Job Specification

Position Title:
Indigenous Relations Intern
Job Code:
12100 - Community Planner 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assist with the development of operational policy, procedures and guidance, including for resource development planning; to prepare communications products, briefing materials and support issues management; to assist in planning for and participating in engagement with the public and Indigenous people; and, to assist with data management projects.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Assisting with the development of operational policy, procedures and guidance, including resource management planning, by: researching and preparing background reports and discussion papers (e.g., gathering, analyzing, evaluating and summarizing information from a variety of sources), developing and evaluating policy options, drafting and reviewing operational policies, procedures and other guidance, and making recommendations to
peers and management.

2. Preparing communications products, briefing materials and supporting issues management by: summarizing the findings of information and knowledge management projects; drafting briefing materials on issues which set out situational information or seek direction, including options and recommendations; and, gathering information to provide timely responses to inquiries on the status of issues.

3. Assisting in planning for and participating in engagement with the public and Indigenous people by drafting agendas and making arrangements for hosting meetings, workshops and open houses; and recording, organizing,

summarizing and managing records of the engagement that occurs at these events.

4. Assisting with data management projects. The incumbent shall, while in the workplace, conduct themselves in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and any workplace practices as directed by their immediate supervisor and in accordance with the Internal Responsibility System as outlined in the Act.

Knowledge :

Understanding of, or the ability to gain an understanding of, relevant legislation and policy governing land use planning and natural resource management planning, in order to prepare background reports, discussion papers, and to draft and review operational policies, procedures and other guidance.

Understanding of the theory, principles and practices in land use planning or a discipline of natural resource management, and ecological theory, in order to draft operational policies, procedures and other guidance on land use planning that relate to natural resources and ecological systems.

Knowledge of Ontario's Indigenous peoples, culture, governance, community perspectives and political dynamics, to work effectively with a team focused on Indigenous Relations and to contribute to regional goals and initiatives.

Knowledge of tools and techniques for gathering, analyzing, evaluating and summarizing information, and developing and evaluating policy options and recommendations.

Knowledge of public consultation processes, tools and techniques in order to assist in the design, administration and recording of engagement with public and Indigenous people at meetings, workshop and open houses.

Knowledge of Indigenous cultures and traditions.

Knowledge of or the ability to acquire knowledge of government decision-making and policy development processes.

Knowledge of basic computer applications in order to gather and interpret data and information and prepare written reports.

Knowledge of information management techniques in order to utilize computer file structures and assist in the management of electronic records.

Knowledge of worker responsibility as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Skills :

Communication and Interpersonal skills to provide and exchange information, prepare and present material, participate in meetings, and communicate to stakeholders and Indigenous people in a clear, concise, accurate and respectful manner.

Organizational and time management skills in order to work on multiple tasks and achieve results in defined timelines.

Teamwork skills and flexibility to work cooperatively and collaboratively within a team or workgroup, including contributing fully and actively to team projects, to achieve group and organizational goals.

Problem solving and research skills in order to define policy issues, gather, analyze and evaluate background data and information, and develop and evaluate options and recommendations, for addressing these issues.

The ability to comprehend legislation framework, ecological and natural resource management policy, theory, principles and practices, in order to prepare reports and discussion papers, and assist in the preparation procedures and other guidance.

Facilitation skills in order to assist in the administration of meetings, workshops and open houses with the public and Indigenous people.

Computer skills (e.g., word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation and email software; internet browsers) in order to gather, manage, interpret and evaluate data and information, and write reports and other documents.

Freedom of Action :

Work is carried out under direction and guidance of senior unit staff.

Work is reviewed by others for completeness and accuracy.

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