Job Specification

Position Title:
Coordinator, Crown Land Surveys
Job Code:
PSV20 - Surveying PM-20
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To manage the Crown Land Surveys unit which is responsible for organizing and directing the installation and maintenance of provincial Crown surveys used for the management of public lands, undertaking surveys for ministry programs, and providing expert advise on survey matters to the public, government departments and agencies.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Within the Office of the Surveyor General which is responsible for providing services and expertise in relation to the surveys and boundaries of all provincial Crown Lands, the naming of the province's geographical features, and geodetic referencing for the province, the incumbent:

1. Manages the planning and delivery of the Crown Land Survey program including: the administration of the repository of Crown survey records; the activities of unit staff and private sector surveyors to meet current and long range objectives and administrative, technical and legal requirements; and the provision of related technical expertise/leadership to the ministry and clients. Identifies and prioritizes the program requirements to ensure the achievement of policy, Ministry and client objectives.

2. Coordinates the review of all Crown land surveys and plans undertaken by government and private surveyors to ensure that statutory requirements and quality standards are met. Manages the utilization of private surveying services; audit performance to ensure compliance with quality, policy and program requirements and terms/costs of agreements.

3. Acts as the Ministry expert on cadastral surveys regarding the technical and legal requirements of surveys and plans. Attends at court as an expert witness to provide evidence on survey matters.

4. Recommends amendments to the surveys Act and Mining Act and Regulations to meet government land surveying objectives. Develops Crown land surveying standards and quality requirements and prepares procedural guides and instructions to surveyors to improve surveying and land administration procedures. Coordinates the communication of statutory and procedural changes to the land surveying industry and ensure that changes are implemented in the surveying of Crown lands.

5. Develops and implements ministry initiatives in the area of cadastral surveying and survey information management through research and evaluation of statutory changes and industry advancements, participation on provincial technical committees and partnerships with other cadastral agencies.

6. Developes and manages a highly skilled Crown Lands Survey unit in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation, policies and standards. Manages staff including hiring, determining performance standards, carrying out performance reviews, providing training and development, handling disciplinary and labour relations matters. Develops and manages the Crown Lands Survey unit budget, controls the unit's expenditures and access to information technology and material resources. Develops work plans including allocations and cost estimates for use in contracting private sector surveyors.

7. Participates on the Branch management team and ensures effective representation of Crown Lands Surveys need/concerns at committees/conferences at the Branch and Ministry levels. Participates in strategic planning, policy development and management decision-making regarding the direction of Crown Land Surveys.

8. Exercises the delegated statutory powers and performs duties and responsibilities as Deputy Surveyor Geneal during the absence of the Surveyor General from the office.

9. Frequent travel requiring driver's license

Knowledge :

Knowledge of the theories, principles, and practices of cadastral land surveys and control surveys to manage the provincial Crown Land Surveys function, instruct, supervise and judge the work of other profession surveyors, and act as an expert on related legal and technical requirements. Licensed membership in the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors to sign plans of surveys and carry out duties within the practice of cadastral surveying. Knowledge of the surveys Act and the survey-related portions of the Mining Act. Land Titles Act and the Registry Act in order to interpret the legislation and recommend amendments. Knowledge of computer concepts, information, surveying and drafting technology to improve surveying methods and procedures. Knowledge of ministry, federal and municipal government administration in order to meet related requirements. Knowledge of the Surveyors General's responsibilities to decide on statutory issues related to compliance with legislation (i.e. Surveyor's Act, Surveys Act, and Public Lands Act. Leadership and team management skills to provide effective direction on technical and administrative matters to Ministry and clients and to manage unit staff.

Technical and analytical skills are needed to identify program needs, adapt technology/methods to meets these needs and develop appropriate policies and legislative amendments. Management skills to direct and coordinate human, financial and material resources in order to achieve program objectives. Working knowledge of the Occupation Health and Safety Act and other related legislation and policies to ensure consistency in managing staff. Oral communication skills to liaise with all levels of government, private sector surveyors, lawyers and professional surveying communities. Writing skills to prepare professional reports and survey opinions, policies and proposed legislation.

Judgement :

Work is performed under the general direction of the Surveyor General in accordance with cadastral surveying principles, legislation and profession ethics, standards and practices. Technical and administrative decisions and recommendations are accepted as authoritative. Judgement is exercised in prioritizing the many critical program requirements in order to meet overall Crown Land Surveys program objectives, Judgement is exercised in formulating current and long-range work programs, developing appropriate changes in procedures and legislation, directing and controlling staff activities and programs budget, selecting private sector surveying services and identifying work to be allocated to the private sector. Judgement is also exercised in providing expert opinions to lawyers and private and public sector officials and in appearing in court as an expert witness. Initiative and judgement are required when acting for the Surveyor General during absences regarding policy development and implementation as well as dealings with other government agencies and boards. Considerable judgement is exercised in effectively managing the repository for the Crown's original survey records and establishing policies and procedures for effective service delivery.

Accountability - Programs :

As the ministry authority on cadastral surveying, is accountable for: short and long-term program planning, management and delivery of the Crown Lands Survey program; recommending procedural and legislative amendments; ensuring economies of delivery with the highest professional level of service; and advising and deciding on technical and legal requirements for surveys and plans. Participates in Branch and Section strategic planning, policy development and decisions.

Accountability – Personnel :

Directly supervises a staff of 6 professional, technical and administrative staff.

Accountability - Finance and Materials :

Accountable for the development and administration of unit budget for salaries, materials and contracts. Accountable for the storage and integrity of the Crown's survey records. Accountable for all information technology resources of the unit including planning and implementing security measures, protecting and controlling access, training of staff.

Accountability - Impact of Errors :

Inadequate or incorrect planning of work program and management of Crown Land Survey services could result in delays in program achievement for ministry and other government programs. Provision of erroneous advise in survey matters to the public, surveyors, lawyers and government officials could degrade the integrity and confidence of the Office of the Surveyor General and result in embarrassment to the ministry, costly rectification or litigation.

Contact - Internal :

Frequent contact with senior management and professional colleagues within the ministry, MPP's and legal services to provide advice, technical expertise or information on cadastral surveying matters.

Contact - External :

Frequent contact with private sector surveying services to provide direction, review products and resolve problems/disputes. Frequent contact with other ministries and governments to inform, consult, exchange information, coordinate work efforts and negotiate formal and informal agreements and with lawyers, surveyors and the general public to respond to questions and provide advice and survey opinions.

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