oral communication skills and inclusiveness to provide detailed explanations and interpretation of guidelines, directives and procedures to customers and ensure understanding; to obtain or provide information; and to liaise with program area staff regarding referred matters;
• Written communication skills to prepare correspondence to customers and Affidavits; and to correspond with program areas and other organizations;
• Planning and organization skills to organize and prioritize workload; and to respond to unforeseen demands;
• Use and operation of computers and software such as Microsoft Office and database programs and the Internet to access and retrieve information from databases; to prepare correspondence and reports; and to conduct research;
• Operation of specialized camera equipment to take customer photos;
• Arithmetic skills to calculate fees, collect and balance monies for the sale of publications, products and services, and to balance, close off a department and prepare reports and deposits;
• Operation of a cash register and point of sale machines to handle cash and credit/debit card transactions.
• Collaboration skills to work well with colleagues in a Team environment

Freedom of Action :

The work is guided by Government legislation, OPS/Ministry policies, procedures, guidelines, directives, established practices and OPS Customer Quality Service Standards. The position works independently in performing daily activities, and work is reviewed for accuracy and achievement of performance targets. Interaction with clients is monitored regularly to ensure customer service delivery is delivered accurately, efficiently and as per the ServiceOntario customer service principles. The position assumes complete ownership of the service solution, from start to conclusion, and follows through on provision of information/services or resolution of problems, ensuring customer satisfaction and care. Serious customer concerns/problems as well as issues not covered by established policies and procedures are escalated to the Manager, other senior staff or a program area. The position has the discretion to request additional documentation and approve or deny the use of alternative documents when eligibility is questionable, however, the documents that can be accepted in lieu have parameters and the requirement cannot be waived by the position. The position ensures that confidentiality, security and integrity of Government and customer information are maintained at all times. Inaccuracies in maintaining controlled stock could lead to audit discrepancies, and could result in fraudulent use of stock. The position is accountable for the accurate recording and accounting for all financial transactions performed, however, inaccuracies would generally be detected through end-of-day reconciliation. Errors such as inaccurate completion of forms or incorrect processing of photos could cause significant unit productivity issues as resources must be re-allocated to research and resolve issues or discrepancies. Errors in photo-to-photo production could also lead to significant embarrassment and loss of integrity to the Ministry and associated processes. Failure to appropriately identify customer needs, enquiries, problems and concerns; to identify the provisions and limitations of a program to the customer; or to find satisfactory solutions to customer problems could impact on the provision of timely, quality customer service, and could result in reduced confidence levels; public criticism; potential hardship for customers and stakeholders; and/or complaints to management/senior management, the Minister's Office and MPP's.

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