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PME09 - Management Engineering PM-09
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Purpose of Position :

To direct the activities of staff and outside consultants who administer contracts to build and maintain transportation infrastructure within an area of the province, ensuring effective utilization of staff and financial resources. To provide expert technical and managerial guidance and advice to staff, and to resolve contentious technical, managerial and contractual problems related to construction and maintenance contracts and operations in the region. To represent the Ministry in dealings with the public, consultants, contractors, municipalities and other stakeholders with respect to construction and maintenance matters.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Reporting to the Regional Contracts Engineer position:

-Directs, supervises and provides engineering and managerial guidance to staff, including: recruitment and selection of staff, managing performance issues, allocating work and projects, setting and reviewing performance standards and objectives, providing for staff training, development and learning opportunities, administers discipline, recommends merits, manages the illness and injury program and employee relations issues, including strike contingency planning and grievance response, up to and including Stage 2 designee.

-Ensures that ministry financial and staff resources are being utilized efficiently, that proper engineering practices are employed in the areas of construction and maintenance, that scheduled contract dates are realized and that the Region and the Ministry are attaining an acceptable product at minimum costs.

-Solves, for subordinate staff, contentious issues or more difficult engineering or managerial problems with respect to the management of construction and maintenance contracts by providing expertise/advice to address technical, contract, or supervisory issues, or by negotiating directly with consultants and contractors to amend contract terms and conditions or alter work practices.

-Represents the Contract Office at meetings involving the construction and maintenance program, providing expertise and professional advice and information pertaining to existing and proposed construction and maintenance activities.

-Provides input to Engineering office on the identification and prioritization of infrastructure needs, and the design of construction projects.

-Meets with contractors and consultants to provide engineering advice and information regarding Ministry policies and standards effecting construction and maintenance procedures and methods, and financial entitlement and payments.

-Assists in the preparation and evaluation of RFQ's/RFP related Area Maintenance contracts/Managed Outsourced Contracts/Construction Contracts/Supervision Contracts.

-Assists in the administration and supervision of contracts including: reviewing and evaluating performance of consultant/contractor services rendered, negotiating and authorizing financial payment for extra work performed by consultants and contractors and negotiating and making recommendations for financial payments in respect to major changes and alterations to the contract.

-Represents the Ministry in the area on a variety of issues related to construction and maintenance proposals, activities and contracts and operations with the public, media and politicians, and other stakeholders such as municipalities and property owners.

Knowledge :

Position requires a Degree in Civil Engineering from a university of recognized standing and current membership with the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Job Requires as advanced knowledge of the theory, principles and practices of civil engineering as applicable to the construction and maintenance of transportation corridors and structures, and a good knowledge of highway design practices. Job requires ongoing experience in administrative and managerial techniques complemented by extensive practical experience in the design and construction of transportation corridor structures and related services. Also required is a thorough knowledge of ministry policies, directives and standards governing administrative and financial procedures and processes, specifically related to budgets and expenditures to manage budgets, monitor construction and maintenance contracts and operations spending and invoicing, and to negotiate payments and highly developed management skills and practices to plan, organize and coordinate human resources and effectively manage a diverse construction and maintenance staff involved in overseeing several construction and maintenance contracts throughout the region. Analytical and reasoning skills are required to assess various recommendations for technical adequacy and consistency to Ministry policies, and in addressing and evaluating bids and proposals against Ministry requirements and specifications, re: RFQ/RFP processes. Organizational skills are required to plan, organize and co-ordinate the activities of multiple individuals and schedules in relation to construction projects and maintenance operations. Well-developed organizational, management and interpersonal skills are required to supervise construction and maintenance staff, and represent to the ministry in a geographic area with respect to construction and maintenance matters. Job Requires ability to establish and maintain sound working relationships with elected and appointed senior representatives of federal, provincial and municipal government agencies, crown commissions, public utility companies, senior regional staff and colleagues to share information, discuss proposals and status of projects and operations and to solicit support.

Judgement :

Under the Regional Contracts Engineer, initiative and judgement are exercised in assessing and solving complex engineering problems to the construction and maintenance of transportation corridors, structures and related services based on personal site inspections and analysis. A high degree of judgement is used in resolving disputes with consultants and contractors related to standard performance, and interpretation of, and changes to, contract terms and in controlling and maintaining expenditures within budgets. Judgement is also required in managing a diverse staff, including determining recruitment requirements, performance standards and the resolution of labour relation issues. Considerable judgement is exercised in the selection of economical engineering alternatives, in the allocation of the allocation of and utilization of material and staff resources and in recommending changes to the work being performed on the contract, or pre-engineering recommendations. Judgement, tack and diplomacy are required when discussing controversial or sensitive issues with the public, media, politicians and other stakeholders; and when resolving emergency situations. Position makes decisions independently, referring only contentious problems. Managerial and engineering decisions are considered authoritative and reviewed only for compliance with the Ministry policy.

Accountability - Programs :

The position is accountable for providing a direct engineering and managerial resource capable of handling all aspects of the construction and maintenance to transportation corridors and structures within an area and for ensuring that the ministry receives value from service providers. This position is accountable to ensure the delivery of construction and maintenance programs within an area of the province, and to provide input to develop construction and maintenance practices and policies, and input to develop construction and maintenance practices and policies, and input to develop and design capital construction projects in the area.

Accountability – Personnel :

The position is responsible for providing supervision, and engineering guidance to professional, technical and support staff of approximately 15-30 through 6-10 direct subordinate staff. The position also provides technical guidance to consultants and contractor, monitors ongoing progress of contracts, provides input into performance evaluation and recommendations for payment.

Accountability - Finance and Materials :

The position makes financial commitments approving additional work by direct contract or by negotiating with consultants and contractor; and makes decisions affecting contract procedures and engineering practices. This position is responsible for the management of the construction and maintenance programs within an area of the region including financial and material resources, the economical disbursement of funds and the quality of work. Manages and operating/maintenance budget of $10-20 million and a capital budget of approximately $30-100 million. Financial commitments in the area of $100,000. are made in direct negotiations with consultants, contractors and others.

Accountability - Impact of Errors :

The position is responsible for the management of all of the construction and maintenance work carried out within the boundaries of an area. Ineffective program delivery, contract interpretation, application of policies, standards and procedures could lead to substandard infrastructure, inadequate maintenance, hazardous road conditions, danger to the traveling public, delays in construction and maintenance operations, financial implications, economic loss, legal liability, loss of public confidence and embarrassment to the Ministry.

Contact - Internal :

Work requires contact with regional administrative and technical staff and head office staff, and subordinates to discuss and resolve engineering and administrative matters.

Contact - External :

Work requires frequent contact with consulting engineering firms, and contractors, and regular contact with appointed and elected officials at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, the OPP and local police forces, property owners and the traveling public for the purpose of exchanging information, discussing and resolving problems of mutual concern, and occasionally the news media.

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