Job Specification

Position Title:
Nurse Practitioner
Job Code:
C50126 - Nurse Practitioner (COR)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide primary health care, with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention, to the inmate population in one of Ontario's correctional facilities, housing inmates with diverse needs and security requirements. This position works collaboratively with an inter-professional team.

Duties / Responsibilities :

The incumbent will, in collaboration with an inter-professional team, provide primary health care services. Responsibilities include:
1. Providing admission and on-going assessments, diagnosis, treatment, including prescribing medications and diagnostic tests and evaluation of
primary care services for patients.. This includes working collaboratively with other primary care providers, such as physicians and psychiatrists,
communicating diagnoses and working with the inter-professional team in the development of a patient specific plan of care.
2. Providing information to regulated and non-regulated health care professionals to facilitate appropriate care. This includes contributing to educational
sessions for employees on best practices when necessary.
3. Providing support for and facilitating principles of self-care by involving inmates in the plan of care. Acting as a resource and providing leadership by
collaborating with other team members to implement strategies that promote health and prevent illness.
4. Maintaining confidentiality and security of health information in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) by complying
with MCSCS approved health care record management systems. Ensuring appropriate consent for release of personal health information and following
procedures for compliance with court orders, and responses to corporate, legal branch, and ombudsman inquiries.
5. Assisting the Manager, Health Care Services in developing a business continuity plan and crisis management plan for health care services, in
collaboration with administration and Corporate Health Care.
6. Administering primary health care in accordance with relevant professional and ministry Practice Standards and legislation, i.e. Regulated Health
Professions Act, Nursing Act, Health Promotion & Protection Act, Ontario Public Service and MCSCS policies, procedures and Collective Agreements.
7. Providing clinical expertise and consultative advice to the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent and other managers relevant to the operation of
the Institution, such as inmate placement recommendations and infection prevention and control measures.
8. Participating on institutional, corporate and community committees as directed.

Staffing and Licensing :

Registered Nurse Extended Class (Nurse Practitioner) in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Extended class specialty certificate in Primary Health Care or Adult.

Knowledge :

Knowledge of illness/health theory, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic and laboratory testing, evidence based practice and current treatment modalities acquired through completion of post-degree NP specialty certificate in primary health care or adult care, and supplemented by continuing education in
their designated specialty. Knowledge of mental health and addiction treatment options.
Knowledge of institutional and health care policies and procedures to ensure safety of inmates and security of health care areas. Knowledge of the CNO Practice and Professional Standards for Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. Knowledge of relevant legislation; e.g. Public Service Act, Ministry of Correctional Services Act, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act,
Mental Health Act, Regulated Health Professions Act, Health Care Consent Act, and Personal Health Information Protection Act. Working knowledge of computers and related software to prepare correspondence and reports, and utilize email.

Skills :

Excellent clinical assessment and critical thinking skills to elicit and interpret information to formulate diagnoses and develop treatment plans. Analytical skills to evaluate response to prescribed treatment and to modify treatment prescribed. Strong oral and written communication skills to present information relevant to care and discharge plans; to document care; to contribute to care plans and prepare clinical/administrative summaries. Interpersonal skills to negotiate treatment plan and counsel inmate. Demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing strategies to promote health and to prevent disease. Tact and discretion to interpret or clarify information about illness and treatment, complaints or concerns and to
encourage compliance with recommended treatment plan. Ability to assess emergency situations to implement appropriate interventions. Administrative and leadership skills to plan, organize, coordinate and direct day-to-day delivery of primary health care services.

Freedom of Action :

Work is performed under general direction of the Health Care Manager. Work is performed in accordance with Ministry policies and procedures, professional practice standards and relevant legislation.
Incumbent exercises judgement in making independent clinical decisions.
Incumbent works collaboratively with other Ministry professionals and specialists and community professionals. Judgement is required to provide
direction. Incumbent is a Ministry representative in matters related to health care, such as work with community agencies/specialists, telemedicine.

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