Job Specification

Position Title:
Human Resources Business Advisor
Job Code:
I0902A - Human Resources42
Job ID:

Purpose :

To provide strategic HR advice/expertise, planning and project management services to ministry executives (clients include ADMs, Associate DMs and Deputy Ministers) in the areas of talent development, performance management, labour relations, human capital planning and strategies, organizational development and design, workforce analysis and capacity development, employee engagement, organizational health, safety and wellness and diversity and inclusion.

To lead projects and initiatives to develop and implement ministry specific and corporate HR/LR initiatives including strategies and processes to implement, assess and recalibrate in order to meet client needs, (i.e. performance and talent management, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement).

To develop, monitor and evaluate human resources/labour relations impacts of ministry business plans, transformational initiatives and workforce capacity concerns (short/long-term); develops and recommends solutions to address issues, (e.g. changes in organizational capacities, competencies and organizational design).

Key Responsibilities :

1. Develops and maintains effective business partnerships with clients to integrate their fiscal, policy and program planning and business needs with the appropriate HR services and supports. Provides business assessment, HR/LR advice and strategy development to assist clients in achieving their business goals including strategies to address systemic issues. Provides clients with executive tables of human resources operational/policy analysis, assessment and advice; develops, presents and defends recommended strategies.
2. Participates in client business planning processes; assesses workforce and workplace implications including human capital needs to meet business priorities on short/long-term trends. Works with senior executives to develop and implement a strategic human capital plan; leads/works with HR partners to translate and align clients' strategic human resources plans to broader business and operational planning strategy and develops tactical implementation throughout the ministry. Develops roll out and messaging of plans.
3. Works with SBU colleagues and HR partners to deliver, develop and implement solutions to address client needs (at various organizational levels including the ministerial level) on a wide variety of issues which may include organizational development and design, talent acquisition and retention, workforce trends and adjustment needs, business continuity, labour relations, health, safety & wellness, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, service planning and education/training for senior executives on enterprise-wide initiatives.
4. Provides strategic labour relations advice on a variety of matters; represents the Employer on Ministry union/management committees, discussions and in dispute resolution processes. Conducts research and develops initiatives or strategies to address systemic issues. Provides operational/policy analysis, assessment and advice on a wide range of human resources matters.
5. Leads HR projects such as implementing changes to business operations (e.g. new/changed business, program transfers/divestments, transformational initiatives), identifying resources, change management considerations, LR/HR impacts and preparing project/work plan outlining key activities, linkages, responsibilities and timeframes. Facilitates goal setting and establishes project reporting and evaluation mechanisms.
6. Supports ministry's senior executives and senior management committee(s) in the delivery of integrated talent management and performance management, diversity/inclusion and employee engagement programs. Works with clients to develop succession plans, identify and coordinate executive orientation/development programs; brokers talent searches; liaises with other HR providers of talent management services to obtain advice and information. Provides expertise and advice to ministry executives regarding various corporate initiatives and their application.
7. Prepares and presents policy/issues papers, briefing notes and research reports to senior executives based on the identification of trends/emerging issues impacting client business; presents analyses and options to mitigate or capitalize on trend.
8. Advises senior management on EDC engagement and approvals. Advises on strategy and approach for obtaining approvals, develops ministry proposal and strategy for EDC from ministry reorganizations.
9. Works with SBU team to address operational or policy implications for any work of the unit, (i.e. labour relations, controllership, risk management); supports continuous improvement where trends and systemic issues are identified; escalates service concerns and potential solutions to the Manager or SBU Director.
10. Coordinates projects to review and analyse business processes, business requirements and any internal/external processes which impact on the operations being studied (e.g. capacity building, how to improve HR service to clients). Contracts with and manages external service providers to meet client deliverables, accesses vendor of record, coordinates consultant selection and advises on related costs.

Factors :

Knowledge :

Principles, processes and practices of strategic human resources management and labour relations including consulting, client management, relationship management, change management and transformational techniques, service management along with currency in emerging trends/issues in human capital and intellectual capital development. HR/LR legislative and regulatory framework, employment policies/programs, and the impact on organizational performance and business effectiveness.

Concepts and methodologies to identify and guide direct intervention in organizational development and culture change, capacity identification and gap analysis, change management and labour relations/employee relations as well as of related legislation, policies, programs, collective agreements, etc., to provide advice and support to Ministry executives on a variety of strategic and ministry-wide HR issues and represent the Ministry in dealings with bargaining agents.

Program management within the OPS including business processes, organizational effectiveness, performance review, quality management and related Ministry/OPS policies, programs and requirements to understand ministry business goals/needs and to ensure the provision of strategic HR supports and advice.

Corporate OPS and ministry programs, governance, organization, culture and management issues in order to identify and analyze ministry human resources and organizational issues and to provide advice, develop strategies/action plans and/or provide client service to meet business needs.

Project management concepts, methods and techniques to oversees and coordinate development/implementation of various initiatives, projects, new or changed corporate policies, HR/LR activities and services.

Program Responsibility :

Provides strategic and tactical HR business advice, management services and supports to senior management and ministry executives (ADMs and Deputy Ministers) in the areas of business transformation, talent and performance management, workforce and human capital planning and strategies, organizational development, capacity planning, employee engagement, organizational health, safety and wellness, labour relations, diversity and inclusion.

Integrates the full range of HR services/supports required by the client to meet their business goals and to ensure a balance between assisting clients in effectively meeting business goals, in exercising/influencing relevant controllership and ethical accountabilities, (i.e. corporate fiscal management policies and guidelines, collective agreements, employment policy and legislative framework).

Analytical Thinking :

Identifies, assesses, develops, monitors and evaluates overall business impacts and risk management strategies associated with achieving ministry business plans; develops and recommends changes in organizational capacities and competencies, in restructuring, organizational or business changes.

Researches, reviews and analyzes various human resources/labour relations issues, trends, problems, systemic issues and policy/process concerns. Addresses operational/policy implications for unit's work collaborating with the SBU team to formulate solutions and approaches to management. Political acuity to recognize and take into account sensitive political situations and develop appropriate responses for clients.

Analyzes client operations/business plans for human resource and labour relations implications as well as possible impacts for finance, information systems, internal audit and other areas of ministry programs and services. Analyzes applicable central agency requirements ensuring clients and other service providers understand and respect the complexities/intricacies involved in developing solutions/strategies that harmonize multiple interests and mandates.

Conceptual and analytical skills to identify and assess ministry business requirements or complex and/or contentious strategic, policy and business issues and to advise senior executives. Identifies and develops/consults on HR responses, options and solutions.

Planning / Coordinating :

Plans and manages projects focused on change/enhancement of current HR practices in a business context having organizational impact on the ministry/enterprise.

Participates in client business planning processes by assessing workforce and workplace implications vis-à-vis human resources needs, labour relations, talent development, employee engagement and organizational development and design.

Coordinates the provision of HR services to Ministry executives by other service providers (i.e. enterprise and external), assesses business requirements, arranges for services and resolves any problems.

Leadership/Guidance :

Provides technical guidance and support to junior staff and oversees their work. Assigns and redistributes work as needed to ensure project timelines and work plan schedules are met.

Provides expertise and advice to senior management on a range of human resources, labour relations and organizational development matters.

Independence of Action :

Performs work within a broad framework of relevant legislation, policies, agreements, procedures and best practices.

Works directly with ministry clients, (ADMs, Associate DM's) to engage as a strategic business partner and offer consultative advice taking into account best practices and legislation.

Works individually or in a team bringing expertise and skill when independently assessing ministry business goals/needs and determining how or what human resources support or services should be developed or provided by the unit.

Resolves significant service management issues with HR partners, enterprise HR centres and advisory services. Seeks consultation with enterprise business owners' and corporate policy/labour relations specialists to discuss and develop solutions to issues. Brings forward contentious issues to management team with recommendations for resolution.

Interpersonal/Communication :

Consultative, interpersonal and verbal communication skills to develop and maintain effective business partnerships and communication lines with senior executives and to advise and influence them on complex/contentious business transformation, talent and performance management, workforce and human capital planning and strategies, organizational development, capacity and engagement, organizational health, safety and wellness and strategic labour relations, inclusion and diversity.

Develops and presents a range of reports, briefing materials, research and analysis to clients and HR partners; consults, advises and influences executive clients on a wide range of issues and represents the Ministry at union/management committees and in dispute resolution processes.

Discusses and addresses difficult/contentious ministry issues, assesses business needs for service/support, develops and present solutions, strategies or methodologies with senior management.

Shares information and subject matter expertise with other SBU counterparts. Works with external consultants to provide expertise and advice and coordinate services. Works with bargaining agents to explain, consult, and involve them in labour relations issues.

Physical Effort :

Most of the time is spent in an office environment with frequent opportunity to move about.

Sensory Effort :

Requires active listening skills in order to understand the full extent of issues, concentration to analyze issues and the ability to multitask and deal with repeated interruptions for urgent requests for information.

Working Conditions :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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