Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Enforcement Intern
Job Code:
41102 - Resource Technician 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assist in providing enforcement of natural resources and public safety related acts, regulations and policies. To assist in providing technical advice and assistance to ministry staff and the public involved in various resource activities. To provide customer service to internal and external clients.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Assist in enforcing resource management and public safety related legislation, regulations, authorities and case law (e.g. Fish Inspection Act, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, Fisheries Act, Criminal Code of Canada, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Provincial Offences Act, Crown Forest Sustainability Act, Public Lands Act). 2. Assist in responding to violations of legislation/regulations. 3. Inputting daily enforcement activities and violations into computerized ministry activity reporting system, which gathers intelligence for monitoring, analysis and evaluation of trends. 4. Participating in resource management activities (e.g. commercial fish harvesting, shoreline development, fisheries and wildlife habitat issues, fishing/hunting quotas). Assisting in liaising with ministry staff and various client groups, (e.g. Naturalists, Game and Fish Clubs, commercial fish industry, Aboriginal Peoples, agencies, forest industry, staff and the public) to educate them regarding resource programs. Managers have the right to assign additional duties. NOTE: The incumbent shall, while in the workplace, conduct themselves in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and any workplace practices as directed by their immediate supervisor. The incumbent shall report any hazards of which they are aware to their immediate supervisor.

Staffing and Licencing :

Valid Class G driver's licence. Appointment as a Deputy Conservation Officer. Federal appointments (e.g. Fisheries Officer, Game Officer) and other class and legislated appointments (e.g. powers of Provincial Police Officer within Parks). Annual re-certification in the use of force and firearms training. Boat Operator certification.

Appointment as a Conservation Officer is legally required to enforce specific resource management legislation.

Prior to appointment as a Conservation Officer, applicants will be required to undergo:
- Security clearance to the level appropriate to the position, and
- Psychological/physical assessments to determine suitability and fitness for the position.
This position requires an enhanced-level screening check under the OPS Employment Screening Checks Policy which includes a criminal record check (CPIC), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) check, Niche/RMS file check (Local Police Record check) and Credit (Equifax) check.

Knowledge :

Understanding of enforcement provisions of natural resources management and other mandated legislation/regulations, policies (e.g. Fisheries Act, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, Fish Inspection Act, Crown Forest Sustainability Act, Public Lands Act and Provincial Offences Act.) Understanding of the principles of natural resource management in all program areas, i.e. commercial / sport fisheries, game/non game species of wildlife, forestry, lands, aggregates, fire and parks. Knowledge of computer software in order to analyze data and prepare reports. Knowledge of use of firearms, defensive weapons (e.g. sidearms, batons, pepper spray) and restraint techniques to carry out enforcement duties, and restrain individuals if necessary, (e.g. use of force continuum model)Intern will complete the appropriate Level 1 Law Enforcement, Firearms and Use of Force training and qualification. Knowledge of the Criminal Code of Canada and Charter of Rights and Freedoms to carry out peace officer responsibilities. Basic knowledge of analytical techniques. Knowledge of survival skills to work safely in remote areas (e.g. orienteering, navigation and first aid.) Knowledge of worker responsibilities as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Skills :

Good interpersonal skills and ability to work and contribute to multi-disciplinary teams Good oral and written communication skills Good organization and time management skills Basic analytical skills Ability to carry out field work to assist in enforcing natural resources and public safety related acts Basic facilitation skills Computer literacy (word processing, database, spreadsheets, presentation software) and internet capabilities Job requires the ability to meet Ministry of Natural Resources approved use of force qualifications, specifically, the ability to qualify with ministry issue sidearm and shotgun, ability to qualify with batons, pepper spray, and empty-hand, self-defense techniques. Job requires interpersonal and negotiating skills to reach a peaceful solution in volatile situations (e.g. arrest and seizing of evidence)

Freedom of Action :

Work is carried out under the direction of the Enforcement Supervisor. Position would carry out duties in accordance with a set progressive training plan working with an assigned coach officer and other Conservation Officers. In the first year the Intern would be appointed as a Deputy Conservation Officer (DCO). As a DCO they can only carry out enforcement work with a Conservation Officer. In year 2, based on progression through the training plan intern would be appointed as a Conservation Officer. The Conservation Officer appointment would contain a condition that the intern could not carry out independent duties and must continue to be accompanied by a Conservation Officer while carrying out enforcement duties. Job requires working within policies, directives and procedures outlined in ministry compliance policies and procedures manual, and legislation/regulations governing natural resources management, (e.g. Fisheries Act, Fish Inspection Act, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, Crown Forest Sustainability Act, Criminal Code of Canada and Provincial Offences Act.) Activities are recorded through weekly updates to ministry compliance/violation reporting system, which provides information on officer activities, charges laid, where violations occur, contacts made and equipment used. Job requires referring non-routine problems such as investigations involving issues and resources receiving media attention, search warrants, workload and patrolling problems in area to supervisor/manager. Work is performed as a team player in a team environment.

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