Job Specification

Position Title:
Bridge Design Technician
Job Code:
12682 - Engineering Services Officer 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide technical and creative design, detailing expertise in the design and production of Highway Bridge contracts on a province-wide basis.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Creates and develops, from preliminary sketch through final design and preparation of Provincial Bridge Contract, and all other Bridge Standards drawings for use in Ontario by:

• Determining needs;
• Developing, detailing and selecting appropriate standards for bridge contract preparation;
• Incorporating safety standards such as Highway Geometrics, Road Safety, Drainage, Hydrology and Electrical Standards in bridge design and detailing of bridge contracts;
• Ensuring final design and details reflect purpose and intent of the specified function, including bridge safety, standards, durability and performance;
• Preparing full-scale drawings depicting bridge details and materials for review and approval;
• Preparing associated contract documentation according to Ministry standards using required software;
• Assisting the Bridge Office in the development of standard drawings and specifications for inclusion in the Structural Manual, Sign Support Manual, Rehabilitation Manual, Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM), Structural Standard Drawings and Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC);
• Reviewing bridge site plans and preliminary geometry information supplied by the consultants and region for accuracy and completeness; advising the region of possible omissions and providing suggestions for improvements; Carrying out quantity calculations and providing cost estimates;
• Assuming responsibility for accuracy and completeness of own work (completed work is accepted as authoritative and final).

2. Provides technical advice and support in the production of Ontario Provincial Standards and Specifications (OPSS) Standards, Bridge Structural Standards, Manuals and Guidelines for bridges and bridge inspections by:

• Maintaining liaison with OPSS Committee, regional Structural staff, Bridge Office, Highway Design Office, Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) and other stakeholders;
• Providing and assisting in the training of regional staff in Bridge Inspections, in the use of computerized bridge detailing systems and bridge management systems;
• Providing technical assistance and trouble shooting in all phases of developing provincial bridge design drawings;
• Introducing new materials and procedures, and assisting in the training and implementation related to the design and maintenance of bridges;
• Providing interpretation of standards, specifications and policies as required;
• Maintaining liaison with other regional Structural sections, OPSS committees and Bridge Office to ensure all work completed conforms to specifications;
• Assisting in bridge inspections by carrying out inspection of simple structures, and updating and maintaining related databases.

3. Functions as Ministry specialist in the production of bridge design, detailing and contract drawings by:

• Keeping current with developments in the design, detailing and preparation of bridge contracts;
• Independently researching, analyzing and evaluating products for use in preparation of provincial bridge contracts;
• Providing technical guidance, training and advice to junior staff such as new technicians, co-op students, engineers-in-training and new engineers on bridge drafting and contract preparations, durability and construction issues with complex structural details and innovative techniques ensuring safety and economy;
• Answering queries on technical issues from Ontario Municipalities and other jurisdictions as required.

Staffing and Licencing :


Knowledge :

• Proven knowledge and skills in the design, detailing and contract preparation of provincial bridge contracts.
• Knowledge and skills in the inspection of bridges.
• Demonstrated ability to be creative, innovative and produce completed work independently.
• Excellent knowledge in bridge design and detailing principles, and ability to consider various constraints such as materials, fabrication and production techniques.
• Practical working knowledge of the varied and complex safety issues related to the design of bridges.
• Excellent working knowledge of computer systems and their applications, including Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and database systems.
• Job requires knowledge of project planning in order to design, detail, implement, lead and manage a number of concurrent projects of varying degrees complexity, individually or within a team environment.

Skills :

• Demonstrated analytical, planning, scheduling, project management and work coordination skills;
• Ability to understand and interpret engineering plans and profiles, technical reports and relevant codes of practice;
• Well-developed oral and written communication and presentation skills;
• Consultative skills to indentify needs and maintain effective working relationship with regions and other functional teams;
• Ability to work both independently and as a member of a team, with minimal supervision;
• Commitment to customer service.

Freedom of Action :

• Job requires continually exploring and recommending implementation of improved techniques and technologies;
• Job requires making decisions by determining plans, scope and resources required for the bridge design and policy, standards and manuals development projects undertaken and determining plans for implementing new bridge design approaches, new policies, guidelines and standards;
• Job requires discussing with manager/supervisor policy/program recommendations, resource implications and issues that may have an adverse impact on strategies and standards, and the overall program objectives and strategic policy directions.

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