Job Specification

Position Title:
Senior Business Advisor
Job Code:
12124 - Industrial Development Officer 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide business consulting services and deliver a variety of business development services/programs to businesses, municipalities and communities to promote and facilitate economic renewal and development with an assigned territory.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Job requires:

1. Providing advisory and consultative services/programs to clients by: reviewing business development strategies (e.g. proposals for becoming more competitive, expanding exports or increasing investments in territory); and providing advice on commercial viability of proposals, resources necessary for entering foreign markets, financing options, impact on current operations and need for new investment or technology, and methods to access necessary resources and information.

2. Identifying marketing and development opportunities which match client needs, facilitating the linking of client firms to other businesses or public/private sector organizations, and to identifying and brokering solutions to business development and expansion issues.

3. Developing and maintaining knowledge of and store of commercial intelligence/information on assigned territory's industrial and economic base and of client firms within territory, and maintaining a network of business and government contacts.

4. Providing commercial and community intelligence to client companies, branch management, ministry partners and other contacts to facilitate their business decision making and to provide input into the development/assessment of ministry's business plans, policies, strategies and services.

5. Providing input and advice to communities and municipalities related to local business concerns and issues, (e.g. zoning, development charges, accommodation of expansion/relocation plans) in order to promote and facilitate economic renewal and development. Leading, facilitating, and supporting stakeholders on economic development initiatives and community sponsored projects (e.g. planning an investment retention strategy, organizing economic development conferences and seminars).

Staffing and Licensing :

Job requires valid Ontario's 'G' driver's licence in order to drive to meetings throughout assigned territory. Oral and written French at the advanced level.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of economic development, trade, investment and marketing theories/principles and business management operations and requirements in order to: analyse clients' strategic business plans and advise on potential impact of business and economic issues on their plans for pursuing development, exporting or investment opportunities. Job requires knowledge of potential and capabilities of individual businesses and business inter-relationships within assigned territory, government/ministry field operations and resources opportunities to assess commercial viability of development, exporting or investment proposals in relation to specific business/economic conditions and provide advice on potential opportunities and how to pursue them (e.g. niche markets, joint partnerships). Job requires knowledge of the impact of domestic/foreign legislation (e.g. competitiveness, employment law, taxation), international affairs (economic, social and political) and economic/business climatic conditions on Ontario's trade and investment opportunities to advise clients on how these elements relate to business strategies and plans, and to provide input to the ministry marketing plan. Job requires knowledge of provincial, federal and municipal economic development policies, programs/resources, and contact officials, and private sector networks and business representatives to assist clients to access appropriate resources, and to provide technical expertise to ministry staff developing policy/programs. Job requires knowledge of commercial intelligence gathering and business/economic analytical techniques to: develop and maintain a store of commercial information which will assist clients, branch and ministry in making decisions related to business development, trade, and investment. Job requires knowledge of databases, Internet, spreadsheet and word processing software to conduct research and prepare reports.

Skills :

Job requires analytical and evaluative skills to determine whether client firm meets requirements under ministry's established criteria in order to access services; analyze and provide advice on clients' business objectives and requirements related to competitiveness, trade and investment attraction issues, and match client firm with appropriate business development advice and assistance. Job requires evaluative skills to review strategic business proposals against a variety of macro and local level business/economic considerations (e.g. investment policies and regulations, foreign and domestic investment/commercial climate) and assess commercial viability and/or potential for successful attainment of objectives. Job requires analytical skills in areas of business management including finance, marketing and operations to assess client and territory strengths, needs and potential to pursue the matching and facilitation of partnerships (e.g. technology transfers, licensing agreements, joint ventures, trade missions). Job requires research and analytical skills to gather and assess information from a variety of sources (e.g. international offices, news/trade media, academia, other governments), and develop a cache of commercial intelligence, analyze data to identify international economic, social and political issues which may affect territory's investment/trade opportunities, advise municipal/regional and private sector partners to minimize negative repercussions or pursue opportunities, and to develop recommendations for ministry management regarding input to ministry policies, plans and programs. Job requires oral communication skills to provide advice/counsel to clients on a number of inter-related economic/business issues that may impact on their strategies for development, exporting, and investment; explaining how these issues may affect client's objectives, and presenting viable options to the client. Job requires oral communication when representing ministry at special events or delivering seminars. Job requires written communication skills to prepare detailed analyses/reports on business/economic profiles of communities within assigned territory; briefing notes, alerts for senior management, presentations (e.g. to potential investors on how Ontario meets their business requirements); drafts of agreements for business dealings (e.g. joint ventures, licensing agreements); topic specific input to speeches for senior officials (e.g. Minister, Deputy Minister, Premier) and articles for ministry publications. Job requires interpersonal skills to: persuade potential investors to invest in/expand investment in Ontario; to facilitate partnerships and to assist in the negotiation of their terms and conditions (assisting parties to agree on terms, reconciling conflicts); to promote Ontario's products/services abroad; and to develop and maintain a network of contacts (industries domestically and globally, governments, associations) that will provide reliable and relevant commercial intelligence.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within ministry's economic development policies and within branch program objectives to influence economic development in territory and expand trade. Job requires making decisions such as: determining whether or not a firm meets established criteria; making recommendations to clients on viability of business proposals/where proposals warrant further review; identifying options for the development/implementation of initiatives; determining local issues/concerns and how they can be addressed; and determining the depth and duration of ministry's involvement with local initiatives. Job requires developing annual work plan (setting targets, time frames, methods) based upon program objectives for submission to supervisor. Work is reviewed by the supervisor at intervals identified in work plan for adherence to stated objectives. Job requires referring situations to supervisor such as situations that are politically sensitive or that would have a large impact on the economic development of Ontario (e.g. multinational enterprise indicates considering closing operations in territory; potential of large investment which requires uncommon attention/service).

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