Job Specification

Position Title:
Risk and Assurance Consultant
Job Code:
6A001 - Finance06
Job ID:

Purpose :

To provide expertise, advice in risk management, business consulting and assurance services to Cluster Senior management to support the achievement of business objectives.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Risk Management and Consultations
- Provides expertise, advice and consulting services to assist clients in the development, use and evaluation of risk management and control strategies for current or proposed operations, processes, policies and programs.
- Utilize appropriate risk assessment and management methodologies to monitor, evaluate, report risks to senior management and identify risks and adopt risk mitigation strategies
- Design and implement risk assessment and quality assurance tools to meet the needs of government and external clients.
2. Assurance, Analysis and Advice
-Evaluates client needs, identifies, and markets consulting and educational services to improve strategic/operational planning, business processes, organizational design, change management, performance measurement, quality assurance, risk management, controllership and related policies and procedures.
3. Project Management and Coordination
-Plans, conducts, coordinates and leads multiple, complex audit projects including value-for-money audits, special investigations, financial management and compliance audits. Execution of the audit requires leading, supervising and coordinating audit activities. These tasks require interviewing stakeholders, documenting systems, extracting data and information, researching internal and external sources of information and reporting and presenting recommendations to management and stakeholders.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
- Generally accepted auditing standards, accounting principles, current audit practices and methodologies.
- Project management skills to establish/document the Ministry's operative control strategies and structures in identified risk areas and to participate in strategic and operational planning/implementation of concurrent projects within budget and target date.
- Generally accepted risk management frameworks and principles, principles, practices, standards, methodologies and contemporary advancements in the field to manage the client ministry's risk management services, provide advice and expertise.
- Government financial and accounting principles (GAAP,PSAB), policies and processes to audit financial reporting and accountability frameworks/processes and ensure the accuracy and integrity of the client's financial information
- Consulting and education skills to provide consulting and educational services to clients, present audit findings, prepare briefing material, and to provide advice on various control and risk assessment strategies and processes.
- Computer applications such as specialized audit software ( eg IDEA, Audit Command Language) which is used to identify discrepancies in large quantities of data, and to determine areas of highest risk to direct audit testing.
-Knowledge of PC skills and computer applications for use of word processing, spreadsheets, email and database applications.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

- Interpersonal and negotiating skills to assist clients at senior management level in meeting the business objectives and influencing corrective action; advising on risk assessment strategies and processes, special reviews, and conduct of audits.
- Frequent contact with senior management to negotiate, provide advice, expertise and recommendations regarding the functioning of the ministries control strategies and systems.
- Presentation skills to provide explanations of complex risk and prevention issues and strategies and present audit findings to clients and senior management.
- Negotiation skills to lead audit projects with stakeholders and negotiate and promote cost beneficial & practical recommendations resulting from audit findings.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

- Apply prescribed methodologies, such as risk evaluation techniques, to analyze, describe and implement the ministries risk management and control strategies with consideration given to the needs of clients, professional standards, trends and issues.
- Research current business trends and best practices using multiple sources of information to advise clients on specialized matters and possible alternatives as well as their overall audit program and related risks.
- Analyze financial information including audited financial statements, budgets and settlements or transfer payments recipients with respect to initiating recoveries of surplus and/or unspent public funds.
- Plan audit projects, provide technical guidance, training and coaching to assigned team members and resolve all problems during the course of an audit.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
- Planning, coordinating, and leading large complex and multiple audit projects; providing strategic advice to senior management related to risk management, assurance services, and audits of control processes.
- Assure decisions adhere to functionally-related auditing and accounting principles, audit policies, professional and government standards such as Institute of Internal Auditors standards, directives and codes of conduct.
Has latitude to:
- Determine audit priorities, appropriate scope size and sample selection to verify and identify areas of concern.
Decisions are made in accordance with functionally-related auditing and accounting principles, audit policies, standards, procedures and practices, and professional code of conduct.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

-External audit professionals and counterparts in public and private sector to manage projects conducted by external vendors, provide technical direction and to monitor, learn and apply trends in the field of internal auditing and risk management.
-Office of the Auditor General to resolve issues and provide implementation status related to recommendations and ministry responses.
-Directors, managers and staff in client ministries to share information, provide input on policies and governance, negotiate scope of audit projects and discuss audit findings.

Guidance / Supervision :

Provides expertise and advice on risk management techniques, mitigation strategies, barriers to effective risk management, quality assurance, and supporting structures and systems.
- Oversee the quality of work performed by external consultants to ensure that the products/services delivered meet the stated requirements.
- Leads audit project teams by providing technical expertise, advice and recommendations to provide input on government and ministry audits, business and financial planning and policies.
- Liaises with Senior Management and provides advice and recommendations to meet program area's business objectives, assess adequacy of organizations risk profile and control strategies to assist in reducing risk.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

Frequent conflicting work demands while managing concurrent multiple audit projects that frequently change in scope.
-Routine requirement to work to deadlines imposed by client which often requires audits, reviews or special investigations that were not planned and are required to be completed in short time frames.
-Occasional requirement to work beyond normal hours when required to travel outside of town or accommodate clients schedule.
-Often required to juggle multiple projects/audits at same time.

Mental / Sensory :

Frequent requirement to concentrate when absorbing and analyzing voluminous documentation. Examples include conducting an interview and simultaneously taking notes.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment

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