Job Specification

Position Title:
Corporate Controller
Job Code:
M1101C - Finance26
Job ID:

Purpose :

To establish the ministry financial controllership and accountability framework; and to manage and lead ministry corporate accounting, financial analysis, revenue and transfer payments, audit and risk management, financial reporting operations, and corporate advisory services, such as procurement or contract management advisory services. To manage the coordination of internal/external financial reporting.

To provide expert advice to ministry staff on government accounting policies and financial control in the delivery of the ministry's financial objectives as well as corporate ministry financial management/control, issues resolution, and supporting other areas of business management.

To provide ministry-wide direction, leadership and quality assurance in the development, communication, implementation and management of financial controllership and reporting mechanisms that adhere to the government's financial and accounting policies and standards.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Manages and leads the establishment/management of the ministry financial controllership and accountability framework. Leads and contributes to the identification, development and review of risk mitigation strategies and leads corporate financial reporting and the preparation of annual financial statements for the ministry. Provides support and expertise to staff preparing the Public Accounts.

2. Manages and leads the annual attestation process (i.e., assurance over ministry's internal controls) and enterprise risk management process within the ministry, which may include communicating instructions to program areas, coordinating and analyzing results to review and/or develop timely, appropriate and achievable mitigation strategies, reporting to senior management and central agencies, as appropriate.

3. Ensures the formulation of strategies and transformation initiatives, analysis of alternatives, and the translation into specific financial, internal control or other ministry objectives and actions to ensure the appropriate implementation and evaluation. Drives or supports transformational change, addressing opportunities for continuous improvement and operational efficiency.

4. Manages and controls the establishment and ongoing maintenance of the ministry's Chart of Accounts. Leads the management, monitoring, reconciliation and control of the ministry's corporate accounts, including expenditure accounts, revenue accounts, transfer payments, special purpose accounts, payroll, and assets and liabilities, in accordance with Ministry of Finance requirements and established accounting standards. Manages and oversees the coordination and delivery of revenue/expenditure review, analysis, financial status of the ministry, identification of financial control issues, and processing and reporting services. Leads the development, implementation, management and review of ministry control and reporting policies, processes for internal controls, systems, procedures, best practices and standards to facilitate effective financial controllership by management across the organization.

5. Liaises with senior staff in central agencies to provide information related to the submission of ministry budgets, briefings, in-year change requests, and financial reports/statements.

6. Provides leadership for the development, management and implementation of a broad range of ministry accounting policies and procedures to ensure compliance with OPS directives, policies and procedures, financial principles, and the recommendations of the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB). Manages all phases of special projects, involving program/ministry staff and other OPS stakeholders.

7. Provides and manages the provision of expert, strategic, and technical advice and financial leadership, guidance and support to senior management and ministry executives to facilitate decision-making processes related to financial directives, policies, procedures, management practices, reporting requirements and the interpretation of government accounting policies, guidelines and standards.

8. Leads/Develops and prepares analyses, briefing notes, executive correspondence house notes, and ad hoc reports for the Director and ministry executives related to the financial position of the ministry, liaises with senior staff in central agencies, leads and contributes to the identification, development and review of risk mitigation strategies and proposals for encumbrance accounting and in-year program/budget adjustments; and manages and leads corporate financial reporting and the preparation of annual financial statements and Public Accounts for the ministry

9. Liaises with OPS stakeholders and organizations in the development of loan facilities and agreements authorized by the Minister and is responsible for the management of the loans, including monitoring of the terms of the loan agreements to ensure they are met and that all transactions such as principal and interest payments are appropriately accounted for in the Public Accounts

10. Manages the financial, accounting and controllership services for the ministry, including processing and recording of financial transactions; monitoring of accounting activities; overseeing the preparation of the financial statements and reporting the financial results; overseeing audits, and preparing responses to audit reports on behalf of the ministry; and ensuring completion of ministry and agency consolidation reports in accordance with requirements.

11. Provides controllership by ensuring that the ministry's policies for purchasing, travel, payment authorities and processes are consistent with central agency directives by preparing responses to corporate financial audit findings, and managing the implementation of appropriate changes. Oversees quality assurance, and provides management oversight of revenue reporting functions, accounts receivable process approvals, collection activities and the annual ministry write-off submission.

12. Manages the corporate financial information system within the ministry, ensuring appropriate functioning and action taken, and leading and coordinating year-end activities. Develops, implements, and maintains ministry corporate financial applications; provides advice to, and/or support to program managers in building interfaces from program applications to the system.

13. Oversees the ministry's corporate procurement and contract management services to meet business needs across all corporate and business delivery branches/divisions; leads the provision of procurement/contract management advice to senior management on procurement plans, including development of procurement strategies, business cases and procurement plans, cost-benefit analyses, supply options, and changing business practices.

14. Leads the ministry through the complex quarter-end, year-end and year-open activities ensuring that ministry's financial records are fairly and accurately represented on an accrual basis. Ensures the integrity of financial data.

15. Oversees the implementation of quality assurance activities and reviews across the ministry; identifies and implements needed corrective actions; and addresses findings and recommendation from quality assurance reviews; participates in controllership capacity reviews/audits of program and transfer payment service delivery agents and ministry direct program delivery offices/facilities/sites.

16. Builds collaborative partnerships with senior financial managers and professionals across the OPS to encourage cross-program solutions and exchange of ideas on best practices in financial controls and reporting; provides strategic financial advice; and enhances opportunities for commitment to innovative ideas and practices in modern controllership, and support for implementation of financial strategies and activities.

17. Chairs, or serves on ministry, inter-ministry and inter-jurisdictional committees and working groups to collaborate on financial issues management

18. Leads the ministry's quality assurance activities and provides input into the development and monitoring of the ministry annual audit plan, and supports the planning, coordination and implementation of annual internal and external financial audits (e.g. compliance, financial management, value for money, forensic, special investigations); leads the consolidation of audit documentation requirements and manages consultations with internal/external auditors related to information and interpretation of financial statements and background materials; and leads/ensures the effective and timely implementation of auditor recommendations.

Managerial Responsibilities
1. Develops and oversees ministry strategic plans in the program area and provides advice and expertise to executive levels on issues impacting the OPS and ministry service deliverables.

2. Controls financial resources and reporting, develops the multi-year budget and resource plans. Leads business, financial, and results-based planning processes for Ministry programs/operations and services.

3. Builds organizational capacity through effective human resources development by authorizing recruitment activities, labour relations management, talent management, organizational design and succession planning.

4. Establishes and maintains strong working relationships with key partners and stakeholders to ensure timely and accurate information flow and identification of issues; presents and advocates the ministry's position at various forums.

5. Responsible for the overall compliance with legislative statutes, collective agreements, government and ministry policies, directives, guidelines and commitments related to programs and services.

Qualifications :

Accounting designation (Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) or Canadian Public Finance Accreditation (CPFA)).

Factors :

Knowledge :

Ministry strategic corporate directions, multi-year business and results-based planning processes, and ministry service delivery models, to lead and manage a significant ministry program area, to determine program objectives and resource requirements and to ensure alignment of programs and projects with corporate strategic goals.

Government and ministry financial, administrative and procurement policies and directives to plan and manage fiscal and material resources; to ensure that the ministry's financial controllership operations, policies, procedures, systems and processes are consistent with central agency guidelines, standards and requirements; to establish the ministry's financial controllership framework and lead corporate financial planning and management operations. Work includes reviewing and approving budgets, managing facilities, assets, and contract service providers, leading long range fiscal planning, providing regular financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with financial protocols, audit principles, directives and guidelines.

Human resources theories, principles, policies and collective agreements to develop organizational capacity which includes succession planning, talent management, organization and job design and labour relations management.

Project management principles and methodologies to oversee and guide the overall delivery of mandates and strategies.

Financial reconciliation processes, variance analysis, Chart of Accounts administration, and modern controllership methodologies including computerized applications, integrated financial systems, financial risk assessments and related models to lead the development and implementation of efficiencies in ministry financial management and control.

Principles, theories and techniques of financial management, internal control design, risk management, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)/Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS), corporate modern controllership and financial management/reporting, public sector accounting standards, and business/financial audit principles/processes, OPS accounting/controllership directives, policies and procedures and financial administration to lead strategic decision-making process and controllership and financial planning services within the ministry.

Private sector business structures/practices in areas such as trust accounting, pension accounting, financial management, investment and auditing, if relevant to ministry operations.

Relevant legislative authorities and relevant OPS/ministry quality assurance mechanisms to ensure compliance of all financial/accounting transactions, processes and procedures. All related legislation and central agency financial controllership directives, to provide expert advice and guidance to ministry executives on legislative/policy interpretation and financial control requirements.

Financial information systems to manage the acquisition and manipulation of data/information and preparation of reports for informed decision-making.

Government/ministry procurement and contract management policies, procedures and processes, to manage ministry corporate procurement and contract management services.

Program Responsibility :

Responsible for the planning, management, control, reporting and administration of the ministry's corporate financial governance and accountability controllership framework; and for the delivery of corporate financial, accounting, and reporting operations, and the audit process.

Responsible for providing strategic financial management advisory services to ministry executives and senior management, including recommending financial planning and financial/change management strategies to support ministry business operations; and for identifying risks and developing mitigations strategies.

Responsible for supporting the coordination of the ministry/agency-wide budget development process and the establishment of the annual estimates and in-year budget revisions; overseeing the ongoing analysis and reporting of the financial position of the ministry; and leading/managing the preparation of the ministry's annual financial statements.

Responsible for managing government/ministry accounting/controllership policies and procedures, and financial control and reporting functions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and public sector accounting board (PSAB) standards.

Responsible for contributing to program strategic direction and development, implementation, management and review of the ministry¿s internal control framework as it relates to the provision of services and execution of the program functions.

Responsible for leading the development and implementation of a diverse range of ministry financial accounting policies, processes, procedures and standards, such as ministry corporate financial control and reporting policies.

Responsible for leading/managing the preparation of the ministry¿s annual financial statements.

Responsible for ensuring quality control of all aspects of the work, and provides management oversight of revenue reporting functions, accounts receivable process approvals, transfer payments, accrued liability account, trust account, collection activities and the annual ministry write-off submission; responsible for ensuring that legislative/ministry requirements, operational performance measures and service standards are met.

Analytical Thinking :

Assesses and determines ministry financial controllership strategies, defines accountability frameworks, and leads the development of corporate financial control policies, processes, procedures, and standards to support and ensure effective ministry corporate financial controllership and accountability.

Anticipates and analyzes critical financial planning and controllership risks and issues with potential impacts for the ministry/government, and develops issues management strategies/solutions.

Leads the analysis of ministry expenditure trends, assesses the implications for business operations, develops strategies to deal with in-year constraint issues and budget targets, and oversees the preparation of financial plan/budget revisions and adjustments based on financial forecasts and changing ministry business requirements.
Synthesizes complex financial information to determine the financial position of the ministry; and provides strategic and financial advice and recommendations to support ministry executives on financial planning and financial management decisions.

Researches current strategies and recommends optimum strategies to meet program goals, ensuring that professional and technical standards are maintained.

Assesses new/revised corporate and ministry directives for impact on the ministry; determining the actions to be taken, e.g., including the development of ministry-specific policies. Identifies issues/gaps related to the accounting function, streamlines processes and formulates performance measures to support operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Planning / Coordinating :

Leads and manages multi-year strategic business /program/service plans including the deployment of resources (human and financial) to deliver programs and services.
Coordinates and leads the planning and implementation of organizational development and complex change initiatives for the program, service, project or initiative.

Plans and coordinates multiple deliverables with external and internal stakeholders, partners and consultants.

Leads the coordination of the budget development processes across the ministry, and the compilation and preparation of the ministry's financial plan and budget estimates.
Coordinates the establishment of a strategic framework for the effective functioning of the ministry¿s accounting
/controllership operations.

Coordinates all stages of the development and delivery of special projects which include multi-ministry stakeholders.

Organizes the flow of work, develops project goals and objectives, determines project parameters and monitors deliverables.

Coordinates and leads ministry financial audits, and leads audit follow up processes to ensure effective and timely implementation of auditor recommendations.

Leads the coordination of ministry financial reporting process and the preparation of the ministry's annual Statement of Accounts.

Leadership/Guidance :

Develops, builds and leads organizational capacity through positive and values-based leadership, inclusive and engaged teams, and partnerships. Frames program vision and strategy for services, programs or operations.

Determines human resources and organizational needs for optimal performance and delivery of results and alignment with ministry objectives; leads talent management and succession planning; mentors employees; sets goals and performance standards.

Exercises managerial and strategic leadership accountability and authority in the areas of organizational design, recruitment and retention, talent management, labour relations and compensation related matters.

Independence of Action :

Reports to a senior level, Director or higher and works within broad parameters and the strategic ministry/branch mandate, legislation, and strategic goals and directions.

Exercises considerable independence and judgment in the development of program/service plans including delivery/implementation to meet government and ministry strategic business objectives and priorities and in the provision of advice and recommendations to Senior Management, which is considered authoritative, and informs policy and program decisions.

Exercises judgment when developing detailed plans and performance measures to meet ministry/division business objectives and assess potential impacts to the unit.

Performs work under general direction and within the broad framework of applicable legislative authorities, government/ministry directives, policies, standards and guidelines for accounting and financial management, reporting and controllership.

Formulates authoritative recommendations on government accounting policies and procedures, which are generally acted upon.

Ensures that appropriate reporting mechanisms are established to support sound program management and decision-making and is accountable for the overall accuracy and completeness of the ministry's financial records.

Interpersonal/Communication :

Advises ministry, agency and central agency representatives on the application of accounting policy, guidelines and standards.

Discusses ministry compliance and interpretation of financial principles with the Office of Provincial Controller and senior staff of other ministries and agencies.

Responds to high-level enquiries from ministry senior management, the Provincial Auditor, Central Agencies, and MPPs; and provides briefings, research papers to address and resolve complex issues.

Represents the ministry at inter/intra-ministerial and external committees; prepares and presents briefings, recommendations and reports.

Exchanges information and identifies financial controllership best practices and new developments and trends with governing financial bodies, other associations and jurisdictions to maintain expertise.

Develops and maintains effective working relationships, partnerships and linkages with internal/external partners.

Negotiates mutually satisfactory compromises regarding audit findings in order to achieve acceptance of audit recommendations

Seeks common ground between multiple parties to achieve results and manage conflicts/disagreements when consensus cannot be found.

Physical Effort :

Most of the time is spent in an office environment with frequent opportunity to move about. Occasionally, moves/lifts light objects.

Sensory Effort :

Requires visual attention and concentration to ensure overall ministry and central agency accounting transactions are processed, recorded and reported in full compliance with legislation and corporate directives and policies.
Requires concentrated effort to oversee quality assurance for ministry financial management and accounting processes.

Working Conditions :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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