Job Specification

Position Title:
Bourgeois, Voyageur and Tour Guide (BVT) Specialist
Job Code:
02922 - Museum Assistant 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assist the Interpretive Specialist with the co-ordination and delivery of public programs pertaining to the Bourgeois, Voyageur and Tour Guide (BVT) area. To contribute to and monitor the quality of public programming provided by the BVT area as it pertains to dramas, tour delivery, historical interpretation, special events and educational offerings.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Position functions within Fort William Historical Park, which is a living history tourism attraction providing top-level cultural heritage, entertainment and educational experiences for residents and visitors to northwestern Ontario.

1. Provides assistance to all FWHP areas in the research, development, training, and implementation of BVT activities and Living History programming, including the monitoring and evaluation of historical interpretations, dramas, historical tours, education programs, and special event programming emanating from BVT operations. Assists with the scheduling and placement of staff assigned to functions directed by the BVT area.

2. Serves as an Alternate Team Leader in the absence of the Interpretive Specialist. Provides day to day technical direction to student staff assigned to the BVT area. Reviews and monitors the quality of work performed. Demonstrates interpretive methods employed in the programs, and resolves issues referred by students.

3. Completes research and reference assignments as required. Prepares summaries and written reports to be retained in internal resource files, and for use in responding to visitor inquiries and the preparation of program outlines. Develops and refines communication skills and interpretive abilities, through ongoing research and study.

4. Participates in historical dramatizations, pageants, festivals, special events, daily activities, and education and outreach programs. Maintains a level of authenticity in portraying and depicting Living History activities, in period costume, as per historical standards and approved documentation.

5. Serves as a resource to all operational areas, partners, volunteer associations, private and public stakeholders in the implementation of Living History activities. Provides input into year end reviews and recommends improvements to program delivery. Contributes to research development, training and implementation of new and innovative programs for FWHP.

6. Preserves the historical environment and assigned buildings with regular casual maintenance and clean up. Conducts material, equipment and supply inventories pertaining to assigned buildings and areas, and reports all incidents of theft, damage or loss to supervisor.

7. Ensures a safe environment for visitors and staff, and ensures that all work is performed in accordance with safety regulations. Participates in safety training for seasonal staff and ensures that comprehensive records are maintained of all safety training as outlined in the seasonal handbook or area manual.

8. Attends orientation courses, seminars, and training workshops. Develops and refines interpretive abilities.

9. Assists resource personnel in all areas by performing specific duties as assigned e.g., participating in the set-up of events.

Fort William Historical Park is a 7-day a week, 24-hour operation. Position may be required to attend overnight functions, travel to out of town events and off-hour programs, work holidays and weekends.

Staffing and Licencing :

Class G Ontario Driver's License

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of:
• Fort William Historical Park programs, events, promotions, projects, policies and procedures, to contribute to the interpretation and operation of a Living History program at FWHP.
• The influence of the North American fur trade history on the development of Canada, particularly as it applies to the role and significance played by historic Fort William and the North West Company.
• Museum docent progressive principles, techniques and applications relating to educational and interpretive Living History.
• Familiarity with script writing principles, and drama/role-play training applications to participate in the development of public programming.
• Drama performance and staff training skills to participate in public performances, and assist in providing direction to staff engaged in BVT functions.
• Interpretive applications, special events, theoretical and applied Living History techniques to portray and depict authentic period activities.
• Group leadership to direct and coordinate the activities of staff in day-to-day activities as an Alternate Team Leader.
• Electronic and paper based management systems to prepare correspondence in response to visitor inquiries.

Skills :

Job requires:
• Analytical skills to interpret Living History as it pertains to the early 1800's; to assist in the development of creative, engaging and interactive public programs e.g., living history, education, special event, drama performance; to ensure that clients are well informed of FWHP heritage and educational programming.
• Interpretive programming, role-playing, and drama development and implementation skills to guide others in interpreting daily activities of the early 1800s at Fort William.
• Research skills to document historical themes, activities, characters and events; to ensure accuracy in the depiction of public programs.
• Sensitivity to appropriately develop historical and culture program content.
• Problem-solving skills to deal with student issues while acting for the supervisor during absences.
• Oral communication skills to interact with the various program areas and visitors; participate in historical dramatization and interpretive demonstrations; provide technical direction to seasonal staff.
• Written communication skills to develop resource materials, drama material and program outlines.
• Planning and organizational skills to work independently and as part of a team; to assist with program implementation and evaluation.

Freedom of Action :

Work is performed within the framework of ministry policies, and the objectives, practices, procedures, standards and guidelines of Fort William Historical Park.

Decision-making involves: relieving the Interpretive Specialist during absences; providing technical direction to seasonal staff and resolving staff issues; conducting research and completing reference assignments as required; preparing summaries and written reports for internal resource files and visitor inquiries; contributing to the development of new Living History programs; providing input into year-end reviews and recommending improvements to program delivery.

Work is reviewed by the Interpretive Specialist for accuracy and satisfactory completion. Job refers problems relating to customer service or potential safety issues which cannot be resolved to the Interpretive Specialist, or the Manager Historical Operations.

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