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93006 - Mtce Mechanic 3
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Purpose of Position :

To maintain and operate all process control, systems and other related equipment required in the operation of the water treatment and wastewater treatment projects, the related pumping stations, collection and distribution located within a geographic area of the Hub.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Conducts a variety of activities to maintain and repair all equipment and structures within the facilities by:
acting as the team lead with other staff on extensive maintenance/repair projects;
performing scheduled or planned maintenance on the equipment and processes in accordance with established routines, preventive maintenance program, performance history or manufacturer's recommendations; recording all operating and maintenance data;
repairing, clearing of debris and/or replacing facility equipment or parts which may, for example, be fouled, show signs of wear, may be leaking, or are broken down and which may require basic knowledge of and skill in such trades as millwright, welding, plumbing (copper, steel and plastic), basic electrical work (e.g. replacing wiring, switches, breakers, etc.) or work on hydraulic, electric and gas/diesel pumping systems;
advising hub management when costly repairs are required, or when major equipment or process failure has occurred, for direction and to advise of contingency action taken, recommending the purchase of new equipment to hub supervisors, if required;
performing extensive on-site break down repair and/or replacement of equipment after complete failure, determining priorities, time frames, costs and resource requirements for the job, coordinating available staff and equipment from within the facility, arranging for rental equipment if required and ensuring it is on site prior to starting work, making adjustments to facility process in order to compensate for equipment being out-of-service;
noting, and advising staff of the reasons for malfunctions, making recommendations and/or implementing changes to processes to improve facility's operations;
adapting and modifying newly purchased equipment, pumps, motors, systems or parts to in-plant specifications, fabricating parts from sketches and blueprints, or according to repair requirements;
preparing work orders according to established procedures, and creating detailed reports on all repairs conducted in order to create a performance history, and in accordance with health and safety requirements;
maintaining an account or inventory of materials at hand, parts and materials used, and ordering replacements from suppliers, as required;
working with and/or liaison with contractors and repair shops for repairs which cannot be done on site or by on-site personnel;
notifying local management or health and safety representatives of any concerns regarding the repair or safe operation of equipment;
clean all equipment, floors, etc. to maintain a safe working environment;
assisting with the repair of water mains and sewer line, etc.;
develop computerized work orders and input into the Computerized Maintenance Management System.

2. Conducts regularly scheduled and ad-hoc inspections of the facilities, its processes, equipment, pumping stations and collection and distribution systems, etc., to ensure that all is operating within established parameters by:
monitoring all facility processes through visual inspections, by using the computerized "SCADA" System, or by taking readings from the process control equipment in order to make any adjustments to the equipment and processes which will ensure the efficient operation of the facilities;
operating equipment as required to maintain process in compliance;
complying with and adhering to established operating procedures and schedules for the facilities, particularly those established for emergency situations;
adhering to all applicable policies, guidelines and regulations;
taking samples of the wastewater, water and chemicals at designated locations within the facilities, analyzing, by conducting standard tests, in order to make process control adjustments, and/or forwarding to a laboratory for analysis as required by the Certificate of Approval, to ensure facility compliance with the legislated standards;
mixing chemicals and adding to the process in accordance with standard operating procedures, or as dictated by the quality of the wastewater or water;
noting, recording and filing all readings of data, flows, chemicals used, actions performed, hydro consumption, etc., to assist in creating an operating history of the facility, and to be used in planning and costing the operations;
advising other personnel, and maintaining a facility log of equipment performance, unusual occurrences, and corrective action required, for reference purposes;
checking all equipment for signs of wear, noting as to whether corrective action is required, cleaning and lubricating in accordance with manufacture's specification, established operating procedures, or as required.
maintaining adequate inventories of chemicals, lab supplies, etc. and ordering when required.

3. Performs other related duties such as:
maintaining the facility, tools and equipment in a clean and orderly state, cleaning various spills, painting when required;
maintaining the grounds in an orderly state by clearing snow, spreading salt/sand in winter, fertilizer/pesticides in summer, trimming grass and shrubbery, operating and maintaining all grounds keeping equipment, such as tractors, trucks, mowers, snow blowers, etc.;
delivering samples to nearest laboratory, picking-up and delivering supplies, parts, materials, etc.;
assisting with other projects in the vicinity, as required;
training and directing new staff, underfills or students on the facility's processes, equipment and its health and safety requirements;
checking all health and safety equipment, ensuring all tools are in working order, and complying with legislated and local health and safety requirements;
guiding visitors through the facility;
maintaining and updating contingency plans and WHMIS data;
as assigned.

Skills and knowledge required to perform job at full working level :

Trades license as a Millwright and/or other trades certificates will be required. The incumbent will be required to obtain certification (to the level of the project/Hub) in Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection combined with the educational requirement of Ontario Secondary School grade 12, or its equivalent, in accordance with the Regulations of the Ontario Water Resources Act. Coupled with this is the requirement for extensive knowledge of wastewater and water treatment processes in order to operate the facilities. Ability to work as part of a team, and to take initiative when required. Demonstrated experience and knowledge of the maintenance and repair of a variety of equipment and structures such as hydraulic, electric and internal combustion pumping systems with knowledge of basic electrical repair, welding (both alectric and acetylene), plumbiong (copper, steel and plastic), millwright and steamfitting, as obtained through a valid apprenticeship program in one of the skilled trades. Ability to use a full range of hand and power tools. Physical dexterity and ability to work in confined spaces, dirty and/or noisy environments. Knowledge of basic mathematics and chemistry in order to make calculations regarding chemicals and operating processes. Will be required to exercise judgment in adjusting process variables to ensure the facility is operating within acceptable parameters. Good oral written communication skills to keep logs and complete reports. Ability to use and understand operating and maintenance manuals, blueprints and other technical specifications. Familiarity with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, knowledge of health and safety procedures, and of WHMIS. Knowledge of the proper use and storage of industrial chemicals. Familiarity with computerized monitoring systems, such as SCADA, and of menu driven corporate software available on the electronic network. A valid drivers license, class G, is also required.

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