Job Specification

Position Title:
Detachment Admin Clerk
Job Code:
C0006 - Detachment Admin Clerk
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide administrative, clerical and court support to Detachment personnel in the co-ordination and processing of administrative services.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Prepares and types court documents such as subpoenas, summonses, court briefs, warrants, information documents, notices of trial, etc., determining priority sequence of work. Reviews and makes amendments, as required. Retrieves occurrences from Niche RMS and CPIC, verifying court dates, releases, applicable charges, etc., to prepare court briefs and related information to accompany documentation. Tracks and logs processing of incoming and outgoing court documents, communicates with, co-ordinates and provides documentation to detachment personnel and external parties, e.g., Crown Attorneys, court services personnel. Updates Court Case Management Program accordingly.

2. Using word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software, creates memoranda, letters, reports, legal documents, presentations, graphs and charts from handwritten statements. Composes correspondence and completes and types standard forms, e.g., fingerprint forms, or covering letters. Produces a variety of databases.

3. Gathers data, compiles and disseminates reports, as directed. Compiles statistics for the detachment, e.g., staffing and overtime hours for policing contract, number of motor vehicle accidents.

4. Transcribes the following: video and audio statements from victims, accused persons and witnesses on cassette tapes; digital interviews using WAV Player programs; 911 compact discs.

5. Provides support for financial and accounting functions utilizing the Integrated Financial Information System, including the following: preparing budget reports; checking expense account submissions for accuracy and approvals and processing forms; maintaining petty cash; receiving and processing payments for services, e.g. by-law tickets, insurance reports, security checks, and false alarms; preparing journal entries for payroll discrepancies; verifying accuracy of invoices, coding and sending to region and/or GHQ and/or Financial Administrative Services Branch for payment; logging and tracking expenditures and financial transactions; reconciling reports and accounts; preparing purchase orders and processing Purchase Card statements; accounting duties pertaining to paid duty assignments. Prepares bank deposits and delivers to financial institution; prepares submission of earnings for pension statements. Follows up with suppliers regarding billings and prepares tenders for quotes for purchasing.

6. Enters and retrieves information into police databases e.g. Niche RMS, Sex Offender Registry. Processes requests for criminal record checks, completing and submitting applicable paperwork and contacting appropriate parties, e.g. MTO to check for and obtain relevant information if available. Processes and logs daily Provincial Offence tickets and ensures that tickets are delivered to court before deadline.

7. Performs PowerCase duties for serious investigations within Major Case Management System, which includes indexing, researching and power indexing functions related to specific investigations.

8. Performs manual and electronic filing of various court/detachment documents and correspondence, e.g., criminal trial diary, monthly trial list, information on investigations, expense accounts. Maintains an up-to-date records management system of both hard copy and computerized records using Niche RMS and CPIC. Processes and maintains fingerprint information and criminal identification photographs in accordance with relevant legislation.

9. Prepares, verifies and submits payroll including mathematical calculations and data entry into electronic WIN system of overtime, shift premium, statutory holiday pay, plain clothes allowance, vacation pay. Makes appropriate entries into Workplace Information Network (WIN) to reflect payouts. Prepares and modifies schedules on DAR. Verifies absences such as sick leave, WSIB, vacation, statutory holiday and compensation time off on a monthly basis for all uniform and civilian employees in the work location utilizing various reporting systems. Prepares Worker's Safety and Insurance Board forms and processes applications for paid duty coverage, ensuring that proper permits have been issued and notifying appropriate staff of assignment. Prepares a number of personnel forms, e.g. WEAR, critical staffing.

10. Recording charged persons awaiting trial, convicted criminals as part of their sentences and police officers suspended from duty who report in as required. This includes acquiring the proper paperwork for file, doing CPIC checks, and notifying the respective investigating officers and/or Court Officer of failure to report.

11. Performs a variety of clerical and administrative duties, i.e. tracking and locating information; acts as commissioner of oaths and swears to affidavits and the authenticity of investigative evidence; opening and distributing mail; processing outgoing mail; arranging courier and other special delivery package services; sending faxes; film processing; proofreading documents; transmitting emails; performing computer back-ups; ordering, maintaining and dispersing office and office furniture for the detachment; photocopying and distributing documents; acting as local registration authority for PKI; making meeting arrangements; taking meeting minutes; maintaining office equipment e.g. postal meter, fax, photocopier), and arranging for servicing, as required.

11.Assists with audits of property, liquor and/or drug vaults, when requested. Reviews drug reports/logs for completeness and accuracy, and sends drugs to Health and Welfare Canada for analysis, as directed. Diary date for follow-up/disposal.

12. Greets visitors to the detachment, providing and exchanging information and/or forms and documents upon request, e.g. Criminal Record Checks, return of driver's licenses, freedom of information. Refers more in-depth enquiries to a uniformed officer or other personnel. Responds to telephone enquiries from various agencies, government bodies, police services, the public, etc., providing or receiving detailed information, e.g., insurance agencies, Crime Stoppers, Children's Aid Society. Redirects calls, as required.

13. Performs other duties, as assigned.

Staffing and Licencing :

Keyboarding speed, if required, to be determined by specific location. Must be able to pass an OPP background security investigation. Oral and written French language skill at an advanced level in designated positions.

Knowledge :

Knowledge of relevant sections of OPP, ministry and detachment manuals, policies, protocols, procedures and practices to provide administrative and clerical support to detachment. Knowledge of relevant sections of Federal and Provincial Statutes including the Criminal Code of Canada, Highway Traffic Act, Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, Dog Owners' Liability Act, Controlled Drugs & Substance Act, Liquor Licence Act, Youth Criminal Justice Act, Freedom of Information & Privacy Act, Criminal Record Check protocol, to communicate relevant information to the public, companies, agencies and ministry personnel. Knowledge of family, civil, provincial and criminal levels of judicial system, respective court processes and various court personnel, i.e. Judges, Justices of the Peace, Crown Attorneys and Defence Lawyers, in order to respond to court related enquiries and complete various court documents.
Knowledge of terminology pertaining to the detachment operations to prepare correspondence, reports, and court documents. Knowledge of arithmetic and ministry purchasing, expense, payroll, inventory and petty cash practices including forms completion and coding to perform financial/accounting duties and maintain petty cash fund.
Knowledge of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Act in order to process and track injury claims.
Knowledge of and skill in computer operation and software including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to produce court documents, type correspondence, prepare presentations and produce financial/statistical reports; and knowledge of specific software applications such as the Integrated Court Offences Network, CPIC, PARIS, Parklane, Entrust, Access, Powercase, WIN, DAR. Knowledge of records management practices and Niche RMS technology to maintain an organized, up-to-date records system.
Knowledge of the operation and maintenance of office equipment such as photocopier and fax to photocopy material, transmit correspondence and documents, and maintain equipment in good working order, arranging for servicing as required.


Oral communication skills to clarify the nature of requests from callers, relay messages, and respond to enquiries by providing detailed information, in person and by phone to agencies, companies, court and legal personnel, police services, and the public.
Written communication skills to compose correspondence, prepare court documents, proofread a variety of documents, compile reports and summarize information.
Exercises sensitivity, tact and diplomacy while greeting and responding to requests for information from individuals who are sometimes distraught, overly emotional or irate.


Verifies that court documents are complete and correct; obtains missing or correct information if necessary and modfies document or creates new document. Conducts searches, as directed, to compile information for court and other purposes.
Tracks down missing warrants for arrest, supporting court documentation for CPIC entries, report-ins, etc.
Resolves payment issues between officers and private companies who hire them for paid duties and payment issues between uniform and civilian members and WIN.
Identifies and analyzes the nature of enquiries or calls, some of which are confidential and/or sensitive in nature, gaining clarity of request, and determines how best to respond or whether to refer person to a uniformed officer or other personnel. Troubleshoots office equipment malfunctions.
Problem-solving to check and verify a variety of reports, forms, and documents for accuracy; follow-up and correct where appropriate e.g. WIN, overtime sheets, invoices, CPIC purge and validation lists.
Identifies and resolves problems with Entrust and computer programs, if possible, prior to referral to the Help Desk.

Judgement :

Works in accordance with established practices and procedures. Plans and prioritizes own work on a daily basis. Works under general supervision in performing clerical and administrative support duties.
Determines whether Detachment Commander Approved Agencies (for the purpose of Criminal Records Searches for volunteers) are maintaining appropriate security measures in order to keep approval.
Selects appropriate format/design for office documents including presentations, utilizing various software, which involves the selection of advanced features to manipulate data/information and shape appearance. Makes editing/proofreading changes to documents, reports, letters and memoranda.
Exercises discretion, tact and diplomacy when responding to enquiries over the phone and counter.


There is no formal responsibility for the work of other employees.


Physical Demands:

Physical dexterity while operating a computer terminal on daily basis necessitating sitting for extended periods of time, but with the freedom to move around as required.
Some standing and walking while responding to walk-in inquiries and performing office functions (sending faxes, receiving/sending mail, etc). Bending, stretching and lifting required when performing filing duties, storing office supplies, and delivering materials to court.

Sensory Demands:

Visual – compiling statistics, typing from hand-written notes, entering data into a computer, working on expense and budget reports, checking (hard-copy) court documents and other documents.

Auditory – transcribing video and audiotapes, answering telephone inquiries.
Accounting and payroll processing, court documents, criminal record checks are deadline driven or time-sensitive. Must respond to unforeseen demands and changing priorities as multiple requests from Detachment personnel and external callers are received, necessitating prioritizing work and multi-tasking.


Works in a standard office environment with exposure to sometimes-irate or distraught visitors when performing reception duties. Occasionally deals with disagreeable subject matter and evidence of a graphic/distasteful nature.

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