Job Specification

Position Title:
GIS Coordinator
Job Code:
5A011 - Technical05
Job ID:

Purpose :

To lead, supervise and coordinate Geographic Information System activities within the Region, and to provide a regional point of contact for specialized GIS expertise while ensuring a consistent approach ministry-wide.

To assist in the development of policy and standards and procedures related to GIS within the Ministry.

To provide GIS expertise, support and services to staff and clients in the use and application of GIS technologies.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Regional GIS Leadership:

Recommends priorities, assigns responsibilities and monitors performance of projects. Provides input on business unit needs and priorities and consolidates this information for the purpose of developing ministry application priorities, standards, policy recommendations and annual plans.

Provides advice and technical guidance on the use of GIS applications and data. Recommends, develops and delivers training. Leads the delivery of thematic map products and services in response to client requests. Coordinates the maintenance of spatial data including metadata. Coordinates access to and dissemination of geographic information.

2. Team/Community of Practice Membership:
Serves as a member of the Geomatics GIS Services Team, GIS Coordinating Team, working groups, and leads the Regional GIS Community of Practice.

Represents regional needs and acts as liaison with Head Office Geomatics to ensure consistent delivery and continual improvement of the GIS program.

3. Project Management:
Develops individual project plans and timetables, defines project scope, monitors and controls the progress of multiple projects, and resolves issues/problems.
Manages regional consultant assignments and service providers; participates in the acquisition of GIS services by preparing terms of reference, evaluating, selecting and administering tenders.
Monitors consultant performance, conducts quality assurance reviews on products/services, and ensures contract deliverables conform to ministry standards and client specifications.
Analyzes, creates converts, translates, and manipulates multiple digital data files from internal/external sources / systems.

4. GIS Application Development:
Provides the acquisition and development of GIS databases and applications by analyzing user business needs, developing custom databases and applications; defining data preparation and compilation requirements for local data and implementing them in a local context; promoting integration of data across business areas to minimize duplication; maintaining the integrity of local and acquired data.
Conducts client demonstrations and trial projects to facilitate implementation of advanced technologies to meet emerging ministry and client needs.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:

Geographic Information Systems principles and practices, ministry policy, spatial standards and procedures, to provide regional leadership, technical direction and support and assist in the development of ministry GIS standards and procedures.

Ministry business functions and plans, and GIS application technology, spatial database application software, database management systems and document management systems, to support business user needs.

Geomatics principles and practices including remote sensing, photogrammetry, cartography and geo-referencing techniques and tools, to identify, acquire and integrate spatial data.
Relations database standards, concepts, models to create, develop and maintain geographically referenced information.

Current and emerging principles, methodologies, mechanisms and techniques, to analyze, develop and implement GIS policies, standards, tools and techniques.

Relational database standards, concepts, models to create, develop and maintain geographically referenced information.

Information management theory and principles of software development to effectively lead development projects.

External data sources, related standards and policies, to facilitate the efficient use and exchange of data and adhere to metadata standards.

Project management to lead GIS projects and manages consultant assignments.

Oral and written communication skills to prepare submissions, reports, briefing materials and planning documents, present findings, conduct training sessions, demonstrations and seminars, prepare consultant assignment and tender documentation and develop and maintain technical specifications.

Computer operations and standard office software to prepare reports, presentations, communicate with clients.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

Presentation skills to present formal and informal training sessions to GIS users, and make presentations on potential application of existing and new technologies.

Consultation and facilitation skills to determine client needs, counsel client ministry staff and end users on GIS technologies, to facilitate discussions about GIS issues, promote adherence to standards and provide advice.

Advisory skills to counsel clients, ministry staff, end users and external agencies on GIS technologies, to lead and provide technical direction; to support project teams and consultants and participate on committees and working groups.

Influencing and relationship management skills to manage perceptions and expectations of clients, assess and manage resistance to change, and achieve consensus among clients with differing needs/interests.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analyzing and problem solving skills to:
Identify and resolve complex technical problems, assess the feasibility and cost effectiveness of various GIS technologies, and develop and implement innovative solutions; e.g., developing a spatial data layer to accommodate multiple business users' needs.

Interpret and assess industry and provincial best practices, policy and standards for the development of internal GIS policy, procedure, products.

Plan, organize and direct project resources, scope, assess organizational impacts and recommend best methods, procedures and solutions.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
Providing expertise and technical guidance to ministry and client group.
Develop and recommend new policies, standards, training materials, technology best practices for use in GIS applications and implementation.
Coordination of the development and implementation of geographic information databases, accessible information and mapping products and services for the region, and associated procedures, standards and guidelines.
GIS regional project management and compliance of project and contract deliverables with ministry standards, procedures, time lines and budgets.
Technical guidance on data collection and client access to and management of spatial data.
Providing expertise and technical guidance to ministry and client groups; develop and recommend new policies, standards, training materials, technology, best practices for use in GIS applications and implementation.

Has latitude to: provide regional input to ministry policies, strategic and business plans; recommend equipment purchases and consultant assignments.
Decisions are guided by: policies, procedures, methods and standards related to GIS, region business objectives and priorities, data licensing
agreements and Community of Practice.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

Clients (regional management and technical staff) to assess their GIS business and training needs provide advice on spatial data and opportunities,
recommend new policies/technologies.
Counterparts in other regions, Geomatics Head Office, to provide input to ministry policies, standards, techniques.
Member, Geomatics teams and lead, Regional GIS Community of Practice.
Service providers and vendors for demonstration and acquiring software for potential application development, for technical support such as software
errors and for customized training.
Other ministries, Land Information Ontario, municipalities, federal agencies, other jurisdictions, the geomatics industry, to discuss emerging
technologies and standards and gain support for ministry initiatives.

Guidance / Supervision :

Provides GIS project management, leadership, technical direction and guidance to regional Geomatics staff, and manages consultants.
Provides supervision, training, assigns work assignments and participates in competition panels to ensure project directions, requirements and time
lines are met.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

- Frequently deals with unexpected work demands on short notice, changing deadlines and conflicting work demands (e.g., requests to provide technical information, changes to priorities).

Mental / Sensory :

- Frequent requirement to read without interruption and concentrate intently when focussing on spatial data, training, making presentations, reviewing and analyzing complex technical data and accompanying business needs.
- Occasional requirement to observe, give instructions when providing training, directing consultants, at meetings.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment, with regional travel.

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