Job Specification

Position Title:
Job Code:
17158 - Systems Officer 4
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide technical expertise and support in the operation and maintenance of telecommunication systems that is inclusive to the GMCO Public Safety Radio Network.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Providing technical expertise to: support current and future radio infrastructure and other unit personnel by conducting tests and inspections of the telecommunications systems under government control to determine faults or failures; coordinate, install, configure and maintain business applications and determine priorities for completion of work; assist in completing repairs, replacing faulty components or identifying the proper contractor to complete necessary work; auditing, accepting and approving contractor repair work for contract compliance; notify appropriate parties of Infrastructure system problems and failures; advise client users on system capabilities, limitations and options; liaise with ministry personnel, vendors and other agencies to discuss, identity and resolve network systems issues; and reconcile contractor conflicts.
2. Providing technical expertise and support for specialized projects (e.g. interoperability solutions, trunked satellite radio project).
3. Assisting with or conducting live tests and rejuvenation of returned parts to ascertain weaknesses with supplier parts. Liaises with the suppliers to correct deficiencies.
4. Sourcing, providing and assisting to control the inventory levels of specialized equipment (e.g. earpieces, headsets, reconditioned batteries and other equipment). Providing support to ministry staff. Overseeing inventory levels of specialized equipment, ensuring they are sufficient for requirements.
5. Providing input into solutions for open trouble tickets. Attending site locations and areas to resolve issues.
6. Designing radio frequency templates to ensure frequency conflict is avoided by designating specific radio channels used by front-line personnel.
7. When requested by section and ministry staff, providing assistance with: researching technical problems, determining solutions and making recommendations to supervisors and users; assisting with cost analysis and preparation of network infrastructure services to users; and conduct feasibility studies on requested modifications.

Staffing and Licencing :

Job requires a valid Ontario driver's licence to facilitate regular travel. Ability to pass Government security background clearance, involving a police records check.

Knowledge :

The incumbent in this position must have knowledge of:
• All sub-system components within government control involved in telecommunications systems and their inter-relationships, including: microwave, mobile, portable and base radios and repeaters, diesel generators, standby and back up power systems, alarm reporting system, and radio system switches, dispatch computer, communications consoles, console and communications centre voice recording systems, and network design) to ensure optimum operation of an emergency response system.
• System design criteria and theoretical principles, security and recovery procedures and connectivity to make appropriate technical design recommendations to supervisor.
• Network and ministry public safety software and specialized programs to assist in operational management.
• Software programs used in system operations and for the preparation of reports, spreadsheets and presentations.
• Working with contracts and contractors to resolve system performance or failure issues by selecting the appropriate suppliers.
• Government policies and procedures related to telecommunications and related programs to ensure work is completed according to policy parameters and operational criteria

Skills :

• Oral communication and interpersonal skills to liaise with all levels of personnel and external personnel from agencies with whom there is interaction in the course of carrying out duties; work with non-government contractors and others who provide telecommunications services, precisely explaining the nature of a problem and work to be performed, and resolving issues with the providers of various telecommunications sub-systems to resolve issues; present technical information to system users and other personnel, with a need to translate technical terminology into layperson's language; discuss and resolve system issues and problems; to identify and explain alternative solutions and illustrate costs/benefits of various options; develop support for recommendations on systems requirements; to demonstrate the full range of system capabilities; and to provide guidance in choosing the most appropriate options.
• Written communication skills to write and edit business cases, technical/financial reports that include recommendations on system strategies and plans; and to prepare technical work documentation and standards.
• Effective listening to users reports of faults in order to determine problems.
• Evaluative and problem solving skills to analyze condition, technical performance and capacity of existing system components within Government control to determine the nature of the problem; research, identify and set priorities to correct problems; assist making repairs, replacing parts; and devising a new solution to the problem using existing resources and/or directing contractors.
• Analytical skills to: make recommendations on need and feasibility for expansion, renovation, replacement or other corrective action; interpret and apply new information, technology and design methods to telecommunications operations and problems with systems components within government control.
• Analytical skills to assess and evaluate client needs.
• Written and oral skills to: write/edit business cases, technical and financial reports on recommendations related to system strategies and plans to prepare technical work documentation and standards; present technical application knowledge to non technical users; define user needs to unit personnel, to use precise technical language with contractors and unit personnel.

Freedom of Action :

• Works within Ministry and government policies, guidelines and directives related to telecommunications services and public safety operations.
• Plans, schedules and prioritizes own work under general supervision, with notice of schedule and plans to supervisor.
• Resolves day-to-day technical problems related to operation of systems and subsystems within pre-determined limits (e.g. service degradation, failures). During emergency situations, may be required to take action to resolve problems prior to receiving supervisory/managerial approval to affect a timely response and restore vital operations.
• Decides on priority of work for contractors retained to make repairs and restore services, including sequence of work to be carried out in the case of multiple contractors.
• Recommends on strategies, plans of action and requirements to resolve telecommunication systems problems.
• Occasionally works as the government deployed telecommunications technical resource available to deal with emergencies/problems, make decisions on repair and maintenance work priorities, needs and methods of solutions within predetermined limits. Issues relating to above predetermined limits are referred to supervisor.
• Refers problems that require significant expenditure of funds to supervisor: informs Supervisor of unusual situations.

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