Job Specification

Position Title:
Assistant Science Educator
Job Code:
02924 - Museum Assistant 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To present prepared curriculum linked science programs and workshops to booked client groups including students (primary through senior levels), occasionally teachers and the general public at the Ontario Science Centre onsite, online, and through outreach.
To support Science Educators with research and content development related to updating and/or developing curriculum linked science and technology programs and resources.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1.Presents a variety of prepared curriculum linked science programs and workshops (onsite, virtual, outreach) developed by Science Educators to school groups, occasionally teachers and the general public in theatres, workshops, exhibit areas, laboratories and on videoconferencing platforms – responsibilities include:
 Adapting presentations based on learners' needs by using age/grade/stage-appropriate language, examples and other presentation factors
 Researching additional background information/examples to develop understanding and comfort level with topics covered in presentations
 Adhering to established health and safety precautions, PPE usage instructions, and hazardous material handling procedures when delivering programs
 Setting up and taking down materials, apparatus and equipment for presentations, programs and workshops
 Collecting, assembling, operating, cleaning and minor repair of laboratory equipment/apparatus (including but not limited to lasers, pouring/peeling acrylamide gels, using micro-pipettes, thermal cyclers, electron microscope, microscopes and computer controlled models) and audio-visual aides used in programs
 Troubleshooting during school program presentations/workshops, and where unable to resolve problem(s) referring to the Resource Officer, Lead Science Educator for that program, and/or Manager, School Programs
 Referring to the Resource Officer for ordering and/or purchasing program materials, e.g. plants, foodstuff etc.; maintaining current knowledge of developments in education and science in terms of presentation techniques, science curricula, new discoveries by reading, courses, etc.

2. Under direction, supports Science Educators in the research and content development for curriculum linked science programs, workshops, and resources (onsite, virtual, outreach) by contributing to the:
 Brainstorming and idea generation for science programs, workshops, and resources
 Writing, editing and production of materials for teachers that support science programs, workshops, and resources (including but not limited to teachers' guides, exhibit question sheets, slide decks, lesson plans, school kits, etc.)
 Development, writing, and editing of scripts/program plans, storyboards, and video assembly instructions for science programs, workshops, and resources, where required
 Development of science experiments, activities, and demonstrations and the prototyping, modification and selection of those experiments, activities and demonstrations for science programs, workshops, and resources
 Filming of videos for asynchronous program delivery and resources Post-production process of recorded video/audio, in collaboration with design and video production staff, to ensure the final video products meet objectives
 Research and sourcing of images, graphics, animations, and video B-roll for programs, workshops, and resources
Tracking of program development stages and outstanding items and the organization of program documentation
 Troubleshooting of program delivery tools such as experiment/demonstration equipment, videoconferencing platforms, and tracking systems including the recommendation of potential solutions
 Feedback and evaluation process for the development and delivery of science programs, workshops, and resources

3. Participates in other educational and programming activities as required, such as:
 Participating in special activities and demonstrations e.g. Spring Break, Community Day, virtual Science Centre events, and weekend and evening programs as required
 Presenting programs for recreational programs, holiday programs, virtual platforms, etc. as required

4. Performs other related duties by:
 Assisting with weekend and weekday facility rentals with the presentation of an activity, demonstration, program or tour
 Assisting in the organization of events (e.g., science fairs, conferences) held at the Science Centre
 Assisting school bookings staff with program scheduling, questions and any associated problems
 Participating as a member of the project teams in the Science Education Branch as assigned

Staffing and Licensing :

Possible weekend and evening work.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of :
 science and technology concepts, principles, practices and current research and developments and trends as related to existing educational programs, workshops, and resources developed by the School Programs department
 presentation and presentation design principles and techniques to deliver engaging, exciting, dramatic and interactive presentations, demonstrations and activities (onsite, virtual, outreach), which effectively interests and educates school groups of different ages and needs.
 specific methods, techniques, related scientific/lab equipment and apparatus used in presentations to demonstrate specific scientific and technological concepts, including health and safety requirements and knowledge of how to troubleshoot routine technical difficulties encountered during presentations.
 presentation software including but not limited to PowerPoint, Google slides, videoconferencing software, web-based research techniques, and administrative and communications software such as Microsoft Office, Slack, Trello, and e-mail sufficient to edit and review documents, read schedules and communicate with colleagues.
 the education program offerings at OSC and links to Ministry of Education curricula to take calls and answer questions from teachers.
Job requires general familiarity with the Ontario science and technology curriculum for kindergarten to grade 12; 21st century skills (including critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication); inquiry-based and play-based learning; and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) based learning.

Skills :

Job requires:
 Excellent communication and presentation skills to adapt presentation content, language level, style and pace to meet diverse audiences' needs so that information is understandable, relevant and accessible and to suit various spaces where programs are held, e.g. auditorium, studios, laboratories, exhibit halls.
 Interpersonal, problem solving and technical troubleshooting skills to respond immediately to questions and other unexpected situations arising during presentations (involving classroom teacher where necessary to handle behavioural problems).
 Organization skills to ensure presentation materials are on hand, equipment set up and tested before presentation begins and to track program development stages.
 Flexibility and adaptability to adjust to program scheduling changes e.g. program cancellations and/or substitutions.
 Creativity and initiative with well-developed research and writing skills to support the research and content development for curriculum linked science programs and workshops for both in-person and virtual delivery
 Collaboration and team work skills to support the development of new programs, exhibits, and events by participating as a member of project teams

Freedom of Action :

Job works under the general direction of the manager within relevant OSC/Branch policies and visitor service standards and under the direction of Science Educators when conducting research and supporting content development. Managers, Science Educators and/or Recreation & Family Program Leaders provide training and are available to provide subject matter expertise and explain science concepts, curriculum links, equipment/apparatus related to programs, workshops, laboratories and other activities.

While the position presents pre-developed programs, workshops, laboratories, activities etc. freedom exists to vary the content, style, language level and pace to meet audiences' diverse needs. Freedom also exists to take immediate action to deal with unforeseen problems during presentations e.g. troubleshooting technical/mechanical equipment malfunctions, calling on Protective Services to handle injuries, involving the classroom teacher etc., referring unresolved problems and complaints to Resources Officer, Lead Educator, and/or manager. Science Educators and Manager review presentations and programs for overall effectiveness, quality and customer satisfaction.

Job participates as directed in research and content development including updating and/or developing program components and/or related materials for curriculum linked school and other informal science education programs. Job has freedom to provide recommendations and proposed strategies for program development and delivery, but decision making for program development and delivery belongs to Science Educator leading the program and/or the Manager.

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