Job Specification

Position Title:
Health, Safety and Wellness Advisor
Job Code:
I0802B - Human Resources49
Job ID:

Purpose :

To provide consultation and advice to clients and ministry management on health and safety legislation, policies and procedures. To prepare, promote and deliver health, safety and wellness advice and services to client portfolio ministries.

To assist the OSC in ensuring work is performed in a safe and healthy manner and in compliance with relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

To support the development, implementation and delivery of HR programs related to health, safety and wellness and to identify and analyze organizational risks and priorities.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Provides advice and consultative/coordination services to senior management, HR partners, line managers, Joint Health and Safety Committee representatives in response to a wide range of health and safety issues and matters (e.g. workplace injuries/illnesses), including interpretation/explanations of legislative requirements to assist the OSC in compliance with health and safety related legislation, policies/directives and best practices.
2. Leads the delivery of health, safety and wellness (HSW) programs to assigned portfolio (i.e. implementing education/awareness/training campaigns to address enterprise priorities, new/revised guidelines, legislative/regulatory changes, emerging issues and/or organizational risks/gaps).
3. Reviews, analyses the impact of program delivery on business goals, analyses trends or service implications for the assigned portfolio ministries. Collaborates with the Health and Safety Services Program Development team in the identification, development and review of HSW programs to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. Responds to a broad range of existing and operational needs and recommends appropriate interventions with a focus on prevention.
4. Researches, analyzes and recommends control measures to promote a safe and healthy work environment and mitigate risks to employees in OPS workplaces. Provides advice and support on a range of workplace hazard assessments and responds immediately with advice to work refusals disputes, JHSC disputes, workplace violence threats and incidents and provides health and safety advice and interpretation to the OSC management to comply legislation.
5. Provides expertise and assists managers to fulfill the employer's obligations to perform investigations and notifications as outlined in internal policies and legislation. Assists managers in the completion of workplace violence risk assessments, determination of whether incidents are in violation of internal policies, investigation techniques and development of safe work plans.
6. Delivers enterprise health and safety education/training via webinars, video conferencing, teleconferencing or in-person to OPS management and employees. Ensures consistency of enterprise training/awareness program delivery through the use of approved program materials, tools and products and provide input for program enhancement.
7. Provides support for program activities related to contingency/business continuity planning for branch including providing input to the development and implementation of service delivery plans including participating on OSC action group emergency management/strike response teams as required to address workplace emergencies such as fire, flood, bomb threat, earthquake, etc.
8. Maintains a database of program metrics and service delivery activities to monitor and report on service levels, client interests/needs, compliance issues or other criteria. Implements a proactive approach to accident prevention by reviewing regional accident statistics identifying and analyzing trends, monitoring workplaces.

Qualifications :

Not applicable

Factors :

Knowledge :

Current theories, principles, techniques, OPS policies, directives, guidelines and federal and provincial legislation relating to health, safety and wellness to provide specialized advice on OH&S legislation, requirements and procedures, delivering of specialized programs/activities to meet regional/ministry client needs and to determine legislative and policy compliance requirements, safety and infection control principles and risk management techniques to conduct hazard assessments, respond to complex health and safety issues, MOL policies/practices to respond to work refusals and MOL orders/appeals.

Accident investigation and prevention theories and their application to OPS work operations to provide advice to managers in the conducting of workplace and accident investigations, including critical/fatal injuries, occupational illnesses/diseases, disabling injuries, WSIB incidents and those requiring accident or near miss reporting.

Work operations and equipment used in client so as to support the OSC in identifying possible hazardous situations, identifying training needs and deliver training programs using adult learning principles. Job requires knowledge of computer and software programs, internet use for information research, use of database applications to support producing of reports, correspondence, charts and presentation materials.

HSW issues and trends, to develop effective and practical injury prevention tactics and program recommendations to meet the OSC objectives, knowledge of research and planning, and organizational skills to plan initiatives and achieve timely, effective results.

Consultation, negotiation, interpersonal and communication skills to provide expert advice on corporate HSW policy and ability to respond to potentially contentious/difficult/sensitive OSC related health and safety issues.

Program Responsibility :

Responsible for the planning and delivery of enterprise health, safety and wellness programs, priorities and initiatives (e.g. annual OPS Health & Safety conference) within a consistent framework using standardized tools, training and methodologies.

Responsible for implementing initiatives and programs through effective communication skills, consultation/engagement strategies with managers relating to guidelines and standards in support of enterprise health, safety and wellness.

Responsible for advice on a range of health and safety conducting workplace hazard and accident assessments and investigations in order to determine compliance/non-compliance with legislation and policies/practices by assessing intent of and interpreting legislation/regulations and ministry/enterprise standards and policies.

Responsible for identifying program, training and service delivery gaps and issues; provides input to development of health and safety program processes, policies and best practices to enhance services and program delivery.

Analytical Thinking :

Reviews and makes recommendations on health and safety practices and compliance with MOL work orders. Advises on investigations of workplace accidents including accidents leading to fatal and critical injuries.

Analyzes and provides support on a range of workplace hazard assessments including work refusal disputes, critical incidents, fatalities, infection control, JHSC disputes, workplace violence threats and incidents and emergencies. Provides health and safety advice to OSC management on legislative and regulatory compliance requirements.

Supports and advises the OSC clients on investigations, using best practice methodologies, tools and techniques to determine probable causes of accidents and health and safety issues, recommending effective strategies for workplace restoration. .

Identifies hazards, gather information and develop/recommend controls options to minimize risks in a cost effective manner while ensuring due diligence on the part of the organization. Analyzes local statistics and identifies trends and recommends solutions that support organizational objectives

Identifies compliance issues and recommends control strategies and prevention programs; reviews and assesses training needs and determines approach and response to work stoppages and refusals.

Analyzes workplace practices, develops risk assessments, related to ergonomic interventions, safe work plans and engineering projects to determine appropriate strategies, reduce employer liability and support due diligence.

Planning / Coordinating :

Coordinates own activities and priorities within operational and legislative deadlines and manages delivery of services to a portfolio of clients.

Works with organization members for the effective training and delivery of enterprise HSW programs, priorities or initiatives. Delivers education/training via webinars, video conferencing, teleconferencing, or in-class to OPS employees.

Assists in the coordination of the response to emergency situations on a 24/7 basis when required (as directed by manager) to ensure consistent enterprise HSW approaches with the least disruption to the OSC operations.

Leadership/Guidance :

Provides advice, technical assistance and support, expertise and services to clients and HR partners, employees, Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representatives.

Independence of Action :

Works within the legislative and regulatory framework for health and safety in the workplace, and program business plans and administrative policies, procedures and practices. General direction provided by the manager, and technical guidance by the Senior Health and Safety Advisor.

Ensures adherence to health and safety legislation, OPS policies, guidelines and portfolio OSC level procedures for prevention, response and reporting of workplace accidents, incidents of violence and corrective actions.

Ensures accuracy and timeliness of advice in response to workplace accidents or incidents.

Applies legislation and policy requirements consistent with the technical requirements of the legislation/policy, while considering the impact and requirements of concurrent requirements and priority for application of collective agreements, other legislations and policy requirements.

Identifies potential hazards, improvements to workplace safety, complex and contentious issues and refers them to the manager/team lead for advice in advance of escalation.

Interpersonal/Communication :

Provides information and advice to clients on the intent of legislation, regulations and OSC policies and practices, and advises and clarify compliance requirements with OH&S service contractors and present training materials to staff/management.

Assists workplace parties (including clients, HR partners, contractors/consultants, joint committees and union representatives) in resolving confrontations/disputes related to work refusals, workplace violence prevention and policy application and support compliance with OHS Act and regulations. Promotes acceptance of HSW programs.

Represents the Unit/Branch/Division at OPS inter-ministerial committees, projects and working groups, e.g. MERCs, Joint Health & Safety Committees.

Physical Effort :

Work is performed in the office, vehicle or field environment with frequent opportunity to move about. Occasionally, moves/lifts, pushes, pulls or carries light objects.

Sensory Effort :

Requires visual attention and concentration when reading for prolonged amounts of time, analyzing data, conducting research, reviewing information, or creating reports/presentations.

Requires periods of concentrated listening when attending meetings, discussions with clients or partners, and ability to multi-task when dealing with interruptions.

Working Conditions :

Work is performed in an office, vehicle or field environment, with frequent travel to the OSC client locations.

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