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09PBE - Bargaining-Engineering 09
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Purpose of Position :

To provide advice and interpretation of the Building Code Act and on all parts of the Building Code. To provide advice and interpretation on those parts of the Building Code requiring knowledge of engineering and building science principles, including evaluation of alternative design methods. To participate in the development and maintenance of regulations by assessing Code alternatives using engineering principals.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Under the general direction of the Manager, Code Interpretation, Registration and Training, the position is responsible for:

1. Providing advice and interpretation of the Building Code Act and on all parts of the Building Code, including those parts that requiring professional design expertise, by:

- Analyzing design problems encountered by design professionals and municipal enforcement officials and providing recommendations for Code compliance, particularly related to the design and operation of fire detection and suppression and evacuation systems;
- Visiting municipalities on a regular basis to provide advice and to ensure that the Building Code is interpreted with consistency across Ontario;
- Visiting construction sites at building official's request to analyze and assist in resolving problems relating to Code requirements;
- Organizing and/or participating in workshops and seminars to increase the awareness of the building industry and building officials on technical Code related issues, specially those requiring professional design expertise, i.e., smoke control in high buildings and interconnected floor spaces;
- Lecturing at the formal courses developed by the Branch for building officials and others;
- Representing the Branch/Ministry at various committees within and outside of government, e.g., Canadian Standards Association, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committees on the National Building Code and Metro Area Code Interpretation Committee.

2. Participating in the development and maintenance of regulations using engineering principles and assessing alternatives by:

- Undertaking research into the fire protection provisions of the Building Code and recommending changes to the regulations to ensure an adequate level of safety while allowing innovations in the design and construction, e.g., new building technologies and construction methods;
- Reviewing and evaluating existing building-related provincial regulations, the National Building Code, proposals from industry and municipalities, new building technologies, procedures and materials; analyzing issues and problems arising from same;
- Recommending new regulations and amendments to the Building Code which reflects the Government's, Ministry's and Branch's objectives, e.g. balance of safety and financial cost;
- Evaluating the impact of proposed regulations on the building industry, e.g., balance of safety, practicality and cost;Preparing reports for senior staff to support or reject proposed amendments to the Building Code;
- Providing expert advice on the suitability of new materials to the Building Materials Evaluation Commission, and/or sufficiency of compliance on specific projects to the Building Code Commission.

Staffing and Licencing :


Knowledge :

Formal Education: Degree in Engineering (Civil/Building/Mechanical/Fire Protection) from a university of recognized standing and licensure by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Skills: Comprehensive knowledge of the theories, policies and principles of engineering related to the building industry; Substantial expert knowledge and in depth experience in non-combustible construction methods, exiting principles, fire alarm and sprinkler systems and the special requirements for high buildings and for interconnected floor spaces. Some knowledge and experience in all other fields of building design and construction. Thorough knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and related regulations, e.g., Fire Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act. A good understanding of Ministry and Branch objectives, policies, standards and procedures to ensure that revised regulations reflect these goals, e.g., balance of safety and cost. General knowledge of local government structure to ensure that regulations are enforceable and acceptable. Mediation skills are required to resolve differences in opinion in the interpretation and application of the Ontario Building Code. Problem solving skills are required to suggest alternatives to technical design problems that meet both the intent and specifics of the Code, e.g., performance oriented standards. Investigative and analytical skills are required to undertake research on new construction techniques and building materials and to design and recommend changes to the regulations in the specialty field of expertise. Well developed oral and written communication skills are required to draft amendments or new regulations, to promote, interpret and advise the building industry, municipalities and the general public on both specialty area and other sections of the Building Code Act and regulations and to prepare responses for the Deputy Minister and Minister's signature on technical issues in specialty area, e.g., coroner's report.

Judgement :

Work is performed independently within policy, technical and administrative guidelines as defined by the Manager. As a specialist in an assigned field, sound judgment is required to identify, overlap and streamline current provincial building regulations and in recommending changes to existing regulations and/or new regulations that balance the conflicting needs of different interest groups in the building industry, e.g., public safety vs. cost efficiency. Judgment is required to ensure that regulations are viable across the province, e.g., local practices, practicality. Judgment is exercised in undertaking research on new building technologies and methods, devising and setting technical standards for the industry in area of expertise. Judgment is required in providing the ministry opinion to various committees both within and outside the government. Work also requires sound judgment to provide authoritative advise and interpretation on the technical requirements and intent of the Ontario Building Code.

Accountability - Programs :

Position is accountable for the assessment of current provincial building regulations as it applies to large buildings and the recommendation of amendments or new regulations which adequately protect public safety while providing the building industry with significant freedom to build in the most efficient manner. The incumbent has the authority to express the ministry opinion on the technical requirements of Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code, e.g., fire alarm and detection systems requirements, spatial separation and exposure protection of buildings.

Accountability – Personnel :


Accountability - Finance and Materials :


Accountability - Impact of Errors :

The impact of errors is such that improper interpretation and/or inadequate regulations could result in injuries or death; cause delays in the construction process, increase the costs of construction and lead to lawsuits. Errors in judgment could also be detrimental to the provincial-municipal relationship, e.g., incorrect interpretation of regulations could lead to municipal liability with respect to building faults.

Contact - Internal :

Regular contacts with colleagues in own ministry and other ministries to discuss code content, to provide advice and interpretation of building regulations and to advise regarding conclusions in area of speciality.

Contact - External :

Regular contact with municipal officials, federal government officials, representatives of the building industry, design professionals and the general public to advise and interpret code content and related building issues both within area of specialty and on general code issues.

Occasionally acts as expert witness in court to interpret and advise on the Building Code Act and Regulations particularly in area of specialization.

Regularly represents the branch on various committees, e.g., Canadian Standards Association, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee on the National Building Code and Metro Area Code Interpretation Committee. Occasional contact with foreign trade officials to introduce new products into Ontario.

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