Job Specification

Position Title:
Chartered Professional Accountants Pre-Approved Program Route (CPA PPR) Candidate - Accounting and Reporting, Controllership
Job Code:
4A001 - Finance04
Job ID:

Purpose :

This job description is part of the Ministry's Chartered Professional Accountants Pre-Approved Program (CPA PPR). The incumbent must be registered with CPA Ontario and must meet the eligibility requirements for the CPA Ontario Professional Education Program (PEP).

Over a period of 30 months, the incumbent will rotate within the Ministry undertaking tasks and projects designed to build the technical and enabling competencies required of a CPA. In addition to directly reporting to a unit or section manager, the incumbent will meet, at a minimum, twice a year, with their Ministry CPA PPR mentor who will provide advice and guidance regarding CPA competency development.

Key Responsibilities :

Accounting and Controllership Advice and Expertise
- Provides advice, interpretation, and information to program managers in such areas as internal control, ministry financial policies and procedures, which may include the Delegation of Authority Framework, and procurement and contract management requirements, and the application of financial controllership and risk management activities and best practices.
- Provides business advice, financial expertise, and briefings to manager/chief accountant on a range of critical accounting and financial risks, impacts and issues impacting financial reporting, financial health of the ministry, and the impact of ministry program financial reports on the provincial consolidated financial statements.
- Develops and analyzes strategies for business process/financial risk management and control, to ensure effective asset management.
- Researches corporate financial directives, policies and best practices and recommends operational policies and guidelines to meet specific Ministry needs within the corporate framework.
- Creates, maintains, and updates the Delegation of Authority Framework to ensure appropriate authorities and controls are in place.
- Analyzes new/proposed corporate/ministry controllership policies and frameworks being developed/implemented, monitors existing processes, assesses ministry impacts, and recommends appropriate action.
- Supports quality assurance (QA) reviews on controllership issues identified by senior management to evaluate ministry adherence to directives and guidelines and prepares management reports on the results of QA reviews.
- Identifies accounting and reporting risks in the ministry's plans, estimates the impact and likelihood of the risks, and provides analysis for the development of and monitoring of mitigation options and plans.
- Develops and recommends solutions for financial issues, and provides advice, guidance and support to program areas on financial accounting, financial reporting requirements and related matters such as appropriation controls, proper recording of accounting transactions, accrual accounting, financial coding, IFIS reporting, and financial policies and procedures.
- Provides analysis, expertise, advice and support to ministry business areas related to accounting standards, government/ministry financial reporting requirements, and interpretation of data stored in the Integrated Financial Information System (IFIS).
- Participates in the development of financial tracking and reporting systems.
- Supports the implementation of major financial reporting changes and supports implementation of revised policies, operational procedures and quality assurance strategies.
- Assists in the development of training and communications materials, including informational materials, presentations, e-tools, web training related information/content, guidelines and other training information/materials, to support accounting and reporting knowledge transfer.
- Coordinates and supports the delivery of training sessions through the compilation of materials for sessions; coordinates logistics and addresses any emerging issues.
Internal Control Risk Assessment and Oversight
- Provides general stewardship/controllership functions for the ministry through understanding and establishing controllership frameworks.
- Analyzes business, financial and accounting processes, to identify risk and control requirements that meet ministry needs within the corporate financial framework.
- Conducts assessments and assurance reviews of ministry enterprise-wide business processes (e.g. T-card and P-Card usage) and identifies compliance issues and mitigation options.
- Provides analysis and support to ensure effective financial controllership of the ministry, including effective management of assets and liabilities, revenues and receivables, expenditures and authorities; and accurate accounting and reporting.
- Provides analysis and support to develop and implement required changes in business processes resulting from ministry re-organizations and exceptions reported through the Certificate of Assurance process.
- Identifies internal control risks in the ministry's plans and processes using appropriate techniques, estimates the impact and likelihood of the risks, and recommends mitigation strategies.
- Ensures an appropriate audit trail is in place with all approvals/documentation to support the internal processes, financial information and the Certificate of Assurance.
- Prepares draft policy recommendations to improve controllership practices including controllership and risk management operational policies, tools, processes and guidelines to meet specific business needs.
- Provides support and analysis in the development of recommendations to respond to identified operations risks and development of management/mitigation plans.

Communications, Monitoring, Training and Assurance
- Monitors internal controls throughout the ministry to ensure that processes and systems comply with directives and policies, to avoid conflict of interest, and prevent and detect fraud in order to protect ministry resources.
- Provides analysis and support for the Certificate of Assurance process with divisional partners, to ensure accurate and timely completion.
- Provides ongoing monitoring of identified risks and relevant data.
- Ensures appropriate financial systems are in place (e.g. Integrated Financial Information System User Access Maintenance Requests), and appropriate access is provided to ministry staff.
- Develops and/or participates in training on controllership and associated internal controls, in employee orientation and management update forums, and other opportunities.
- Communicates changes in policies and directives that impact program areas (e.g. procurement, contract management, Delegation of Authority).
- Develops, tests, and implements a variety of financial system updates, modifications, funding models, and templates to improve system data management, financial reporting and control.

Financial Reporting
- Prepares, analyzes, monitors, reconciles and maintains reports on the expenditure/revenue accounts, encumbrances, purchase orders; and processes transactions including transfer payments, accruals and other accounting items, including financial changes/restatements due to reorganization. Reviews accounting activities and transactions for the ministry to ensure compliance with appropriate policies and practices and accounting standards.
- Analyzes balance sheet accounts in order to identify potential errors or misstatements in the accounts and to resolve misstatements.
- Prepares accounting/financial impact analysis of financial information from ministry program areas, and coordinates/prepares annual ministry statements and consolidated financial statements in order to ensure timely/accurate reconciliation of ministry/central accounts.
- Prepares the financial results and disclosures to be consolidated into the government's Public Accounts.
- Integrates financial and non-financial information to support the development, review and provision of timely and effective financial and management reports. Analyzes and summarizes relevant financial information from various sources, including the ministry's financial information systems, for presentation to management. - Reviews and reconciles systems' data (e.g. WIN cost code linkages, PCard, TCard, other codes) to ensure information accuracy and timely reporting.
- Performs variance analysis including year-over-year, budget to actuals, and interim to actuals, and presents this information to unit members.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
- OPS internal control frameworks and financial management policies, processes, best practices and related systems (e.g. IFIS), including capital accounting knowledge, internal control principles and practices, financial controls, operations risk management, and relevant legislation (e.g., Financial Administration Act, Income Tax Act), to provide a full range of controllership services, monitor and analyze financial data and ensure that appropriate controls are in place; and to prepare accurate financial reports and summaries.
- Public sector financial, accounting and audit theories, principles, practices and techniques, consolidation theory and practice, corporate accounting, financial management, reporting standards as established by the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) and Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) internal control frameworks, and Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) standards, in order to facilitate financial reporting and accountability, ensure the accuracy of information, monitor in-year and identify and recommend on budget variances and expenditure problems, and to provide financial analysis for the implementation/management of the ministry's corporate accounting and financial reporting functions, provide controllership services and advice and support to ministry managers on controllership and financial management procedures and requirements.
- Ministry programs, objectives, strategic business plans and directions, in order to assess and analyze financial information and trends and advise ministry management on controllership and financial matters appropriate to program needs.
- Quality assurance methods and procedures and auditing to support quality assurance reviews, assess compliance and ministry policies and procedures, and establish updated internal controllership quality assurance processes
- Generally accepted risk management frameworks, principles, practices, standards, methodologies, and current trends, in order to provide oversight, advice and expertise regarding the ministry's exposure to financial risk in reporting.
- Risk management and financial analysis, to conduct specific and ad-hoc, monthly, quarterly and annual financial analysis, and to prepare/confirm the accuracy of quarterly/annual ministry financial statements; and technical/financial management to assess reporting risks.
- Mathematical and analytical skills to prepare and interpret financial reports and documents in a timely manner for management.
- Oral and written communication and presentation skills, to discuss and explain controllership requirements and issues, prepare accurate and concise reports, impact analyses and other materials, conduct training sessions for management and staff, and craft messages in order to establish clear understanding
- Consultative and interpersonal skills to provide advice and recommendations to senior management based on research findings regarding ministry controllership matters.
- Planning, development, analysis, control and monitoring of financial information and functions of financial systems to ensure accuracy/integrity of financial information.
- Computer operation skills, standard desktop software and tools to participate in projects, prepare reports/presentations; operations and capabilities of large-scale computer systems for financial reporting (e.g.
IFIS) and to analyze financial data and generate reports.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

- Advisory and influencing skills to make effective recommendations and provide sound and compelling controllership/financial management options to senior management on ministry financial controllership and similar matters; to persuade program managers to follow required policies and instructions from central agencies or senior management, to accept alternate strategies for financial management and necessary improvements regarding financial control, accountability, and risk management.
- Influencing skills, to promote effective controllership and business practices within the ministry and to advise ministry managers on appropriate controllership and financial management procedures and requirements. - Presentation and communication skills, to provide expertise, exchange information; to interpret guidelines to management and present financial and non-financial information to management; to provide training to senior management and ministry staff on controllership and financial management principles and practices, accounting processes/standards/financial reporting requirements and related matters.
- Interpersonal and communication skills, to build and maintain effective working relationships with counterparts in other ministries, central agencies and the Office of the Provincial Controller Division to support horizontal, collaborative approaches to problem-solving.
- Advisory, stakeholder management and consulting skills to provide accounting and financial management advisory services to program areas and to present briefings and recommendations to management.
- Relationship management, collaboration and consensus building skills to liaise with representatives from other areas within and external to the ministry, pursue and consider the perspectives of others, represent the branch/division/ministry on inter-ministry committees and project teams, promote cross-program solutions, resolve issues, and implement corrective actions.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

- Investigate, research, and assess internal control and financial management issues and processes, to identify risks to operations, and to ensure that the appropriate control measures are in place and being followed. - Assess government/ministry financial policies and procedures to determine best practices to meet specific ministry needs, and to provide interpretations to management and staff.
- Review and assess business requirements to identify controllership requirements specific to the effective financial management of ministry programs.
- Conduct ad-hoc, monthly, quarterly and annual financial analysis in terms of diversity of account functions and financial management/reporting scope; and prepare/confirm the accuracy of quarterly/annual ministry's financial statements.
- Analyze, interpret and assess financial reports from ministry /program areas, prepare submission of ministry's consolidated financial statements to the Ministry of Finance and all ministry financial statements for inclusion in the Provincial Consolidated Public Accounts.
- Evaluate trends, standards and new policies/directives to identify areas of potential risk and future impact to assigned program and develop/recommend mitigation strategies and options and develop training materials. - Review, monitor and assess internal systems, controls, and accountability frameworks to ensure they support the integrity of the financial information and the Certificate of Assurance.
- Develop training materials to inform staff and management of internal control and financial management requirements, practices and procedures.
- Support quality assurance reviews to ascertain and ensure ministry adherence to directives and guidelines, and identify opportunities for improvement for program managers.
- Track and evaluate audit trails and implement corrective actions resulting from audit.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

- Providing centralized accounting/reporting, controllership and financial management expertise, advice and support; making recommendations to senior management and program managers and monitoring activities to ensure procedures are followed and meet required standards.
- Providing ongoing monitoring and analysis, reviewing ministry policies, processes and practices to ensure they include effective financial and internal control processes and promote appropriate financial management and recommending any necessary changes.
- Providing support to ministry information systems in order to mitigate unauthorized financial transactions that could impede program delivery.
- Conducting operational and organizational reviews, assessing risks and recommending improvements on internal control and best business practices.
- Providing training in controllership practices to management and staff, to enhance accountability and management of assets.
- Preparing ministry annual financial statements for inclusion in the Provincial Public Accounts.
- Preparing financial analyses, strategies and operational plans, recommendations, option submissions and briefing notes on corporate accounting and financial reporting initiatives, alternatives and issues; contributing to the development of policies/procedures/processes to enhance financial reporting and management.
- Conducting projects for the review and continuous improvement of accounting and financial management and reporting methods, standards, and guidelines; and supports the development and delivery of training.

Has latitude to:
- Investigate financial practices and issues within the ministry, including procurement, to ascertain
- controllership/financial effectiveness determine problems and risks; and develop and recommend solutions and options to achieve optimal controls.
- Research and analyze a variety of controllership and business process risk management issues, conduct quality assurance reviews to assess and ensure adherence to directives and requirements and identify opportunities for program improvement to current practices; recommend corrective actions to program managers and make recommendations and proposals to senior ministry management.
- Confirm/authorize the accuracy/integrity of the ministry financial information, produce/prepare financial statements and related variance/qualitative analysis; and to support the development and implementation of generic and customized training and business advice and recommendations to senior management on accounting and reporting risks and impacts.

Decisions are guided by: OPS and ministry policies, procedures, guidelines and practices regarding financial management, internal controls and accountability; OPS Internal Control Framework principles and practices; CICA Handbook and PSAB Handbook (i.e. Accounting/Auditing Guidance, GAAP).

Contacts / Stakeholder :

- Ministry managers and staff, to present advice and recommendations, solicit input, offer solutions to problems, interpret central agency directives, and educate in financial reporting risks, prudent controllership practices, risk assessment, accounting standards, financial reporting processes and Treasury Board requirements.
- Ministry managers and staff to provide advice, support and training on internal control and accountability matters; and to initiate and conduct quality assurance reviews, discuss findings, and recommend improvements. - Ministry managers on financial and administrative staff/coordinators to provide direction on systems access, usage and procedures, and on Delegation of Authority Framework.
- Ministry management, and any related Agencies, Boards and Commissions, to provide advice and recommendations on a wide variety of issues such as OPS financial policies/procedures, controllership best practices, risks, and mitigation options.
- Central agencies (e.g. Ontario Shared Services, Office of the Provincial Controller Division), to exchange information, resolve financial/controllership issues and processes, and represent the ministry on cross government financial/controllership committees/meetings.
- Representatives of Treasury Board to discuss/ensure consistency with corporate financial reporting requirements and to provide support during creation of the ministry's Public Accounts submission.
- Staff in shared services to make cost centre information corrections in WIN, and transaction information in PCard and TCard.

Guidance / Supervision :

- Provides technical guidance to unit staff (e.g. on internal control frameworks, Delegation of Authority Framework, financial signing authority,
- risk assessment forms, and completion of the Certificate of Assurance).
- Provides technical guidance to financial analysts/managers concerning controllership issues, including travel card/purchasing card items, and the accountability function; on financial reporting risks, accounting standards, financial reporting processes and Treasury Board requirements.
- Provides technical guidance to other ministry managers and staff regarding corporate and ministry internal control framework and operations/risk and control policies and procedures.
- Provides technical direction and guidance to assigned division/branch staff on assigned projects.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

Frequent requirement to work beyond normal business hours; frequent unexpected changes in deadlines or work demands on short notice and tight time pressures.

Mental / Sensory :

Frequent requirement to concentrate when reading and analyzing complex documents without interruption (e.g. briefing notes, information tables, procurement documentation, financial policies, information packages, Canada Revenue Agency Guides and Bulletins).

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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