Job Specification

Position Title:
Probation and Parole Administrative Support Clerk
Job Code:
C08OAD - Office Administration 08 (COR)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide administrative, clerical and reception support services in Probation & Parole Offices.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Keyboarding / typing / composing / transcribing and editing a variety of documents ( e.g. PSRs, PPRs, warrant summons, Crown Briefs, temporary absences, critical incident reports, memos, letters, statistical reports, and other documents & materials) Editing, formatting, and distributing reports for court or parole board within tight deadlines; verifying for accuracy Court dispositions, distribution of docs (e.g. PSRs/PPRs, letters, Briefs) Gathering client information and completing referral intake documents and Part A Risk Screening; populating information into CPIC; tracking and distributing intake information to relevant offices Scheduling and revising client appointments and/or meetings as required.
Provide reception duties and maintain standards for customer service. Assist manager with schedules for office coverage and coordination of services for front office administration area (including reception duties).
Managing client records in OTIS by entering, modifying, retrieving information, backing up data (legal documents, tombstone data, client activity e.g. CPIC hit) Calculating client sentences (probation/parole/conditional), verifying information and contacting institutions/jails as necessary; assisting others in use of OTIS as required Preparing/forwarding legal documents for allegations of Breach of Conditional Sentence, Probation, Parole or other enforcement action. Receiving clients, answering phones, directing callers / clients to other offices, agencies, community contacts and programs; providing general and specific/detailed information, answering questions and liaising with stakeholders (PPOs, officers of the court, crown attorney, police, government / community agencies and the general public, etc) Assisting with tracking client attendance in core and other programs (e.g. anger management, CSO, PARS) Processing incoming/outgoing mail (picking mail up, stamping, distributing, etc.) and maintaining a log of all incoming and outgoing correspondence. Maintaining systems and office equipment by reporting malfunctions/issues, (building access, technology, communication systems/equipment) and arranging service calls as required.
Maintain inventory of office supplies. Managing electronic and hard copy client files by opening, collecting, updating information, amending, filing hard copy documents, tracking warrants, reconciling electronic case load files with hard copy files, closing and archiving records according to OPS retention schedules Requesting closed files using appropriate documentation (i.e. for archived material). Identifying a need for new or revised local office protocols/procedures and assisting with development / implementation of local office processes and procedures regarding the French Language positions. Liaise with justice stakeholders, local service and other community agencies and contract service contract personnel.
Contribute to a healthy, respectful, effective and inclusive workplace through effective teamwork and interaction with others and adherence to relevant policies and procedures, including the Ministry's Statement of Ethical Principles. Performs Other Duties:
Maintaining office supplies; attending meetings; taking and transcribing meeting minutes; assisting with fleet management and vehicle logs, providing office orientation to new staff; Assist with data collection and reconciliation to retrieve, process, collate, compile and verify statistics (e.g. Warrants, CSO, Substance Abuse, PARS) for various government data collection and service provider agencies. Assisting Community Services Representative and volunteers with various administrative functions and tasks. French Language positions: To provide services in French and English

Staffing and Licencing :

In locations where services are provided in French and English, French proficiency at the advanced level is required.

Knowledge :

Requires knowledge of Probation and Parole requirements and integrated community resources and agencies; Working knowledge of policies, office practices/procedures, information management and retention schedules, Criminal Justice System and related legislation, court documentation and processing procedures with respect to Probation and Parole Services, to provide comprehensive explanations, convey information to clients, colleagues, judiciary/courts, police and community partners/stakeholders). Knowledge of mechanical and electronic equipment to meet the needs of the office (copiers, fax, computer, postage, etc) and coordinate repair arrangements with service providers as required. Knowledge of technologies and electronic information systems to use e-mail, prepare documents in word format, to use the inter/intra net, to enter, process and manipulate data and information in centralized data bases (OTIS) and to use spreadsheets as required.

Skills :

Requires communication and interpersonal skills to respond orally and in writing in English (and French for FLS positions). Communication skills are required to solicit and convey information, discuss, explain matters, provide direction, to internal and external contacts (with employees and the public) in accordance with standards for customer service.
Skills are required to prepare/compose a variety of documents, reports, letters following standard guides using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and appropriate terminology. Requires the ability to respond to inquiries orally and in writing, to edit, check accuracy and verify information. Typing/keyboarding to Ontario Government Standards. Technology skills to independently carry out ongoing work assignments in a timely manner. Organizational skills to use own initiative to complete semi routine/routine work under general supervision and to refer complex matters to appropriate individual/program/service. Organizational skills to prioritize work to meet fixed/flexible deadlines. Requires skills to sort, index, store and retrieve a variety of documents / correspondence / records using filing electronic and hard copy filing systems. Fluency in English and French is a requirement of FLS designated positions.

Freedom of Action :

Sound judgment is required when determining / recommending new or changes to existing office procedures/practices; when dealing with clients to change appointments, giving information; provide direction to clients with respect to community resources, programs and services. Discretion is required when providing information to other organizations, justice partners, court staff, police and others. Judgement is also required when dealing with or referring matters that are not routine in nature (e.g. client being disruptive in reception area, when being asked to release information, identifying issues or in matters where established procedures are not available. Accountability & Impact of Errors Work assignments are usually accompanied by protocols, policies or procedures and are carried out under general supervision and subject to scrutiny by managers or probation officers. Routine work problems are solved independently. Incumbent is responsible for completing a variety of assigned tasks and provide a variety of services and is expected to complete that work in a coordinated, efficient and timely manner. Requires providing detailed and general information and explanations when assisting employees and clients within established procedures. Incumbent must be able to detect and correct errors independently in order to ensure quality service delivery. Poor judgement and errors could negatively impact or inconvenience probation & parole clients who are required to comply with conditions of a court order, attend specified programs, complete community service, etc. Errors calculating probation/parole end dates or inaccurately entering data into OTIS could result in client records showing incorrect information which others currently or in the future rely on. Although minor in nature, errors could negatively impact colleagues, client groups, non-OPS service providers including agencies, judicial and policing groups. Inappropriately releasing information could violate freedom of information legislation, impact clients, and not providing required/accurate information to authorized authorities could negatively impact the public and stakeholders/partners.

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