Job Specification

Position Title:
Senior Developer/Programmer
Job Code:
17160 - Systems Officer 5
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide expertise in design, development, implementation and maintenance services and to support high-demand enterprise-wide applications built on cluster technology platforms.

To translate documented business requirements into system solutions.

To serve as a Branch expert in the use of cluster technology platforms, and to provide leadership and advice about platforms.

To provide technical team leadership to assigned staff and/or project teams.

Duties / Responsibilities :

The Job requires:
1. Leading and providing highly specialized technical support for the technical design, development, implementation and maintenance of the portfolio of applications built on cluster technology platforms in compliance with Cluster/enterprise standards.

2. Providing application design, development and data management expertise, and performing advanced analysis to implement and design data base and application components.

3. Leading technical aspects of multiple concurrent or sequential application development/network telecommunication projects, including planning, estimating resources, providing highly specialized technical guidance, co-ordination and instruction, monitoring progress and problem-solving, and reporting to management with recommendations. Projects cover any aspect of application development/network telecommunication and include major activities such as: performing critical evaluations of typically complex cluster applications, including the most complex ones, and developing recommendations for improvement; managing technical change, installation, configuration, maintenance and tuning; troubleshooting by anticipating, identifying, diagnosing and resolving very serious incidents/problems; systems analysis and capacity planning; disaster planning and security.

4. Supporting system performance and quality by establishing practices and monitoring system for security, performance, etc; planning and scheduling technical aspects of approved system upgrades; monitoring and reporting on the acquisition and installation of approved software and hardware; ensuring appropriate use of contractors; and developing contingency plans for emergency recovery. Ensuring that support activities for the portfolio of applications are co-ordinated between the Cluster, MGS-ITS and the client business area(s).

5. Contributing highly specialised technical expertise to assist with the development of Information Technology Plans and other documents, ensuring that recommendations are congruent with overall work goals and corporate directions. Anticipating and conceptualizing management needs for environmental/resources data. Consulting with client management and staff to communicate technical analysis, limitations and considerations; explain the advantages/disadvantages of various options for program/service delivery; and seek consensus. Providing solutions to address new/modified business requirements.

6. Providing technical support and skills building. E.g.: providing ongoing client service regarding the highly specialized aspects of the portfolio of applications built on cluster technology platforms: participating in helping users manage change resulting from IT decisions, and providing change-related support, technical explanations and assistance for the user community; providing technical advice and assistance to cluster Systems Officers; providing guidance to other systems staff in the use of cluster technology platforms for developing systems solutions.

7. Participating on various committees to representing the Cluster regarding corporate initiatives. Serving as systems advisor on program (non-systems) projects and providing recommendations on system solutions.

8. Working with internal staff and external consultants to ensure that all Cluster standards, guidelines, policy and procedures regarding application and database development, configuration and application security design and implementation are met and/or addressed, documented and/or approved by the Cluster.

9. Providing technical specifications for managers to use in RFPs, RFQs, etc.; performing analyses and assessments of technical aspects of vendors' bids; and providing technical leadership to the selected vendor (s) as assigned.

Management has the right to assign other duties

Staffing and Licencing :


Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of:
• Comprehensive knowledge of cluster technology platforms (e.g. Java/JEE, BPM, and related multi-tiered I&IT technologies, JSP/Servlet, JEE, EJB, JNDI, JDBC, JMS, JPA, JAXB, JCache; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts and geographic information uses, management tools, issues and business rules; business rules and procedures for managing corporate and local geographic and related tabular information; ESRI suite; Lotus Notes, Domino, LotusLive, Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI), Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS); Open Database Connectivity (ODBC); XML/XSL/XSLT, WebServices, Rational Application Developer (RAD), Software Architect (RSA), WebSphere Integration Developer (WID), Process Designer, Power Designer, WebSphere ND, WebSphere Process Server, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), SUN Solaris, Windows OS, VPN, PKI, LDAP, Oracle10g, Siebel, DBMS, PL/SQL, .NET, Zachman Framework; cloud computing) and related standards, to provide comprehensive expert technical expertise, cost estimates and leadership.
• Extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art IT security management, micro/mini and personal computer systems, to provide application design, development and data management expertise, and perform advanced analysis to implement and design data base and application components.
• Information engineering methodologies (e.g. Agile, RUP etc.), tools, techniques, data base management, systems design, information architecture, data modeling and warehousing concepts and practice, in order to: conduct application development and enhancements; provide data management expertise; analyze, plan and implement database design; develop standards and frameworks for application development; provide solutions for data recovery, integrity, security; and analyze data base performance.
• Analytical tools, to anticipate, plan and lead the technical implementation of information systems for management.
• Client needs and business environments to define technical scope of work with the Manager and develop highly specialized technical RFP specifications.
• Relevant legislation (e.g. client ministries' legislation, Freedom of Information Act and related regulations), and clients' issues, priorities and programs in order to anticipate management needs for information systems; analyze, interpret and understand client needs; prepare requests for I&IT proposals for data base and application development services.
• Cluster I&IT plans, project planning methodology and Cluster business, processes and requirements, to recommend systems development solutions which promote Cluster I&IT strategies and goals while also meeting business needs/priorities of (internal) clients and the public.
• Project management methodology software, analytical tools and processes, to lead projects, develop project plans and schedules, estimate resources required and conduct technical and financial analysis of vendor proposals.
• Problem-solving techniques to provide technical leadership and solutions which deal efficiently and effectively with a very wide variety of highly specialized systems administration technical, operational and service problems.
• RFP and tendering process, contract management, to ensure own input is compliant with corporate standards and client needs.
• Customer service techniques to provide data, reports, problem resolution, education and information
• Technical change management, training and education techniques to support clients through I&IT technology change.
• Leadership and teambuilding techniques to lead developers on projects and support developing project plans.

Skills :

Job requires skills in:
• Using the highly specialized systems and methodologies described in Knowledge Section to provide expertise in design, development, implementation and maintenance services and to support high-demand enterprise-wide applications built on cluster technology platforms.
• Analysis and problem solving, to assess complex information/systems needs which are very diverse and/or broad in nature and developing I&IT solutions which are cost effective and improve client program/service delivery.
• Interpreting/translating documented business requirements into solution options that meet client needs.
• Developing I&IT project priorities by analyzing requirements and making recommendations that reflect the stakeholders' very varied business needs/requirements/plans, program/service delivery requirements and resource limitations.
• Analyzing and evaluating solution design alternatives for very diverse situations and business needs; developing recommendations for modifications; and, after full assessment of efficiency/flexibility, standards, costs, time constraints, and future development considerations, developing appropriate solutions for systems and technology approaches, appropriate hardware and software configuration to address situations with very broad impacts or potential exceptions from the rule.
• Trouble-shooting and problem management, combined with strong tolerance for ambiguity in order to analyze problems and determine root causes, deal with potential exceptions from the rule, and provide viable solutions for very diverse problems which have broad implications.
• Conceptualizing approaches to meeting new business requirements by designing new, or modifying existing, components of the portfolio of applications built on cluster technology platforms, or other software.
• Conducting detailed application and systems analysis and design: deriving functional/data requirements; and evaluating alternatives, data and functional models for client program areas and public access.
• Evaluating and recommending new systems development techniques/frameworks, software and technology for acquisition by the Cluster.
• Managing concurrent and very diverse projects and assignments.
• Written and oral communications to write, explain and present very complex technical concepts, options, reports and recommendations for decision-makers whose expertise may not be in Java or other I&IT technologies in use in the projects; explain alternate solutions to meet systems development requirements; establish effective working relationships and provide instruction for less experienced team members and users; negotiate with and instruct vendors; and prepare systems and user documentation.
• Teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills to lead multi-disciplinary teams; discuss and develop support for recommended approach to achieve service delivery and business goals.
• Analysis and documentation skills to identify, describe and document technical needs for RFPs, and evaluate vendors' responses to those specifications.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires:
• Using judgement to translate broader goals and objectives into project or operational specifications within organizational policy and to develop testing modifications or conduct new systems development as pilot projects prior to production release.
• Reasoning, planning, interpreting and analyzing to find innovative solutions, to solve very diverse problems or specific difficult development problems which have very broad impacts and for which there may be no precedent, and possibly to deal with exceptions from the rule.
• Exercising latitude in decision-making by determining how best to deliver solutions based on client needs; recommending particular information technology approaches for projects; determining necessary adjustments to the development process to ensure quality of product and that time lines and changing priorities and requirements are met.
• Using judgment and discretion to provide advice and instruction to users and systems officers regarding the implementation of new or modified systems or modules.
• Developing business practices (e.g. audit requirements, security, etc.) for data management to ensure client needs are met, and to incorporate new technology.
• Using judgement to work within cluster policies and guidelines for delivery of systems and cluster policies and directives for I&IT development and acquisition, as applied to very diverse problems which have broad implications.
• Providing appropriate team leadership and co-ordination; ensuring provision of sound needs assessments, costing, resource estimation and deployment; developing project milestones and performance benchmarks for approval; evaluating approved technical aspects of work performance; developing and implementing remedies and improvements.
• Managing relationships and providing appropriate support to a wide variety of management stakeholders and clients.
• Finding effective ways to communicate, educate and guide peers, counterparts, team members, stakeholders and users.
• Participating in the RFP and tendering process effectively and contributing to process integrity (e.g. developing comprehensive, very complex technical specifications, assisting in evaluating responses, participating in contract negotiations); managing vendors' ongoing performance.
• Determining when to refer to manager for decisions (e.g. identifying the need for approval for applications enhancement and changes in project direction; resources issues; issues related to the development of new methods and approaches related to I&IT services provided to clients).

Work is reviewed by the Manager at key milestones for progress and achievement in relation to project objectives, resource commitments, time lines and budget.

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