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Position Title:
Team Lead, Marketing
Job Code:
02707 - Information Officer 4
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Purpose of Position :

To lead a team that builds, maintains and evolves traditional and digital marketing strategies in order to deliver a best-in-class content strategy, develop breakthrough creative ideas, and create a personalized and connected experience for our visitors.

To lead the development and implementation of strategic marketing plans that increase Science Centre revenue and attendance, build brand awareness, and increase visitor engagement.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Acts as a team lead and subject matter expert in digital and traditional marketing and social media content for senior management, the Marketing and Strategic Communications Branch and program area clients on developing an integrated marketing strategy to advance the business and communications objectives of the Ontario Science Centre in alignment with its mission, vision, goals, and strategic plan.

2. Leads junior staff and oversees all phases of marketing strategy conceptualization, development, and implementation to promote visitor attendance, new and existing exhibits, specific programming, public education, and revenue-generating offerings including school program bookings, facility rentals, camp and recreational activities bookings, membership registration, etc.

3. Develops project/program objectives, plans, priorities and time-lines and assigns responsibilities to team members while providing training and technical direction/guidance, monitoring project quality and progress and identifying and resolving issues.

4. Leads and executes all stages of marketing program development including brief writing, creative and copy evaluation and feedback, detailed testing, and monitoring of results.

5. Manages digitally focused cross-channel marketing strategies and initiatives to drive business results and support key business objectives across the full product lifecycle.

6. Champions the promotion and adoption of modern marketing tactics within the Science Centre by supporting market research, presenting research and evaluation results, and clearly explaining expected return on investment of proposed marketing strategies.

7. Optimizes end-to-end campaigns (including segments, creative, content, networks, channels, tactics, etc.) in real-time to drive traffic and improve marketing program effectiveness.

8. Develops and maintains continually updated visitor experience documents in order to research the relevant needs of Science Centre visitors and translate this information into targeted advertising and marketing campaigns.

9. Develops a deep understanding of key market segments, drawing from multiple sources of data including analytics, insight, and marketing performance metrics; provides regular reporting and analysis of key metrics and performance indicators.

10. Prepares and manages the marketing budget including the tracking expenses, analysis of return-on-investment and profitability, and provides monthly updates and ad-hoc reports as required to both the Communications branch and senior management.

11. Leads the team of marketing staff in consulting with external vendors to ensure the effective implementation of marketing components of strategic communications plans according to government and industry standards.

12. Ensures that relevant program objectives and information including market research, current product offerings, attendance and revenue targets, marketing positions and strategic direction are clearly understood by vendors to ensure that corporate strategies are accurately and consistently reflected in all advertising campaigns and any supporting materials.

13. Oversees work of the advertising agency of record to ensure timelines and budget are maintained as agreed and assesses agency proposals with internal input from relevant managers.

14. Works closely with the Advertising Review Board to ensure that fair, transparent and responsible practices are followed in the acquisition of creative services and that the government receives value for money in all of its advertising and communication contracts.

15. Acts as primary contact with outside exhibitors and film distributors to ensure materials are received in a timely manner for internal marketing and communications needs including key art assets, copy, visuals, resources, etc. and manages the approvals process for created materials (signage, collateral, ads, web, e-news, etc.)

16. Creates, maintains and executes on-site signage that enhances the brand and improves the visitor experience in partnership with exhibition and programming staff.

17. Designs, educates and enforces internal processes for the implementation of marketing and advertising activities by sharing information and providing guidance to colleagues and clients during the development phase of advertising and communications strategies.

18. Builds and maintains critical relationships across the Science Centre and the Ontario Public Service to ensure the Science Centre's marketing and advertising services align with strategic corporate direction and priorities of other areas.

19. Leads research, testing and evaluation of industry developments in marketing and advertising and builds test-and-learn plans into all marketing initiatives, evaluating and sharing results with the broader marketing team. Recommends new approaches and strategies to senior management.

20. Identifies and recommends to the Director any additional technical resources required, and oversees the procurement of vendor services in compliance with OPS directives.

21. Advises and makes recommendations to management on strategic purchases and training for staff to ensure effective use of equipment and skills for marketing and advertising and coordinates such purchases within procurement guidelines and directives.

Knowledge :

Position requires knowledge of:
Communications theory, techniques, and practices with specialization in marketing to provide expert advice to Branch and senior management on the design and application of marketing and advertising activities in different contexts (promotional and informational) and for different audiences (internal and external).

Specialized knowledge of communication production and industry standards for promotional material development (e.g., printing, graphic design and layout, photography, audio and video editing) to provide effective leadership to the delivery of marketing services and accurate advice to staff, clients and management.

Project management and leadership experience to effectively plan, assign tasks, organize, execute, monitor and evaluate marketing projects and participate in department and cross­ department projects and committees.

Current use and trends in digital marketing (including websites, mobile versions, video, podcasts, social media, online communication, social networks, etc) and traditional marketing (including billboards, brochures, flyers, radio, and other promotional materials) to ensure that expert advice provided to Branch and senior management is up-to-date and captures the fast-changing marketing environment.

Government/ministry standards, legislation, directives and guidelines applicable to marketing/advertising to ensure accuracy of advice, compliance and effective team leadership and quality control.

OPS standards for design, clear writing and visual identity; and legislation such as the French Language Services Act, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Ontario Science Centre program objectives and business requirements, services, organization and operations to assist clients in defining communications objectives and developing marketing strategies.

Administrative directives, policies and procedures related to tendering, purchasing and contract administration to ensure that purchasing of strategic creative services meet standards.

Skills :

Planning, project management, leadership, negotiation and consultation skills to:
• ensure effective implementation of strategic advice provided to senior management, working through teams and collaborations within the Science Centre and with external stakeholders. assess project needs and develop related objectives and outcomes, secure consensus from stakeholders, and assign necessary human and/or material resources.
• provide technical and strategic guidance to peers and superiors on an ongoing basis to support project success.

Oral communication, writing and editing skills to:
• provide advisory services to senior staff including managers, directors, senior management and the CEO's Office.
• to interact and consult with program managers, other ministry staff and external consultants on digital and traditional marketing strategies.
• present technical and complex information about marketing activities clearly, so that concepts and advice are easily understood by senior staff, and lead to successful strategic communications outcomes. ,
• write, review and edit content for marketing materials and prepare, edit and guide other writers to relevant writing and content standards.

Research skills to:
• maintain awareness of latest changes in marketing practices so advice to senior management and other decision makers remains current and accurate
• identify and facilitate training needs and procedural adjustments in support of ongoing marketing strategy change and smooth functioning of marketing service delivery.

Analytical and evaluative skills to:
• evaluate marketing strategies against communications objectives internally and externally, report on findings, develop solutions and make appropriate recommendations to program area managers, senior management, the CEO and Science Centre staff to ensure strategies continue to advance business and organizational interests.
• provide advice on appropriate evaluation criteria before implementation of marketing strategies, and analyze and summarize performance metrics.

Technical marketing skills and expertise to lead, teach, deliver, assign, procure and direct marketing services and ensure quality outcomes.

Technical skills to guide the design and creation of marketing promotional materials including digital marketing materials, social media content, graphic design, billboards, advertisements, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and other promotional materials.

Freedom of Action :

Job works with a considerable degree of independence and initiative under the general direction of the Director, Marketing and within the Science Centre and government policies, guidelines, directives and standards related to communication.

Job exercises initiative and independent decision-making in providing direct advice to program area management, senior management, staff, and CEO on marketing strategies. Job requires political acuity to exercise appropriate judgment when providing expert advice to senior officials.

The position acts as a subject matter expert for digital and traditional marketing materials/communications and decision-making involves:

1. identifying client objectives, requirements and target audiences
2. recommending strategies to internal/external clients and the team for presenting communication material
3. recommending digital and traditional strategies and processes to maximize communications effectiveness
4. making recommendations on products standards and consistency with brand identity to support strategic goals
5. recommending and providing insights and opportunities in the marketing landscape
6. providing direction and advice into digital and traditional marketing policies and standards

Job has autonomy to procure services within OPS rules and guideline; assign tasks to colleagues individually and in teams to meet identified and approved marketing strategies and objectives; monitor team performance; and make recommendations to the manager for continuous improvement.

Job's expertise and specialization, judgment and political acuity minimizes risks arising from interactions with senior management within and beyond the Science Centre, including risks for providing inaccurate and inappropriate advice leading to embarrassment and reputational damage for the Science Centre and
Ministry. Failure to effectively promote business and programs could negatively impact attendance and brand reputation and contribute to reduced revenue for the Science Centre.

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