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08OAD - Office Administration 08
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Purpose of Position :

Working in a large high-volume office that processes over 1.1 million documents annually, you will cooperate with other members of a team unit in carrying out all registration and inquiry services offered by the Office of the Registrar General.

Duties / Responsibilities :

The highly confidential and sensitive (personal) information managed by the ORG requires high levels of tact, diplomacy and discretion skills from each team member in carrying out both direct and indirect services to the public. Percentage of time allocated to various tasks is dictated by office volumes and complexity of service request, as follows: Registrations (1250 daily), 25% Amendments and Change of Name (130 daily), 19% Customer Service requests (1350 written, 800 telephone calls daily), 33% Marriages, Inquiries, Delayed Registrations, Counter and Other (intake all written correspondence - 2700 daily), 23%

Working in one of seven teams consisting of 12 persons, and providing information services to the public, lawyers, clergy, funeral directors, coroners, etc. Team Representatives will carry out each of these tasks by:
- processing requests for registration or service and categorizing/sorting according to a set procedure for a given type of request, i.e. by event for registration; by type for services.
- preparing service documents for distribution to operator teams
- enter RSF number, request type and monies received on computer ($8.10 million collected annually)
- preparing registration documents for distribution for operator teams
- scan, number and index documents (forms), check for quality of computer image, box and label documents with any supporting evidence
- distributing service requests after batching by type
- preparing daily balance deposit report; reconciliation of monies received and sent to issuers
- examining all requests and accompanying documentation for completeness, accuracy, correct fees and conformity to related legislation, policies and directives; ensuring entitlement in accordance Vital Statistics Act, the Marriage Act and the Change of Name Act.
- inputting receipt of registration on an on-line computer system (Registration Data Base System) or searching original record for review and updating (RDB or Optical Disk or hard copy as required);
- contribute to the professional integrity of the Office by exercising discretion in the issuance of information including supporting the prescribed obligation of confidentiality under the Adoption Act;
- ensuring compliance of request for registration to legislative requirements to determine completeness and appropriateness for processing (weigh all and decide whether sufficiency and correctness of information gathered warrants approval/processing of service request)
- contact registrant directly (generate correspondence) to clarify unusual or inadequate information; providing information and interpretation on legislative requirements;
- identifying and verifying current status of applicant/registrant through the on-line RDB (database)
- approving and processing the registration or referring to the team supervisor for further review;
- updating RDB (downloading) to reflect resultant status of registration;
- issuing computer generated registration certificate as required;
- attending the public counter, interviewing clients and advising as to the requirements and procedures for initiating or amending registrations under the various legislation, or referring client to other resources;
- legislative/policy requirements and applicability to the specific request; ensuing complete and accurate information/explanation is given to the client (verbally or in written correspondence);
- recommending steps to be taken to ensure compliance to specific statutes and regulatory requirements;
- generate customer correspondence on a computer terminal (form letter, customer correspondence) in response to written inquiries;
- assisting in analysis of registrant history when required;
- performing other related duties such as the collection and analysis of information for quality control/production data compilation.

Knowledge :

Working knowledge of the Vital Statistics Act, The Marriage Act and the Change of Name Act; demonstrated ability to determine compliance with and interpret legislation; ability to examine documents for completeness/accuracy and to determine the acceptability of documents/evidence; ability to compile and weigh evidence from various sources in order to make informed service decisions - i.e. accept or reject application for certificate on an individual basis (absence of set guidelines); to input, upgrade and retrieve on a computer and operate a word processor and an image scanner; competent keyboarding skills (minimum 10,000 kspm); analytical and problem solving skills; ability to work effectively as a team member with regular job rotation in a multi-skilled work environment; and the ability to deal effectively with the public; business and professional clients with tact, diplomacy and discretion on highly confidential matters in person, by telephone and in writing.

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