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Position Title:
Amended - Systems Developer Tester
Job Code:
17154 - Systems Officer 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide business and systems analysis, programming, systems testing and technical support in the development and implementation of new and revised business information systems.

Duties / Responsibilities :

The HSC solution branches are accountable for developing, testing, and enhancing Ministry/HSC business I&IT solutions while responding to changing business drivers that encompass legislative requirements, technology currency, and new business solutions to support the achievement of the Ministry's operational and transformational objectives. Reporting to the Manager, this Position has the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Performing programming tasks using various industry standard programming languages and operating systems under the direction of more senior team members or the project leader or supervisor.

2. Performing assigned unit and/or system testing tasks including functional testing, acceptance testing, regression testing, volume testing, performance testing, post implementation validation and/or user acceptance testing tasks including re-testing any modifications which arise as a result of this testing; ensuring integrity of project documentation by resolving all relevant modifications resulting from testing and implementation
-- Participating in the testing and validation of proposed solutions by thoroughly testing complex computer programs, participating in prototyping sessions with groups of end users to demonstrate segments of the system, documenting any concerns expressed and making necessary program changes as directed.
-- Contributing to complete systems development and testing documentation including detailed test plans, test strategies and test suites; developing and enhancing automated test scripts through the use of industry standard tools (i.e. Rationale Performance Tester, Rational Functional Tester) and maintaining comprehensive materials to support audit.
-- Carrying out system testing of multi-tier solutions by executing online and batch test scripts, and manual online and batch jobs; providing practical and technical input to applications design and development.
-- Providing recommendations to HSC project manager/leader as to the acceptance or rejection of system components.

3. Reviewing client, system and software requirements documents to prepare software requirements documents and detailed design documents which satisfy these requirements.

4. Writing, editing, and maintaining program, systems, user, and operational documentation for assigned portions of a system.

5. Assisting with the implementation of new and enhanced systems by performing setup and configuration of Ministry/HSC applications and training or arranging for the training of end users.

6. Providing technical support to end users by identifying and debugging problems encountered with hardware, software, communications and Ministry applications including providing on site expertise to end users of Ministry/OPS/Cluster applications.

7. Providing a moderate level of assistance to clients, including clarifying needs, deciding on the nature of the assistance required, and providing practical instructions and advice.

8. Referring clients to more senior members of the team for problem or issue resolution.

9. Oncall and overtime, including weekends, may be required in order to meet project deadlines and manage/resolve production Incidents or issues.

10. Management has the right to assign other duties.

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

Position requires:
1. Knowledge of industry standard systems development life cycles, methodologies (e.g., Waterfall, Iterative, Agile/Scrum and UPM, etc) and techniques (e.g., Service-Oriented Architecture, Software as a Service and other architecture and design patterns) to contribute to the analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of complex Ministry/HSC solutions.

2. Knowledge of a variety of industry standard systems analysis methods and techniques in order to:
-- establish business, information, and system testing needs;
-- review client business and information requirements and design and develop applications which satisfy these requirements;
-- evaluate costs and benefits of various application options and recommend appropriate, cost effective solutions;
-- analyze and create test data to support the systems testing strategy;
-- assist clients in identifying information requirements and collecting data;
-- assess and review client requirements in order to determine the possible integration with, or use of, an existing system;
-- interview users regarding business, information, and system testing needs and documenting these needs to fit within established divisional standards

3. Knowledge of a variety of industry standard systems design methods and techniques in order to:
-- translate functional design specifications into detailed coding specifications before beginning assigned programming and testing tasks;
-- review system and software requirements documents in order to prepare detailed design documents which satisfy these requirements;
-- participate in the development of complete system specifications;
-- develop detailed programming specifications for moderately complex programs

4. Knowledge of various mainframe, mid-range, and personal computer systems technologies (including operating systems, networks, and applications development software) in order to:
-- code and test business applications for deployment on any of the Ministry's environments;
-- assist with the implementation of new and enhanced systems;
-- perform setup and configuration of Ministry applications;
-- train or arrange for the training of end users on Ministry applications.

5. Knowledge of a variety of industry standard programming languages, server-based technologies and development techniques for all phases of development in mainframe, n-tier/internet technologies (e.g. HTML, .NET, JAVA platform, Cognos, Informatica, Websphere, DataPower, WebFOCUS, Remedy, COBOL, JCL, etc.) to:

-- perform assigned programming and debugging for moderately complex business applications;
-- provide recommendations to project manager as to the acceptance or rejection of system components;
-- provide practical, technical input to innovative applications design and development;
-- contribute to the resolution of complex technical problems;

6. Knowledge of various industry standard relational database management systems and query tools to examine test databases (e.g., DB2, Oracle) to ensure that the integrity of the production databases will be maintained after implementation of a new or modified application; monitor for problems to ensure ongoing availability of systems.

7. Knowledge of commonly used business software (e.g. word processing, spreadsheet, database management) in order to:
-- write, edit, and maintain program, systems, user, and operational documentation for assigned portions of a system;
-- document expected and actual test results for assigned portions of programming and/or testing activities;
-- develop complete systems, user and operations documentation.

8. Knowledge of various industry standard testing methods, techniques and tools at various levels of testing (unit, integration, system, UAT, etc.) to:
-- conduct system testing by executing online and batch test scripts, and manual online and batch jobs;
-- perform system testing to ensure the accuracy and integrity of business applications;
-- develop assigned portions of testing documentation including detailed test cases, automated test scripts, and comprehensive audit materials;
-- identify and debug problems encountered with software usage;
-- provide hardware, communications, applications, and network support including providing on site expertise to end users;
-- track problems using an automated problem logging system and ensuring accuracy and completeness of problem documentation for follow-up or corrective action

9. Knowledge of client/server, and Internet/Intranet (e-services), cloud, and other emerging, state of the art technology in order to design, code, and test business applications in a client/server environment.

10. Knowledge of the clients' business in order to:
-- collect and document information on business requirements;
-- analyze information and system needs to ensure adherence with stated program area objectives;
-- analyze system testing needs to ensure adequate testing of all systems prior to recommending promotion into production;
-- participate in the development of recommendations on appropriate solutions.

11. Good knowledge of customer service techniques to contribute to the support of other team members for Priority 1 & 2 incident/problem resolution, education and information including knowledge of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), incident/problem resolution, technical change management processes, terms and definitions in order to provide systems analysis, support and manage change.

12. Knowledge of client business environment, including related program, HSC and government-wide legislation (e.g., FIPPA, AODA, PHIPA, etc) to define technical scope of work with HSC manager/leader.

Skills :

This position requires:
1. Analysis skills to determine the nature of issues or problems, including researching relevant materials and comparing and verifying information.
2. Ability to respond to the issues or problems by evaluating and comparing a number of existing alternatives and selecting the appropriate action.
3. Written and oral skills to convey, fully grasp and explain detailed information which may involve specialized information technology terminology; and to follow, present and discuss logically developed, complex arguments, ideas or issues.
4. Interpersonal skills to provide clarification and explanation to deal with problems or complaints and to assist with others' understanding of computer hardware and software.
5. Ability to work effectively in a team environment, sharing information and communicating with co-workers, management and clients.

Freedom of Action :

Position works under the direction of the Manager, within the HSC and OPS-wide policies, guidelines and directives for the use and development of I&IT and within established practices and procedures for computer systems design, development and management. Job requires latitude in decision making and judgment as follows:
1. Work is performed in accordance with established methods and procedures.
2. Work is reviewed for general accuracy and adequacy by senior team members or supervisor on an ongoing basis. Situations not covered by established methods and procedures are referred to the team leader or supervisor.
3. Resolve technical problems such as debugging software, in consulting with vendors on services to be delivered within guidelines predetermined by project leader or supervisor, and in developing recommendations on timing of system changes.

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