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Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
Job Term:
1 Permanent
Job Code:
AM-20 - WSIAT AM-20
Not Available
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What can I expect to do in this role?

As a lead investigator, coordinate and conduct complex/sensitive investigations into allegations of fraud-related activities which directly affect the operational and financial interests of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. Investigate offences against the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act and/or the Criminal Code of Canada. Prepare court briefs, informations, summonses, search warrants and other court documents. Commence proceedings by laying an information under the Provincial Offences Act and serving summonses to accused persons and witnesses. Participate and assist in the prosecutorial process before the Courts. Provide advice and make recommendations relating to matters that arise during the course of an investigation. Conduct sensitive investigations while assigned to the internal investigations team and provide law enforcement expertise while assigned to specialized compliance teams.

How do I qualify?


• University completion at undergraduate level or a post-secondary diploma up to three years
• Certificate of Basic Constable training is required.
• Experience in Investigations or Legal is required.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Excellent level of judgement.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Plan and coordinate components of an investigation independently or with other Senior Investigators. Conduct an initial review of information to determine and develop an action plan for commencing an investigation which can encompass five general categories (Employers, Workers, Service Providers, Suppliers, and Internal Investigations)
2. Conduct investigations which are confidential in nature (Senior Investigators have access to confidential information both financial and personal). Review pertinent information/evidence to determine the scope and order in which to commence an investigative action plan, and to ensure that the investigation proceeds in an efficient and timely manner. Through research and preparation, determine if it is necessary to apprise management as to the complexity and relative importance of a particular investigation. Propose and substantiate reasons for surveillance activity when required.
3. Conduct interviews and obtain statements (audio and/or video) from witnesses including workers, employers, WSIB staff, police or other regulatory agencies and cautioned statements from accused individuals.
4. Investigate allegations of fraudulent activity relating to survivor benefits and make recommendations on the best course of action regarding the recovery of survivor benefit overpayments.
5. Analyze evidence and other information (based on interviewing individuals and reviewing various documents) to determine the best course of action, such as the laying of charge(s). Prepare and present reports containing investigative results to assist WSIB in decision making.
6. Draft applications for Provincial Offences Act search warrants. Plan for searches and secure the necessary resources internally and externally from other agencies as required. Prepare and conduct pre-search briefings. Lead the execution of search warrants. Maintain continuity of exhibits, prepare exhibit reports, and apply for detention orders.
7. Prepare court-related documents (such as informations, summonses, first appearance packages, full disclosure packages, agreed statement of facts and joint submissions) that will be subject to judicial scrutiny. Assist in the prosecutorial process by providing evidence in court, coordinating court proceedings, scheduling witnesses, pre-trial interviews and management of witness costs.
8. On a rotational basis and as assigned, conduct internal/sensitive investigations within established parameters relating to corporate non-compliance and other matters.
9. Provide advice, support and education to assist WSIB staff, court staff and the public in understanding the offence provisions in the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and the WSIB Operational Policies governing offences and penalties.
10. Maintain working relationships with law enforcement agencies and government institutions to facilitate joint investigations and to exchange information on various types of fraud-related activities and wrongdoing.
11. Provide law enforcement expertise to WSIB business partners while assigned to specialized investigative teams. In the absence of policy/procedure, develop original and unique approaches to examining data and determining investigation direction.
12. Perform other related duties as assigned or required, such as participating in special projects or responding to matters that may require immediate investigation.

How to Apply:

WSIB Job Opportunities

Additional Information:

  • 1 Permanent, Toronto, Toronto Region
Compensation Group:
Inspections and Investigations
Posted on:
Thursday, August 17, 2017
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