Job Specification

Position Title:
Senior Product Manager
Job Code:
6A004 - Admin06
Job ID:

Purpose :

To lead a team of product managers in the development, design and implementation of strategies and business solutions; in designing, building, and advising on digital technology for ministries.

To provide research, analysis and planning expertise as well as project leadership to recommend and implement changes to existing programs/initiatives/projects and to create digital products that support these programs/initiatives.

To manage and lead the business analysis of the delivery of new/updated digital system/products, including the business process re-engineering and continuous improvement opportunities that optimizes services delivery to meet future program and initiative needs.

Key Responsibilities :

Manages projects and leads the business analysis of the delivery of new/updated digital system to meet future program/initiative needs; leads, plans and develops business cases and proposals for business process or system improvements to support recommended strategies and new service delivery initiatives, including options and risk analyses, to assess implications of proposed alternatives.

Conducts business needs analysis on current corporate/ministry programs/initiatives to update existing procedures and recommends/implements changes to existing programs/initiatives through the use of digital products and digital roadmaps; plans, conducts and reports on programs/initiatives and provides direction, advice and support to ministry teams, external consultants, and senior management; analyzes findings and prepares recommendations.
Consults with internal stakeholders to identify business needs, approaches, opportunities and challenges, and to facilitate buy-in and support of proposed changes and implementation; provides leadership in working with communications, policy and legal branches to obtain agreement on issues, policies and implementation plans of programs and initiatives.
Leads development of documentation and process mapping; plans business process improvements and internal communications initiatives to support changes; develops strategies to promote consistent implementation and acceptance of changes.
Conducts cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment/evaluation activities including developing risk mitigation strategies for presentation to senior management, the completion of detailed business/systems design of all improvement initiatives and identification of approaches, opportunities and challenges with respect to implementation.
Develops performance/outcome measures and program evaluation and applies models, tools and prototypes to identify, research and test new digital products/services and delivery methods to ensure and track progress on program/ initiatives.
Leads the implementation efforts at various stages of the project from concept to close-out ensuring compliance with the OPS project management and related methodologies; leads the development and management of project tracking systems and other mechanisms for the maintenance and reporting of the status of all branch initiatives; prepares project updates, briefing materials and presentations to government senior executives and steering committees for escalation of issues and timely decision making.
Provides advice to senior management on the interpretation and implementation of government processes, requirements and ministry direction, and advice to ministry program managers on risk management, performance measurement, cost-benefit analysis, and organizational improvement and stakeholder consultations.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
- Ministry policy, strategic direction and government policy direction to ensure ministry business objectives are considered and addressed in the development of submissions and the provision of information and advice.
- Business lifecycle management, business modelling, process methodology, prototyping methodologies and reengineering methods, standards and practices, data management and quantitative analysis to research, develop and evaluate business solutions and information management needs for the effective delivery of services, programs and business improvement initiatives.
- Conceptual, research, analytical, evaluation and problem-solving skills to assess new legislation, policy and the information management and business solutions impact on program or service delivery, and to apply statistical and analytical techniques.
- Project management theory, techniques, and principles to provide project management and oversight, consult on project processes, review project mandates, objectives and deadlines, and provide briefings on results and progress.
- Performance management and reporting principles and processes, performance metrics, quality assurance standards and processes, and client satisfaction measurement; change management and risk management combined with business process improvement/re-engineering principles and processes to provide leadership in the development of strategic plans and change management initiatives and their roll-out.
- Issues management methodologies and practices and OPS issues management processes and systems to ensure the effective resolution of issues and problems.
- Understanding of the digital marketplace, digital platforms and technology and market trends to identify product opportunities.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

Communication skills to exchange and obtain information from ministry management and provide advice and guidance on program evaluation; to prepare and present reports, recommendations and briefing materials, discuss/address issues and priorities.
Facilitation skills to develop and build working relationships/partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, and make presentations and briefs management, staff and stakeholder representatives.
Consulting skills to advise clients and senior management on the interpretation and implementation of government processes, requirements and ministry direction with respect to program evaluation and business review.
Persuasion skills to negotiate with clients to enlist cooperation who may have differing viewpoints; promote quality and consistency in program evaluations across the ministry.
Advisory skills to respond to branch staff inquiries, provide information on program evaluation issues, performance measures and their alignment with programs directions.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analyzing and problem-solving skills to:
- Prepare program evaluation frameworks, conducts qualitative, quantitative, financial and statistical analyses to ascertain relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, affordability and sustainability of initiatives/programs, identify impacts and implications and develop recommendations.
- Interpret and apply multiple analytical and statistical methods and techniques to identify and anticipate changesin workload and resource needs.
- Assess changes in corporate policies, technological innovations and service initiatives to identify business process requirements, issues, gaps, opportunities, risks and solutions.
- Identify innovative, viable business strategies and approaches that increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of digital systems/products.
- Design, conduct, and evaluate costing and data models where models cannot be developed from existing data.
- Identify sources, analyzes and synthesizes critical information, data and pertinent indicators to assist senior management with program and service planning.
- Research, investigate and assess relevance of information; interpret and analyze issues or problems; formulate project/business options and the optimal solution; and make recommendations to management, while dealing with multiple, complex issues.
- Plan and implement program evaluations and business reviews, determine project objectives, monitor and manage external contracts, coordinate data collection and analysis performed by others to deadlines.
- Initiate, estimate, coordinate project budgets and schedules, planning of resources, monitoring and reporting of project status, reviewing quality of work to ensure high standards are met by project team.
- Plan and coordinate to design business solutions or performance measurement and reporting projects, and to gather information from business areas.
- Coordinate, plan, develop and deliver internal communications, outreach, and engagement initiatives to increase staff engagement and understanding of ministry business

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
- Providing corporate, strategic advice, project leadership, and digital products/systems improvements and resources for the effective management of critical business solutions, information and measurement that enable core business service delivery programs.
- Leading complex projects that recommend business process, product, system and reporting improvements, identify best practices, processes and procedures, and provide data for analyzing product/system/service delivery effectiveness.
- Providing business consulting services (research, analysis, project management, recommendations and advice) to partners and stakeholders across all divisions.
- Defining products, developing and maintaining product road maps, and defining acceptance criteria.
- Leading and providing direction to project staff in carrying out ongoing research and analysis to identify best practices, develop critical business solutions and provide advice and business/systems/product analysis and business process re-engineering expertise to government senior executives.
- Providing effective and strategic business solutions and information management advice to senior executives, senior management, partners, stakeholders and clients; anticipating business and information requirements and planning accordingly.
- Making decisions for the quality, reliability and applicability of program analysis and evaluations and recommendations made to support and inform senior management decision making; that they are aligned with corporate strategic direction, achieve business objectives and improve program and service delivery, and the management of associated projects.
- Implementing and maintaining procedures and systems, quality assurance and quality control assessments of project management processes and deliverables.

Responsibilities are performed under the general direction of the manager, and within the broad framework of relevant legislation, directives, policies, standards, and business planning procedures.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

Ministry management to provide advice and guidance on program evaluation, exchange and obtain information.

Internal and external stakeholders to develop and build working relationships.

Management, staff, and stakeholder representatives to make presentations and present briefings.

Clients and senior management to consult and advise on the interpretation and implementation of government processes, requirements and ministry direction with respect to program evaluation and business reviews.

Clients to enlist cooperation who may have differing viewpoints; promote quality and consistency in program evaluations across the ministry.
Branch staff to respond to inquiries, provide information on program evaluation issues, performance measures and their alignment with programs directions.

Guidance / Supervision :

Provides team leadership to product managers in delivering new products and product enhancements, and provides mentorship and coaching to team members. Plans, schedules and directs the work of project team members.

Provides guidance and direction to ministry staff, partners, and other ministries on ministry initiatives and programs.

Provides guidance to program areas on digital systems/products, data sources and the collection and context of data.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

Frequently required to respond to client requests with short turnaround times.

Manages multiple concurrent projects with unexpected and/or conflicting priorities, significant demands, and complex issues requiring resolution.

Mental / Sensory :

Frequent periods of concentration to review statistical models, analyze and synthesize critical information, data and pertinent indicators.

Frequent periods of concentration to assist senior management with program and service planning and recommending cost-effective optimal business system solution.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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