Job Specification

Position Title:
Senior Recreational Programs Assistant
Job Code:
02920 - Museum Assistant (Trainee)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide leadership in the supervision of Recreational Programs participants. To deliver a variety of science-based, informal hands on programs, demonstrations and activities geared toward OSC priority audiences of families and children. To act as a source of information and assistance in the interpretation of science and technology concepts related to Recreational Programs and OSC exhibits while acting as an ambassador of the Science Centre with parents, members and other stakeholders.

These positions are irregular/on-call, which may include evening, weekend and Statutory holiday work with no guarantee of hours. Peak program times vary throughout the year and there will be a high demand for Senior RPAs to commit to working full-time hours during our summer camp and youth programs.

*We expect to hire 13-15 candidates for this role.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Under the leadership and direction of the Manager, Recreational & Family Learning Experiences and technical supervision of Recreational and Family Program Leaders, the position:

1. Provides leadership in the supervision of Recreational Programs participants and activities by:
- Leading and maintaining an environment and atmosphere conducive to safe, enjoyable and well-organized Recreational Programs
- Greeting, guiding and supervising program participants
- Ensuring client satisfaction through customer service excellence
- Reviewing area-specific emergency response protocol
- Providing first aid to participants in cases of emergency
- Being responsible for participants while they take part in program activities throughout the Science centre such as: exploring exhibit halls; IMAX films; lunchtime; outdoor activities etc
- Setting up, maintaining and cleaning up program delivery spaces and supply inventory;
- Communicating with parents on a regular basis regarding daily activities of participants
- Escalates issues regarding health and safety to program Leaders and/or Manager, as appropriate
- Trouble-shooting during program delivery; if unable to resolve problem(s), refer to Recreational and Family Program Leader or Manager, Recreational & Family Learning Experience

2. Presents a variety of pre-developed demonstrations, workshops and activities for OSC's Recreational Programs by:
- Delivering program activities and interactive, educational demonstrations in a safe, organized and engaging manner
- Adapting presentations to meet audience needs e.g. age level, language level, examples, learning needs and styled, special needs (physically and/or intellectually challenged, hearing of sight impaired, etc.)
- Exciting participants about science and technology, asking provoking questions, stimulating thought and arousing curiosity
- Encouraging/facilitating audience interaction
- Maintain relevance and currency of established programs by incorporating new developments and ideas in the areas of science and technology
- Setting up, maintaining and cleaning up program delivery spaces and supply inventory
- Representing the OSC at off-site locations (trade shows, conferences, camp fairs, etc.),
Assisting with other events in the OSC (such as Facility Rental events, Membership events, special events, etc.)

3. Serves as a source for science and technology information related to Recreational Programs and the OSC exhibit halls by:
- Answering participants' questions on a wide range of science and technology topics
- Illustrating the relevance of science and technology concepts by making participants aware of how science is involved in and affects their daily lives
- Providing feedback on the operation of programs, including customer/visitor comments, to the Manager and Program Leaders

4. Performs other duties as required or assigned.

Staffing and Licencing :

Standard First Aid & CPR. Work schedule includes evenings, overnight and weekend work. Occasional travel to off-site locations for conferences, fairs, trade shows, program delivery at special events etc.
This position requires a Vulnerable Services Sector check under the OPS Employment Screening Check Policy which includes a criminal record check (CPIC).

Knowledge :

Job requires strong interest in/knowledge of science and technology topics and current research developments/trends as related to existing Recreational Programs, demonstrations, workshops, activities and exhibits. Job also requires knowledge of techniques/apparatus used in workshops to demonstrate specific scientific and technological concepts. Job requires knowledge of related health and safety requirements and knowledge of how to troubleshoot routine technical difficulties encountered during presentations

Job requires knowledge of group/classroom management techniques to ensure participant behaviour does not negatively affect program delivery for each of the 15-25 participants in the group.

Job requires demonstrated knowledge of the principles of participant interaction, visitor care and demonstrated understanding of informal science and technology education and presentation principles/techniques to deliver engaging, exciting, dramatic and interactive presentations, demonstrations and activities which effectively interests and educates participants of different ages, education and needs

Job requires general knowledge of exhibitions, exhibits, films and events to answer routine questions from participants and OSC visitors

Job requires knowledge of emergency response protocol and emergency exits in specific exhibition areas to review with program participants

Skills :

Job requires dynamic dramatic arts/coaching skills, creativity and imagination to adapt presentation language level, style, pace and illustrative examples to meet diverse groups' needs so that information is understandable, relevant and accessible e.g. groups of different sizes, ages, gender, culture, interests, academic backgrounds and special needs and to suit various spaces where programs are held e.g. exhibit halls, auditorium, etc. Job requires practiced leadership skills for children and youth ages 2-16. Job requires interpersonal, organizational, problem solving and technical troubleshooting skills to respond immediately with self-awareness, empathy and a positive attitude to questions and other unexpected situations arising during interactions with program participants wherever they may occur in the Centre as well as at presentations, during workshops e.g. special needs, equipment malfunction. Demonstrated initiative, leadership and teamwork skills. Demonstrated sound decision making, dependability, reliability, flexibility and multi-tasking skills. Demonstrated commitment to customer service and care.
Because the nature of the position is that the incumbent is at times solely in charge of a group of children and youth volunteers, job requires strength in initiative, leadership, judgement and decision making.
The ability to prepare activity plans for a diverse group of program participants.

Freedom of Action :

Job works under the administrative direction of the Manager and supervision of the Recreational and Family Program Leaders who ensure the position follows established OSC/department visitor care and customer service standards and follows training instructions on pre-developed demonstration, workshop and program content and safe operation of equipment, apparatus and interactive exhibits. Recreational and Family Program Leaders are readily available to coach, monitor and provide technical assistance on all aspects of the position's functions.

Freedom exists to modify the style, language level, pace and illustrative examples to meet participants' diverse needs. Freedom also exists to take immediate action to deal with unforeseen problems e.g. defusing potential difficult situations, situations and behaviour that could be dangerous to participants, troubleshooting technical/mechanical equipment malfunctions during demonstrations, rendering immediate aid until Protective Service arrives on the scene, etc., referring unresolved problems to Recreational and Family Program Leaders and/or Manager.

Work is reviewed for overall effectiveness, quality and participant satisfaction

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