Job Specification

Position Title:
Program Assistant
Job Code:
08OAD - Office Administration 08
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide a range of clerical, administrative, and related support services to the Manager, health and safety inspectors, employment standards officers and related programs. Respond to general public inquiries.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Job Requires: 1. Providing clerical, administrative and related support services for the District and/or program staff, such as;
- Assisting with on-the-job training, coaching of district/program staff and with work overload situations within this position.
- Providing assistance at team/committee/internal/external meetings and taking and preparing minutes of meetings as required.
- Maintaining file information management systems, both paper and electronic, and doing searches and/or retrieving hard copy or electronic files as requested, including freedom of information requests and location scans; maintaining file room to established retention schedules including purge, archive and preparation to send files to record centre.
- Being aware of office needs and informing those responsible for ordering supplies or maintaining devices.
2. a) Providing support for Occupational Health & Safety in accordance with instructions and established guidelines, such as:
- Within the Occupational Health and Safety Program, recording reported event details (fatalities, critical and other events), responding by contacting appropriate staff, clients, EMS, other enforcement agencies, immediately, ensuring effective follow-up on urgent calls, creating hot issues when required, per established procedures and guidelines.
- Generate event number and assign to appropriate staff by telephone/e-mail. - Performing all electronic program system requirements (ICE) tasks as required; creating and maintaining record logs and other records.
- Performing MCCR, ONCORP and MTO searches or other statistical reports as required;
- Utilize One Source (electronic notification) - Verifying/maintaining ICE data integrity, obtaining missing data through direct client contact or other sources;
- Tracking all events, prosecutions (Both Part I and III), reprisals, investigations, appeals and other program related activity;
- Photocopying all prosecution/investigation binders and forwarding to Legal Services and Coroner as required;

b) Within the Employment Standards program, in accordance with instructions and established guidelines, such as:
- Creating events in ESIS as required by Manager or RPC/Program;
- Updating ESIS records, including scanning documents into ESIS within established procedures and procedural timelines; maintain logs/records
- Scheduling DMM or Fact Finding meetings as required by Officer or Manager/RPC;
- Performing MCCR, MTO, PPSA, Bankruptcy, ONCORP, TFSU, Federal searches, etc., conducting phone searches from service providers; producing other statistical reports as required or at request of officers.
- Tracking bankruptcy files and reporting to RPCs or Manager;
- Prepare collection files and transmit same;
- Reviewing monthly listings of TFSU funds held in trust as required by ESO/Manager/RPC; download monthly stat reports;
- Providing assistance in the preparation and tracking of prosecution files, the completion of inspection files and the preparation of various manager reports;
3. Receiving external/internal calls, and dealing with clients; identifying the nature of each inquiry or complaint, requesting/providing general information and assistance relating to Ministry programs and requests for materials, ensuring confidentiality and complying with OPS client service standards and referring them to the appropriate party if necessary.
- Developing and maintaining program/provincial contacts;
- Processing incoming/outgoing mail and courier and responding to all reception activity and deliveries.
4. Maintaining Program Assistant Manual
- Providing input and recommending procedures to support efficient and effective program administration.
5. In a fully automated environment updating and preparing reports, spreadsheets, letters, graphics and other documentation independently or from instructions, proofreading to ensure accuracy and quality, using software packages consistent with Ministry information technology platform;
- Compiling data from various systems (ie. ESIS, ICE, BI, TFSU, etc.) to produce reports and presentations (standard and specialized) for use by District/Program Manager and staff.
6. Regulators Code of Practice - Maintain confidentiality of the Ministry of Labour as per guidelines.
7. Managers have the right to assign additional duties.

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

- Job requires knowledge of government, ministry and office administration policies, procedures and practices to provide support to District/Program Manager and staff.
- Job requires knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety and Employment Standards program legislation, policies, procedures and activities to provide verbal and written information to general inquiries from ministry staff, public, and knowledge of terminology pertaining to programs to prepare correspondence, reports and presentations accurately.
- Job requires knowledge of records management and practices.
- Job requires knowledge of personal computer operation and software consistent with current Ministry information technology platform (Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint; use of Intranet/Internet, online courier, Adobe Acrobat) to produce standard reports, presentations with graphics, compile data from various systems (i.e. Employment Standards Case Log, ESIS, ICE, BI, WSIB and others) for use by District/Program Manager and program delivery and maintain records.
- Job requires knowledge of the operation of office equipment such as photocopier, telephone, postage meter and facsimile to photocopy and distribute material and transmit information.

Skills :

- Job requires reasoning and problem-solving skills to: determine extent of information to be provided in response to inquiries/complaints, ensuring confidentiality; determine what matters are urgent and should be given priority when performing a variety of different tasks with conflicting deadlines by prioritizing work based on knowledge of subject matter or by discussing with District/Program Manager and/or RPC to determine what matters require referral and to which staff member.
- Job requires ensuring accuracy of recorded material by checking when unsure of content or terminology.

- Job requires analytical skills to:
- Determine what information is relevant for program staff when gathering and organizing materials, data and information;
- Determine the most effective format for materials such as documents, data and charts.
- Job requires tactful, diplomatic and confidential oral communication skills (internally and externally) to:
- Provide program information to employers, employees, professionals and the general public, over the phone and in person; complying with OPS client service standards
- Coordinate and arrange meetings;
- Job requires the ability to extract, compile and copy all documents as required for audit or information requests.
- Job requires use of all office information technology and equipment.
- Job requires written communication skills:
- To write straight-forward letters/correspondence to inquiries or from verbal/written instructions.
- Job requires interpersonal skills and tact to:
- Work in a team environment.
- Deal with stressful situations/difficult clients
- Follow up on calls;
- Deal with inquiries where it is not possible to release information (eg. Investigations/prosecutions) and request information from staff members, and external sources.
- Job requires the ability to extract, compile and copy all documents as required for FOI requests.

Freedom of Action :

- Job requires working in accordance with established policies, procedures and methods with freedom to set priorities among own clerical/administrative activities to be completed while adhering to deadlines.
- Job requires determining whether inquiries can be handled personally or should be referred to another staff member (e.g. FOI).
- Work is periodically reviewed by District/Program Manager or other staff member for accuracy upon completion.
- Job requires referring to District/Program Manager situations which are not covered by established procedures such as non-routine or urgent queries/contentious issues, questions on difficult assignments and terminology, persistent delays on time-limited items.

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