Job Specification

Position Title:
Indigenous Internship Program – Communications and Marketing Intern
Job Code:
02701 - Information Officer 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assume the functions of an intern and support the organization in the provision of communications services.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Provides communications support services in one or more of the following areas: integrated marketing, communications planning, media relations, writing/editing, multi-media campaigns, place branding, social networking, media issues analysis, public relations, stakeholder engagement, digital media applications, graphic design, etc.

Assists and receives direction from the communications team in order to develop an understanding of established public sector communications practices, policies, procedures, protocol and standards, and OPS decision-making processes.

Performs assigned tasks such as: identifying marketing, communications and media opportunities; stakeholder consultation and outreach; identifying/analyzing media issues; contributing to communications strategies and event planning; writing/editing executive office materials, briefing notes, fact sheets, newsletters, digital materials, web content, news releases, Q&As, speeches, etc.; graphic design of brochures, posters and reports.

Receives advice from line management on ongoing assignments and attends meetings in conjunction with the team. Prepares communications materials for review and approval to support program delivery. Works on individual projects or as part of a project team and provides information on the status of assignments.

Exchanges information with program managers, clients, stakeholders, etc. Drafts communications materials for target audiences, reflecting appropriate messaging and tone.

Assists the team in communications planning by identifying the extent, nature and source of information required, and presenting research findings to the team.

Supports the implementation of communications initiatives, and new/revised communications approaches to improve operations.

Other duties as assigned by the manager/director.

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

An understanding of communications methods, techniques and multi-media approaches including integrated marketing principles and concepts to communicate and support organizational goals.

Strategic and digital communications including social media platforms, web site operation and maintenance and an understanding of how different digital channels are used to communicate with target audiences.

Research techniques to identify communication opportunities, and to source, research and assess data, and recommend tools, options and approaches.

Digital media applications and graphic design methods to produce communications materials.

Writing techniques and styles to write and edit materials that reflect intended tone, style and messaging.

MS Office including Word, PowerPoint to prepare, draft and present communications materials.

Skills :

Analytical skills and reasoning to assess client/organization communication requirements; identify information sources; determine what information to include/exclude in communications materials.

Problem-solving skills to evaluate options and identify alternative approaches.

Research skills to source communications information and identify trends, assess opportunities, summarize results, and draft/present findings to the team.

Evaluative skills to assess the effectiveness of communications program delivery/client feedback.

Collaboration skills to work with others and facilitate success through a mentoring process of instruction and guidance.

Customer service skills to maximize client satisfaction where clients may include the public, colleagues, partners, and peers.

Oral and written communication skills to discuss communication objectives with program staff/clients; and present information using traditional and/or digital media through written, oral and visual communication.

Planning and organizational skills to address competing priorities and meet timelines.

Freedom of Action :

Work is performed under direct supervision and in accordance with recognized communications policies, procedures, practices, relevant legislation, and writing conventions. Guidelines are available in the form of established ministry/branch guidelines, standards and procedures for the delivery of OPS communications services.

Examples of decision-making include: discussing assignments with the communications team to determine requirements; drafting and editing communication materials; communicating the position/ messaging of the organization; supporting the team in strategic and/or digital communications planning; promoting new communications approaches and integrated marketing strategies; and creating web content and print products.

Work is subject to review and approval by the supervisor or originator for adherence to established procedures and standards. Job refers unresolved problems, difficulties in obtaining information, or sensitive issues to the supervisor.

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