Job Specification

Position Title:
Psychologist (English and French)
Job Code:
09382 - Psychologist 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

Under the general direction of the Area Manager, provide a wide variety of psychological services related to the diagnosis, treatment and assessment/evaluation of offenders at Probation & Parole Services in the Ottawa catchment area.

Duties / Responsibilities :

In a Community Probation & Parole Office, of approximately 2000 offenders serving Conditional Sentences, Probation terms & Parole Certificates, being supervised by Probation and Parole Officers.
1.Designs, manages & implements the Psychological Services for the Probation & Parole Service.

2.Performs clinical duties for the Probation & Parole Services including: planning, coordinating and/or supervising the delivery of psychological services by processing all referrals, conducting clinical assessments, making differential diagnoses, occasionally dealing with crisis intervention, conducting individual and group therapy/counselling sessions, administering, evaluating and interpreting a range of psychological tests, monitoring treatment programs and revising programs when appropriate, and preparing psychological reports of offenders.

3.Facilitates offender psychological rehabilitation by providing consultation and education to Probation/Parole Officers and those involved in rehabilitation programs and reintegration of offenders intothe community, e.g., social/health agencies; liaises with community providers to facilitate offender post-sentence treatment referrals to other professionals/agencies.

4.Provides consultation, advice and education to members of Probation & Parole Services re:rehabilitation, counselling needs recommending new approaches to client care and contributes toevaluation of overall program effectiveness.

5.Assists in facility staff training as required. Representing psychology on internal and externalcommittees. Ensuring compliance with the ministry policy regarding the identification and management ofsuicidal offenders.

Staffing and Licensing :

1. Registration as a Psychologist in the Province of Ontario.
2. At least 2 years acceptable experience in a pertinent environment where competence wasdemonstrated.
3. Ability to organize, co-ordinate & supervise a Psychological Service.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of science and practices of psychology, including a full range of psychotherapeutic and assessment techniques, to plan, conduct and co-ordinate psychological services, apply complex treatment techniques, and provide consultation and advice on diagnosis and treatment of offenders. Job requires knowledge of forensic psychological theories, practices and procedures used in a correctional setting. Job requires knowledge of policies and procedures, and provincial/federal statutes relating to the practice of psychology. Job requires knowledge of program evaluation techniques in order to evaluate program effectiveness, e.g., effectiveness of specific treatment programs, which impact the formulation of treatment objectives of the facility, and to report observations to manager that may affect offender program activities. Job requires knowledge of community resources/services and related regulations to make appropriate referrals, and advocate offender assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and integration into the community.

Skills :

Proven ability to organize, coordinate and supervise psychological services. Job requires analytical skills to determine most appropriate diagnostic approaches from a range of alternatives depending on offender history and current indicators; to provide diagnostic assessments based on the interpretation of tests, interviews and other methods; to formulate treatment and rehabilitation programs within the Probation/Parole setting, which are best suited to enhancing the well-being of the offender and make optimum use of other available resources/services, and in recommending approaches to offender care; to evaluate the efficiency of treatment and rehabilitative activities or programs, e.g., service delivery problems or lack of offender progress, and to identify effective solutions.
Job requires oral and written communication skills to communicate information regarding assessment approaches/findings and treatment/rehabilitative activities to health care professionals in other disciplines, community agencies, offenders, their families and advocates, and to express technical information in layman terms to offenders. Job requires use of specialized technical terminology and skills in expressing complex findings and ideas in clear terms when communicating with Ministry staff at training sessions. Job requires discretion and sensitivity regarding the discussion of diagnosis, treatment and progress with the offenders, and in dealing with the families to obtain information. Job requires persuasion skills to have offenders accept treatment and encouraging offender acceptance of psychological services in the community. Job requires interpersonal skills to maintain strong working relationships with Probation & Parole staff and staff of the community agencies.
Job requires computer skills to operate Windows applications/software including; word processing, databases, e-mail and the internet, to communicate, input/retrieve data, prepare reports, evaluate psychological tests and maintain case documentation and statistics.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with ministry/institution policies/guidelines/operational plans and the professional standards governing the practice of psychology (College of Psychologists of Ontario). Job requires carrying out clinical responsibilities in collaboration with Probation & Parole staff. Job requires planning, conducting and overseeing the psychological diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitative approaches which best serve the needs of assigned offenders, within the Probation & Parole policies and procedures.

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