Job Specification

Position Title:
Business and Financial Planning Intern - Financial Administration (Indigenous)
Job Code:
20205 - Financial Officer 1 (B/U)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

The business and financial planning professionals of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) make sure the government manages public funds in a way that is accountable, efficient and results oriented.

To provide assistance in the development of the annual Multi-Year Plan submission (the multi-year operating and capital plan), in-year submissions to Treasury Board of Cabinet, internal control and compliance, and the financial reporting and expenditure management processes of the Ministry.

To develop capacity and knowledge in the government decision-making processes, resource management, financial accountability and reporting, and public sector accounting principles and practices.

As a business and financial planning intern, you can:
- learn about public sector accounting, financial management and internal control practices
- acquire hands-on experience with the principles of business planning, risk assessment and strategic resource management
- design financial and business processes that support the implementation of program initiatives and changing business requirements

Duties / Responsibilities :

In this role, you will provide financial advice and expertise to clients and stakeholders, forecast and monitor business expenditures, and perform expenditure management and analysis. You will also be exposed to government accounting policy development, planning and decision-making processes. You will also have the opportunity to gain valuable training and experience that will assist towards acquiring an accounting or financial designation.

Business Planning and Financial Reporting:
- Supports senior staff in the preparation and submission of the Multi-Year Plan and the ministry's Public Accounts.

- Assists in the development of quarterly and annual financial reports and estimates preparation.

- Contributes to the analysis of the financial and administrative implications of ministry proposals.

- Interprets current Treasury Board directives and guidelines regarding business processes and budget planning and helps to develop internal communications materials and resources for ministry staff.

- Identifies and analyses the financial impacts of new and changing programs.
Financial and In-year Expenditure Management:

- Contributes to internal analysis on the utilization of human and financial resources, program performance, and corporate control and reporting requirements.

- Contributes to the development and implementation of the estimates preparation, budget allocations, quarterly and annual financial management reporting, and other financial processes for the Ministry;

- Gains understanding of current Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet directives and guidelines and contributes to the organization's reports on compliance.

- Provides assurance and consulting services to add value and improve an organization's operations.
Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge :

Knowledge of general financial and accounting principles (PSAB), policies and processes, including budget and accounting procedures, to develop understanding of ministry budget estimates, in-year expenditure management, internal controls and compliance, and financial reporting.

Knowledge of general approaches and considerations for resource planning, business planning, program development and performance measurement.

Knowledge of risk assessment and risk management principles to contribute to ministry assessments on financial and non-financial issues.

Proficiency in information and financial management programs (e.g., word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, Internet, Intranet and email) to: perform daily work activities; search, analyze and manipulate data/information. Ability to become proficient in financial information systems, in order to research, analyze and report on ministry financial matters.

Skills :

Written and oral communication skills, to develop internal resources and prepare analysis, presentations and other materials.

Presentation skills to make presentations to senior management on the analysis and recommendations on various financial and non-financial issues;

Interpersonal skills to establish effective working relationships both within and outside the Ministry and participate on committees, project teams and working groups.

Planning and organizational skills, to undertake various work activities, balance and manage multiple tasks; meet deadlines.

Analyzing and problem solving skills to interpret and apply central agency and ministry policies and procedures to meet financial and administrative requirements, to assess operational and administrative needs and estimate costs, to contribute to the analysis of ministry and program proposals for accuracy and completeness and financial and administrative implications in preparation for Treasury Board submissions, to consolidate and report program financial performance data, identify variances and risks, and areas for further analysis, to assist branch and ministry staff in the preparation of performance measure frameworks and the collection and reporting of data.

Identify and prioritize issues to bring to the attention of the Director, Senior Manager, or senior staff.

Contribute to the preparation of financial estimates, budget proposals, Public Accounts and quarterly and annual financial reporting.

Participate and provide input into business planning, expenditure management and financial decision-making processes.

Freedom of Action :

Under the general supervision of the Director or Senior Manager and team leadership:

Has contact with Ministry staff and management to provide and obtain information on program finances, performance, development, and other financial and non-financial matters.

Has contact with Central agencies (e.g., Treasury Board Secretariat, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, other line ministries), to provide and obtain information or clarification on matters relating to existing Ministry programs and budgets.

Provides information to ministry managers and program staff on policies procedures, reporting requirements.

Works with a team leads to develop understanding and capacity in business planning, financial management, financial reporting and controllership.

Performs day-to-day functions with relative freedom.

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