Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Registered Practical Nurse
Job Code:
C41502 - Registered Practical Nurse 2 (COR)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide nursing services, within the RPN scope of practice as defined by the College of Nurses of Ontario, to inmates with stable health care conditions, and to inmates with health care conditions with predictable outcomes.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Provides nursing care to inmates, within the RPN scope of practice as defined by the College of Nurses of Ontario, to inmates, including direct nursing care, transcription of MD/dental orders, preparation and administration of medications and treatments, monitoring the effects, side effects and adverse effects of medications/treatment, reporting these observations to the RN, booking internal appointments for internal health care clinics and for external health care appointments, responding to inmate emergencies, ensuring annual monitoring of inmates' TB status, documenting care provided, providing reports as requested, updating OTIS.
Functions as a member of the health care team by functioning within the RPN scope of practice as defined by the College of Nurses of Ontario, reporting observations concerning inmate health status to MD/RN, and in multidisciplinary team meetings, respecting confidentiality of health care records, obtaining health care reports from community care providers, ensuring charts are available for new admissions, filing charts and reports, working collaboratively with correctional staff.
Maintains a safe, secure and clean environment by counting MCS restricted and controlled drugs, medical equipment, reporting equipment needing repair, equipment and drugs needing reorder, keeping drugs and equipment stored as per policy, cleaning medical equipment.
Other duties including participation in College of Nurses of Ontario quality assurance program and other continuing education.

Staffing and Licensing :

Current registration as a Registered Practical Nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario, Holder of a medication administration certificate, evidence of continuing education in medications, knowledge of basic nursing skills including CPR at the BCLS level, First Aid.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of evidence-based practices and procedures, to provide nursing services within the RPN scope of practice as defined by the College of Nurses of Ontario. Job requires knowledge of institutional and health care policies and procedures to ensure proper treatment technique implementation and safety to offenders, security of health care area and to report observations e.g. rash on offender kitchen helpers, to the MD/RN. Job requires knowledge of relevant sections of related legislation (e.g. Regulated Health Care Professional Act, Health Care Consent Act) to ensure compliance and consistency with health care standards and to ensure that legislated offender entitlements are adhered to, e.g. consent to treatment.

Skills :

Job requires reasoning and analytical skills to elicit and interpret information from offenders and other sources, identifying deviation from normal physiological/psychological processes, evaluating information and drawing conclusions to assist in the development of treatment plans.

Job requires analytical skills to evaluate offenders response to planned healthcare intervention and to decide in consultation with offender, registered nurse, institution physician and other medical professionals whether to continue or modify interventions and offender treatment goals, considering, for example, response to medication, offender motivation, and alternative healthcare interventions.

Job requires analytical and problem solving skills to assess emergency situations. Job requires oral and written communication skills including terminology pertinent to the medical health care profession to present ideas; to elicit and interpret information from offenders; to advocate on behalf of offenders with treatment professionals and agencies; to document offender treatment and progress.

Job requires interpersonal skills to advise/counsel offender about healthcare treatment, explaining possible side effects of medications/medical treatment and expected outcomes to promote education and achievement of treatment goals.

Job requires tact and discretion to interpret or clarify information about medical treatment to offender, institution staff, respond to complaints or concerns and to encourage offender compliance with medical treatment plans. Job requires coordinating own activities with health care unit activities and with institution routines (e.g. medical/doctor parades, and medical treatment of offender). Basic computer skills.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working under RPN cope of practice as defined by the College of Nurses of Ontario, under Manager's direction and within parameters set by physician, Ministry, legislation and nursing practices to provide nursing services (e.g. implementing treatment process, first aid/emergency techniques, administering medication), safety of offenders and security of health care area. Job reports to/consults with physician/registered nurse new/changing inmate healthcare conditions. Job requires communicating issues such as non-compliance with nursing standards, missing medication, security concerns to supervising nurse/manager for discussion and resolution. Job requires receiving advice, guidance and direction for situations not covered by methods and procedures from registered nurse, manager or physician.

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