Job Specification

Position Title:
Data Developer
Job Code:
17158 - Systems Officer 4
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

- To develop, execute, maintain, administrate databases and to perform data analysis (diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive) and intelligence solutions. in support of the Ministry of Natural Resources application portfolio.
- Work with project team and take part in development database design and dissemination of data from provincial natural resource and topographic databases
- Monitor the health of databases and address issues as they arise as well as "incidents" raise by client. - Work with team to improve delivery of service and introduce operational efficiencies to data pipelines and storage structure solutions.
- Work with team to develop, test, implement, and support advanced analytics (diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive) and self-serve analytics solution.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Ensuring that all databases managed through LRC are operational and optimized to perform at acceptable levels.
- Work with project team and establish good operational requirements.
- Work with all IT partners and implement solutions as designed . determining database structure and system operating issues (such as levels of user access, security measures, data storage and retention, response times, reporting requirements, etc); monitoring and/or executing, on an ongoing basis, data base and information system administration procedures (back-up, recovery, tuning, upgrades, migration, etc);
- Work within individual/team environment, designing database structures by users requirements and technology and consulting with clients as necessary, developers, programmers; developing physical data models based from

conceptual or logical data models; or modifying existing physical models and recommend/implement performance measure, while adherence to LRC/OPS standards; developing data management guidelines for use/maintenance of data bases that ensure information security, accessibility, data base integrity and which comply with corporate/ministry standards, policies and guidelines; providing quality assurance of spatial data by:
troubleshooting spatial data problems and performing quality control and making necessary fixes to spatial data sets.
Seek and apply innovative ideas through partnerships, research and a smart-risk approach to trying new things - Support evidence-based decision-making and produce actionable insights which are accurate, easy to understand, and unbiased.
- Perform analysis, development, testing, implementation, support, enhancements of data science, machine learning, advanced analytics (diagnostics, predictive, and prescriptive) and business intelligence solutions, selfserve analytics solutions, data pipelines, and storage structure solutions.
- Contribute to the coding/implementation of methods to ingest, stream, capture, store, extract, transform, structure, process, synthesize, load, mine, profile, wrangle, prepare, visualize and analyse data to be used in the creation of data lake, database, data warehouse, and analytical models.
- Create dashboards, reports, and analytical graphics by using different data visualization tools and
coding/programming /scripting to present insights, support business decision making, and allow the end-user to immerse themselves in the data and discover insights independently.
- Code, integrate, configure, operate, support, and maintain large volume data, analytics, and data science platforms and environments.
Perform other duties as assigned

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of relational/spatial database management and administration, and information architecture theory, principles and techniques, techniques of data modeling using computer aided software, and use of information engineering tools to: analyze client data management requirements; assess options, conduct feasibility studies on hardware/software and data management standards; advise clients on short/long term strategies relating these to business plans; develop policies, standards, procedures for administration of database systems.

Job requires knowledge of a wide range of computer system technologies, including server-based technologies as well as personal computer systems, application and database management software (for example, Oracle, Oracle Enterprise Manager), and database development methodology, programming languages (SQL PL/SQL), and relational database concepts. This is required to coordinate the design and development of databases and data management structures, data dictionaries, data storage and retrieval techniques, and optimizing database performance.
Job requires knowledge of range of current and emerging:
- Coding/programming/scripting languages, platforms, methods, techniques, and tools for design, development, and implementation of big data, analytics, and data science solutions.

- Data science methods and techniques, such as, but not limited to: ingestion, streaming, capture, storage, extraction, transformation, structuring, processing, synthesizing, loading, mining, profiling, wrangling, analysis, preparation visualization and other related disciplines.
- Analytical methods and techniques, such as, but not limited to: statistical analysis and modelling, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, algorithms, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and other related disciplines.
- Coding and modelling of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms (clustering, anomaly detection, multi-classification, regression, two-class classification).
- Coding in SQL, Python, and other data, analytics, machine learning languages, and developing web services andAPIs.
- Databricks/Spark, Azure SQL Server, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Analysis Services and other cloudbased data and analytics PaaS services.
- Source code control tools such as DevOps and Git Repos, and data engineering practices.
- Range of analytical methods, techniques, and tools for analytics and self-serve analytics.
- Analysing data in source systems to identify data cleanliness issues (e.g., missing values, duplicate meanings, and invalid data).
- Data collection, processing, transformation, exploring, analyzing, and communicating processes and techniques.
- Accessing, querying, testing, and validating data content to drive quality and consistency within solutions.- Broad understanding of data management, financial and business analysis, database/ data warehouse, data lake, and analysis cube architectures, and information visualization.
- DevOps and Data Engineering practices.
- Coding/developing web services, API and micro services.

Skills :

Job requires analytical and evaluative skills to: design data bases, analyse & develop project plans, data management structures and overall data base operation efficiencies, requirements and standards; identifying user problems, system and information bottlenecks and feasible solutions, developing security levels and security procedures; determining specific approaches and most cost effective solutions, applying and/or adapting precedents to solve problems, and designing the data base; analysing requirements and trade-offs between flexibility, complexity, processing, communications, and specific features to determine modifications to existing applications.
Job requires analysis of client's operations and business goals and objectives to develop and recommend standards and procedures for operating issues such as user access, security measures, data storage and retention, data manipulation and reporting capabilities.
Job requires technical and coding/programming/scripting skills to
- Leverage, utilize, support, maintain and operate large volume data, analytics, and data science platforms (for example: databases, data warehouses, data lakes, data factory).
- Create, maintain, support and operate large volume data, self-serve analytics, machine learning, advanced analytics (diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive), and artificial intelligence solutions.
Job requires evaluative skills to research and assess potential ministry use of new information engineering and data management and analytics techniques, methodologies, software and hardware.
Job requires oral communication skills to: exchange information during development and operation of data bases; to obtain information from other staff and advise on technical requirements, and to collaborate to achieve efficient operation explain data.
Good written communication skills to:
-Communicate information to both a technical and non-technical audience.

-Prepare project reports, analysis, recommendations, design/development documentation manuals and senior level briefing materials, cost benefits analysis, and reports.
Good interpersonal and relationship building skills to: clarify and discuss options with clients and work in a team environment.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within Land and Resources Cluster/government directives, policies and guidelines for the acquisition and use of information technology, within recognized systems/database design and development practices, data management techniques and methods.

Job requires latitude for decision-making in: determining adjustments to database design specifications; recommending opportunities for productivity improvement and database optimization; determining how best to define and characterize client needs. Work is reviewed at key critical stages only of project by manager, for accomplishment of goals and objectives and completion of deliverables.

Job requires determining parameters and scope of review/analysis of client operations and data management requirements in preparation for feasibility studies; determining and recommending data management strategy to client and recommending related policies, standards and procedures for operation and administration (e.g. levels of user access, security measures, data manipulation and storage capabilities); identifying opportunities for data sharing and integration across projects/programs; determining testing and implementation plans.

Job refers to supervisor/manager problems/issues such as insufficient resources, acquisition of hardware or software to carry out design and development of database and consults on sharing of technology or integration of data among different clients/programs. Job requires awareness of new and upcoming technologies such as new management tools and software versions

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